13 Celebrities Who Are Supposedly Huge Assholes

13 Celebrities Who Are Supposedly Huge Assholes –

There’s so many celebs out there that we only see on the big screen but then never seem to see or hear anything about them offscreen. Are they cool? Are they mean? Are they just like, regular dudes? Well these people got the scoop on a handful of celebs who were absolute douchebags. Steer clear of these high profile a-holes.

1. This one is easy to imagine.

Dr. Phil is a complete asshole. I worked at a big box store in Dallas where a lot of celebs would shop but Dr. Phil would have us open 3 hours early so he and his family could shop privately. We had to stand still outside our department unless asked for help, we couldn’t talk to him or even look him in the eyes. Coolest celebs tho? Mark Cuban is amazingly chill and Johnny Depp was nice AF.

headexpl0dy /

2. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in attitude.

Wayne Newton is a fucking ASSHOLE, used to come in to my work (retail, told this story before) and by the time he left he would have people in tears, simply from berating them, talking down to them, straight up insulting them etc. Including customers. Fuck you Newton you tiny ass prick.

corbear007 /

3. Well that seems harsh.

I was 10 years old when I asked David Carradine for his autograph on a movie set and he told me to fuck off lol

Scuta44 /

4. Andre 3000 cooler than bein’ cool.

Dan Marino. Ive served him a few times in 2 different restaurants and all he does is get completely LOADED and treat the staff like shit.

On the other hand, Clark Howard and Andre 3000 are as nice as can be.

EDIT – I should have mentioned that Erykah Badu was also with Andre and she was very polite and respectful as well. EDIT – Badu was with Andre. Just to clarify.

Amf08d /

5. He proceeded to squat out a large turd on our oatmeal.


Jason Aldean. I work as a lighting technician and stage crew for a large event arena, so we do the entire set up and tear down process for the show, which means we work with/run into a lot of the acts. When we were on lunch break, Jason Aldean comes into our break room and screams at us things aren’t up to his standards and that we weren’t working hard enough (we were working an 18 hour shift…) and then proceeds to dump over our ENTIRE lunch table with our food on it before we got to eat it. Fuck that.

Edit: dump over = flip over. Would have been more exciting honestly if he shit on our food instead

2done4this /

6. Fred Durst, you meanie.


Worked at the airport, the one celeb that comes to mind is Dennis Quaid. (He was atrocious, I remember one time a co worker told me he threw a tantrum through the checkpoint.)

Seth Rollins (Wrestler before he got big) he was a prick.

Fred Durst


Bill Murray ( This guy will talk your ear off)

Kristen Bell ( Really beautiful personality, Dax is lucky)

Jack Black ( Talkative dude, awesome to get along with)

Keanu Reeves (Quiet, yet humble when hed speak to you)

The Undertaker ( the dudes intimidating but he’s super nice with people)

Chester Bennington

TheRWPJ  /

7. Say it ain’t so JTT

Watched as Jonathan Taylor Thomas refused to sign an autograph for a disabled girl at a taping of “8 Simple Rules” – good guy David Spade saved the day by getting the entire regular cast to sign a cast photo for her (and apologized for JTT being a jerk).

nlderek /

8. Gotta go read Mommy Dearest.

Joan Crawford was. I went with my mom when I was in junior high to see her at the opening of a Pepsi plant in San Antonio. She was a major stockholder and/or Board member of the company. Event was advertised heavily.

Total bitch to the fans that showed up. I believe everything that was written in Mommy Dearest!!

rhinotim /

9. Hahaha, well at least you got the autograph.


When I was around 7 or 8 I was in Chicago and saw a crowd gathered around Scottie Pippen. This was at the absolute height of the Bulls dynasty. Anyway, I was next in line for an autograph and he said he wasn’t signing anymore. So, like a kid, I started crying. Some lady told him he was an asshole for making me cry so he signed an autograph. It said “Don’t be a cry baby. –Scottie Pippen”…I don’t blame him. I think I was the asshole in this situation.

_JPH_  /

10. “Don’t get me wrong – farts are funny”

Lance Armstrong. He used to eat at a tex mex restaurant i worked at during college. He had a HUGE ego, didn’t tip well, and was generally rude to the staff. I remember that he loved to rip huge farts at the table while the server was taking orders. Don’t get me wrong – farts are funny. But I guess the way he farted was a bit malicious, from the stories I heard from my coworkers.

Our restaurant catered a party for him at his house. Apparently he was a dick to all the staff that was there. Matthew McConaughey was there – friendly as can be! He coyly hit on my girlfriend at the time (she was serving drinks). I was jealous but totally okay with it.

Willie Nelson, on the other hand, is a class act. I waited on him and his family (group of about 15). Willie was so pleasant, friendly, and STONED. He couldn’t find the bathroom that was 10 feet in front of him. His family all gave him so much shit for that.

He tipped $100 on a $300 bill. Thanks, Willie!

mralekzandr /

11. Bragging about ones self is so funny.

jeremy kyle is an arrogant pervert according to my sister. he comes into her shop semi regularly and tries to hit on all the girls there whilst also bragging about himself constantly.

on the flipside russel brand is just as hilarious and flamboyant in person though. marti pellow of wet wet wet is apparently a great guy too

fabulin /

12. ‘Absolute bad egg’ is the kindest way to call someone out.

Demi Lovato an absolute bad egg. Talks about how she was bullied endlessly, but people that went to school with her all say she was the bully.

r_e_d_d_i_t  /

13. Damn, John. That behavior ain’t a touchdown.


John Elway. His plane is parked at the airport I work at, and I’m friends with an employee that works on it. Apparently, he’s a huge asshole. If he finds any dirt in his jet he starts screaming at the manager and demands to speak to the employee who did the interior.

He’s personally gotten several dudes fired just for a small smudge of dirt. One time someone left a fingerprint smear of grease on the engine cowling and Elway personally got the guy fired for that.

Mind you, this is NOT Elway’s business. He’s just a customer. Plus, when I see him walking around he just has that “asshole gait”, like he owns the world. Fuck Elway.



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