Sometimes the world’s scariest dictators can be caught with their pants down. Sometimes literally. It’s always fun to take potshots at bullies, so let’s do this thing. We’re aware that a some of these are probably photoshopped, but we love them nonetheless. Here are 13 embarrassing pictures of the world’s most dangerous leaders, of both the past and today.

Kim Jong-Il
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos Of Dictators
Here is Kim Jong-il sitting stark naked with a couple of tall boys in sight. What a dad bod, am I right? I’m not sure what he’s doing or why he’s naked, but one thing is for sure: The person who released that photo is now at the bottom of the ocean.

Saddam Hussein
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
A British tabloid in 2005 took the world by storm and released this picture of the long-time Iraqi president kicking it in his parachute tighty whities. The American government got freaked out and went to investigate, finding the picture to be absolutely legit. They fingered the likely culprit as an American soldier who wanted to make big bucks selling a controversial photo.

Adolf Hitler
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos Of Dictators
I’ve seen a lot of things in my day, but none quite as special as this. Adolf Hitler. In his lederhosen. Hands on hips. Leaning against a tree. Complete with the signature stache that made him famous, and we have ourselves a classic.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Funny, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
Netanyahu’s not a dictator, but that salute is 100 percent Nazi. I’d give it a nein out of 10.

Vladimir Putin and His Nature Modeling
Funny, Embarrassing Photos Of Dictators
Vladimir Putin is obsessed with taking pictures of himself doing things in nature. Just a theory, but I think he thinks it “intimidates” other world leaders into thinking he’s a big-time manly rugged outdoorsman that isn’t to be messed with.

Here he is riding a pony shirtless obviously flexing his pecs.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
Two things make His Royalty happier than a camel in oil: Hanging with his buddy George W., and holding hands. I’ve counted at least six pictures on the Internet of Abdullah walking hand-in-hand with someone. And he always looks giggly.

Hugo Chavez
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
Yes, of course it’s photoshopped. Benetton, an Italian clothing store, released a controversial marketing campaign called “Unhate.” It features President Obama locking lips with everyone’s favorite Venezuelan dictator. While fake and likely not a concern for Hugo and Barack, Hugo and Barack probably blushed at the face and thought, “How did they know?”

Idi Amin
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
In between killing in the hundreds of thousands and undergoing nasty bouts of corruption, Idi Amin of Ugandan dictator fame enjoyed eating sammies on the beach in a thong. With his legs crossed.

Kim Jung-un and His Miserable Family
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos With Dictators
Kim is the only one smiling. That’s because the firing squad behind the camera hasn’t said, “Cheese!” and made them the happiest family in the world yet.

Fidel Castro
Funny Photos. Embarrasing Photos of Dictators
“West sayid!”

Robert Mugabe
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos Of Dictators
A few months ago the Internet lost its shit when Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe fell on the red carpet. His saggy bag of 90-year-old bones hit the floor, and teenagers across the world photoshopped him. After the incident 27 of his bodyguards were “punished.”

Muammar Gaddafi
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
I don’t know about you, but this guy was one cool cat in my eyes. Forgetting possible human rights violations and a handful of groping incidents, the guy was gangsta. Love you Muammar.

Putin. Again.
Funny Photos, Embarrassing Photos of Dictators
Really, Putin? You’re going to pretend you don’t see the camera right in front of you taking your picture as you stare off into the sunset flexing your abs and coyly making that teen idol face? I’m starting to think he’s NOT in it for the dolphins and only in it to build his modeling portfolio.



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