13 Creepy Paranormal Experiences That People Can’t Explain

13 Creepy Paranormal Experiences That People Can’t Explain –




The_Quial — You dropped it into another dimension.

I dropped my mug onto the floor accidently
Heard no noise when it hit the floor, go to pick it up and its gone.
I honestly went to bed and pondered what happened and slept feeling incredibly uncomfortable

shasu111 — Your dog protecting you from a bad ghoOoOost.

When I was a kid, I would sleep in the basement of my house. Every night I would sleep with my little dog. One night I woke up and was just scared for no reason. No bad dreams, nothing happened, not even a noise… I was just terrified. Then my dog goes insane. He gets off the bed and starts barking with his hair standing up, he acts like he is chasing / squaring off wit something… showing teeth, and leaning forward etc. He then chases something I can’t see at all into the corner and is barking and trying to keep it in the corner. Needless to say, i’m confused and scared shitless. After a while my dog just calms down and move away from the corner like the threat was gone. It was weird.

Captainpanda55 — Sounds like you might’ve nearly avoided a mugging?

Not paranormal but definitely creeped me out.
I was walking home one evening and was up the road from my house, about 5 minutes walk away. As I’m walking I see this guy go up an alley, apparently not see something he was hoping to see, and turned around. We briefly made eye contact but there was nothing to it and he was walking really slowly. By the time I’d walked another 30 seconds down the road I looked back as I was turning the corner and he had only just emerged back from that alley.
I’m now heading down the road leading to my street and there’s a guy getting into his truck with his wife, the truck is facing up the street in my direction. He flashes his headlights which I didn’t quite understand, then I hear a scuff behind me.
The fucking guy from the alley is right, right behind me, like within arms reach even though I heard nothing until he was right there. I’m pretty sure I visibly jumped upon seeing him so close, and he’s walking like an absolute demon. I mumble a greeting out of pure reflex and start to cross to the other side of the road, removing my backpack in the process.
He doesn’t respond to my greeting or even look at me, he’s just looking dead ahead like I’m not even there. He just starts running as soon as I moved. He bolts down the road and turns right into another alley, and I hear some banging on a wooden fence. As I walk past the alley about 30 seconds later I take a glance and it’s empty, he must have vaulted a fence or something.
Like I said, not paranormal or anything like that but it creeped me the fuck out. I still don’t know how that guy moved so fast to catch up to me in such a short space of time, nor how I didn’t hear him. I’ve got pretty good hearing and he must have been sprinting to catch up to me. Weird shit.
Edit: I mentioned the guy in the truck because it didn’t occur to me until much later, but I’m assuming he saw how the guy was walking behind me and was trying to give me a subtle warning. Thanks, truck guy.


One night at 3am, there were flashing lights outside my bedroom window (which is on the second floor) and a strong smell of incense. I was creeped out, so I woke my mom up (who is the most skeptical person ever) and asked her to keep watch while I closed the windows. At first she was grumbling about being woken up, but she remained silent when she came into my room. I closed the windows, then we both went to bed.
The next day, I felt pretty foolish about letting my imagination get the better of me, so when I saw my mom, I said, “Hey Mom, I’m sorry about last night.”
She replied, “It’s okay, I saw it too.”
I froze and asked her what she was talking about. When she realized I hadn’t seen anything, she refused to tell me what she saw and just kept changing the subject. It’s been 8 years, and she still won’t tell me. Awesome.

Sarge191 — What the.

More of a glitch type thing. I watched my friend carry the same box down two flights of stairs and into his garage three times. He would enter the garage come out and then go upstairs to retrieve the EXACT SAME box. I remember because the box was ripped on the right side, he carried a box with the same rip downstairs three times. When I asked him about it he said he only brought one box down and sure enough there was only one new box in his garage.

CrispyConan — This is the creepiest one yet.

One afternoon in college I came back from classes and decided to sit on the couch and have a snack. After that I just passed out. I had a nightmare of some bloody faced demon-ish thing screaming in my ear at the top of its lungs. Woke up and went about the rest of my day. My roommate comes back later that night and goes into his room as I’m sitting in the main living area. At some point he lets out this random startled scream which leads to me running down the hall too see what’s going on. He looks at me and goes “I swear to god someone with a bloody face just walked from your bedroom into the bathroom.”
I never told him about my nightmare I had earlier in the day. I didn’t sleep for 2 days. Nothing ever happened again.

giantvoice — Obviously a UFO.

