13 Facts About The Opposite Sex People Learned Way Too Late



1. “Never knew girls wiped after urinating until recently.”

2. “I thought women wore bras so the milk wouldn’t pour out.”

3. “My wife’s manager (single male, 56+) made a comment 3 years ago that if you get PMS cramps and blood during period, you should see a doctor immediately. The entire office still made fun of him till this day.”

4. “Female roommate who grew up in a house with only females. Had a guy over. Guy needed to pee. She remembers there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom and runs to get a roll. He says it’s ok, I’m just going to pee. She’s confused. Didn’t realize that guys don’t wipe their p*nises after peeing.”

5. “That women have a pee hole and a sex hole.”

6. “Until I was about 7, I thought boobs were just lungs located outside the body.”

7. “My husband and I started dating in high school, so we had all the awkward first moments together. The first time I jacked him off, I was so shocked that c*m is warm lmao. I don’t know what I thought before, but I was like, “It’s warm!?! Gross!” Not what he wanted to hear…”

8. “My wife thought men pull their pants all the way down at urinals and asked if it wasn’t weird to see all those butts anytime I had to take a leak.”

9. “Was in my mid 20s and had just finished having sex. The girl had been wearing black tights and as she was putting them back on, I was like, you know, I never knew tights were like, one thing. I thought they were two separate things, each of which you put on each leg. And she was like, …are you serious?”

10. “Boyfriend is 28. He thought we carried around little containers of vaseline to lube up the tampons before inserting them.”

11. “My girlfriend was killing herself laughing last night because I thought maxi pads stuck to your skin and not your underwear. I turn 30 this year.”

12. “C*m is not absorbed by the women’s body but drips out afterwards.”

13. “Late into high school I didn’t know that tampons went inside. I thought they just laid there like a hotdogs in a bun. 15+ years later I still don’t live that one down.”

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