13 Cool Shower Thoughts You’ve Probably Never Had Before



1. This is canon. Thank you, Skylineblue

If Wolverine can heal/regenerate his wounds, then no matter what, Wolverine is uncircumcised.


2. I guess there is such a thing as true love. From petertree:

Somewhere out there there’s two bots matched on tinder that are still locked in conversation, spamming each other with phone numbers and cam site links

3. FascinatedBox out here saying we need a Mars expansion pack to the Guinness Book of World Records

The first hundred people on Mars are going to set a lot of world records there.


4. dilltron3000 out here changing the spooning game

I️ bet people with one arm are amazing at spooning.

5. Except for that squirrel in the movies. He always had that nut to keep him safe, thecarelesscanuck

Everybody’s lips were probably so fucking chapped during the ice age.

6. And I won’t go to that either cuz it’s for fuckass nerds and I’ll be busy skateboarding off of Mars halfpipes, iOSvista

If and when colonization on Mars is successful, the path that Curiosity has taken will likely become a tourist destination like the freedom trail in Boston.

7. Mr_Jagger9, those people are probs rakin in so much more money than me tho. But point taken

If you ever feel useless, just be glad you’re not the person who writes the Terms and Conditions.


8. How the fuck is this not a thing yet, Squaplius? I shall invest in you

There should be a water park feature with 2 “sinking” boats. They are 10 feet from each other and each has water guns to fill the other. Kids frantically bailing water out as it fills. Would be a blast.


9. Leave the dogs alone, mikeisadroid THEY DESERVE PEACE

Scary movies should put high pitched sounds only dogs can hear, so your dog will start acting crazy for no reason at the scariest parts.


10. Nellak111 just blew my fuckin mind

It’s weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe and daytime is only caused by a nearby, radiating ball of flame.


11. Unlock “not dying when you’re left alone” ability to access this area. Via Ravelcy

Baby gates are the exact equivalent to – This area is locked until you’ve gained more experience.


12. Shot out, socks – you guys don’t get the goddamn credit you deserve. From diezel530

Imagine how much time we save because socks can work on either foot.


13. Sounds like that person was a pretty shitty actor, Anonymoustard

The first actor who said “curses” while playing a villain may have just been reading the stage directions.


14. Giggity_Account, there is literally no other reason to be a Jedi

Could a constipated Jedi use the Force to pull the shit out of his own ass?


15. The picture quality was inside us the whole time, Dr_Dubs



When there is a commercial for a new TV that shows how vibrant and clear the picture is, it is really a commercial for how vibrant and clear your own TV is.

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