13 Bizarre And Disturbing Mysteries That Remain Unsolved –


1. During the 1980 Hollinwell show in Nottinghamshire, England, over 500 kids began suffering from vomiting, sore eyes, and dizziness. Many of the kids collapsed with no underlying cause determined.

2. In 1997 a super low frequency sound was heard deep in the ocean. Speculated to be the ice shelf cracking, the cause is still unknown.

3. Since the 1950’s over 600 dogs have jumped to their deaths from the Overtoun bridge in Scotland.

4. King Edward’s sons were lost in the Tower of London in 1483 when he asked his brother to watch over them after he died.

5. In the 1960’s three women were brutally murdered in Glasgow Scotland. Witnesses claim the suspect quoted the bible before the killings. There was no doubt the same man committed the crimes, nicknamed Bible John.

6. In 2002 three wrecked WWII ships were discovered in the Java sea. Recently when researchers went to take a look they were mysteriously gone.

7. This Toys “R” Us in Sunnyvale, California, used to be a ranch in the past. A ranch hand was killed after falling into a woodchipper and is said to haunt this place, playing with the lights and moving the toys around.

8. Every time the Chase Vault in Barbados is opened the coffins are always in different positions. No one can explain how this happens in a tightly sealed crypt.

9. In 1932 a dead sex worker was found in Stockholm completely drained of blood. The case remains unsolved.

10. A charred body of a woman was found in Norway in 1970. She died from carbon monoxide poisoning, but how she got charred is a mystery.

11. An airplane carrying 58 passengers went missing over lake Michigan in 1950. The bulk of the plane and passengers are still missing.

12. For 11 days in 1926 Agatha Christie went missing. She was eventually found in a hotel in England, but couldn’t remember the events of the past 11 days. She never talked about it for the rest of her life.

13. A double flash, indicative of a nuclear test, was recorded off the coast of the Prince Edward Islands in Antarctica in 1979. The details are classified on who was testing bombs and why?




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