13 Famous Dudes With “Dad-Bods” