13 Celebrities Who Have Been Charged With Assault


I think it’s natural for people to assume the best of everyone. It’s just human nature to trust people, especially those that we look up to.

Take celebrities for instance. Why do you think fans get so upset when they learn that one of their favorite celebs has broken the law or done something horrible? Because we want don’t want to believe it! Well you better start believing, because here are several celebs who were charged with assault.

1. Chris Brown – Perhaps one of the most well-known assault charges in recent memory, Chris Brown plead guilty in 2009 to abusing his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson, because now his manager is suing him for assault too!


via BBC

2. Carmen Electra was charged with assault on her husband Dennis Rodman in 1999. The whole situation was just weird, and the two were ordered to stay away from each other.


via Us Weekly

3. Eminem – In 2000 Marshall Mathers was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a license and assault with a deadly weapon.

This all went down during a fight outside of a bar in Michigan.


4. Mark Wahlberg – Marky Mark was actually charged with attempted murder when he beat the hell out of two men with a stick back in 1988.

He only ended up serving 45 days in prison.


via We Share Pics

5. Emma Roberts – The young starlet was charged after beating up her boyfriend Evan Peters in Canada. She’s only 25!


6. Axl Rose – Are you really that surprised? In the 90s Axl and his ex-wife Stephanie Seymour sued each other for domestic violence.

In the end, Rose paid a hefty fee to Seymour.


7. Will Smith – That’s right, the Fresh Prince got in a physical dispute in the late ’80s, and the other guy was actually left nearly blind!


via Entertainment Weekly

8. Justin Bieber – Yeah, even the Biebs has been charged with assault! Back in 2013 his limo driver said he was physically assaulted by the teen heart throb.


via NME

10. Jay Z – Hova was charged for stabbing a dude back in 1999. He served three years probation.


via NY Daily News

11. Sean Penn has been charged multiple times. Once he was accused of beating up a photographer, then shortly after he was charged with domestic abuse during his relationship with Madonna.


12. Michael Fassbender was charged by his girlfriend after he threw her over a chair and broke her nose. The charges were later dropped…


13. Flavor Flav – Yeahhhh boyyyyyyyyyy! Flav went to the joint when in 1991 after a domestic violence charge.

He’s also been arrested for drug possession and assault with a deadly weapon since then.


via NY Daily News

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