20 or so years ago while living in NM. Driving east on Hwy 60 at night between Vaughn and Ft Sumner. Two of us in the car and noticed a really bright light on the right rear side. I mean really bright. We then remembered that the train tracks were there. So we kept driving without really thinking about it. Well, the light stayed with us which was weird because trains usually don’t go that fast out there. So, then my friend rolls down the window and look back to see wth it is and suddenly the light vanishes. Also no sound. So now we’re a little freaked. We pull over to check things out. Well, a new realization sets in. There are no train tracks next to the road on this section of road ( 34.486698, -104.776733 ). So, now we’re really freaked out and bolt out of there asap. We told our story to people at work and of course caught some grief but that’s what happened to us.

OmiTsukiyono — Love the idea that ghosts exist and that they rip ass.

Heard a massive fart from my parents bedroom at 4 am. I was home alone that weekend.
To this day I always wonder about that phantom fart…

TheMoose2240 — Move out of there.

I was sleeping in my basement (pretty much my bedroom) and I woke up at some random time in the night for no reason. Rolled over and saw a black figure, probably around 5’ 10” and typical male physique, standing at the side of my bed. It was standing between the bed and the stairs so there was no way to nope out, I just rolled over and straight up started praying. I rolled back over and it was gone. The next morning I was in the shower (also in the basement) and the curtain was pushed to the side, not like all the way but it noticeably moved. Then when I got out of the shower my cello’s D string was plucked 3 times then rung out (which was laying against my chair in the basement). Then I went up stairs and my brother had a hand print that reached across his neck and cheek, it was to big to be his hand but he was perfectly fine and he slept through the night uninterrupted.

elirium_3 — If I hear a voice from my closet, I’m going nowhere near that closet.

A lady’s voice coming from my closet asking for help. My closet door was cracked and she said “Help Me. I see you through the cracks.” Every synonym for the word scared was coursing through my body. I went and checked to see if there was a woman in need of help but nothing was in there but my clothes and shoes.

jwalker16 — Sounds like your standard ghost.

When I was about 5 or 6, I was sitting on the back deck of my family home, an old farm house. I remember this old lady walking up the steps and going straight into the house without acknowledging me. I follow her inside to see who it is and my mom is standing in the kitchen (room right off the back deck). I ask her who’s here and she gives this confused look. Around that time, the original owner of the farm house died and I am 100% convinced it was her.

wolodz — Twins have superpowers. I’m convinced.

I’m a twin.
When we were in third grade, I was at my best friend’s house and she was at her’s. They found a dead cat, asked her friend’s dad why it was stiff, and he replied, “rigor mortis.”
My mom picked her up first, then me, and something had been bothering me all afternoon so I asked, “What’s rigor mortis?”
Mom was shocked and asked me how I knew that word. “It just popped into my head,” I replied. And it did. I don’t think I’d ever heard it before.
To this day, I can’t explain what happened. Twin magic, I guess.

linzex — He was just a chill bro ghost wishin’ you well.

When I was 22 I was staying at my GFs house. Woke in the early morning with some guy wearing a hat with a mullet standing over our bed shaking his head. Freaked the fuck out, turned the light on and the guy is still there but has faded slightly. Still shaking his head he walks backwards and steps into my GFs open wardrobe where he stood looking at the floor shaking his head till he eventually faded to the point where I couldn’t see him. Freaks me out to this day because it was very real, and we can’t work out who the apparition was.


One reply on “13 Creepy Paranormal Experiences That People Can’t Explain”

It’s always interesting to me when people bring up these kinds of stories, and they had either been sleeping, or it was late at night at the time.
Night terrors and sleep paralysis are not the only things that you can experience when your brain is switching between consciousness and dream-states. It’s not uncommon for people to hear strange sounds at night after waking up to go to the toilet, and they’re not always scary things. Sometimes they can hear a lawnmower or a dog barking, which doesn’t arouse any suspicion, but didn’t happen.
Exploding head syndrome is a severe form of auditory hallucination, where sufferers hear loud, vivid explosive sounds that they would swear are real.
The feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where you are, or not recognising the layout of your room is another form of sleep-state/awake-state crossover.
Visual hallucinations can occur very commonly around sleeping times.
I am actually concerned that the man who saw his friend move the box three times may have a brain condition. Severe hallucinations and night terrors can indicate neurological disorders or other diseases that require treatment.

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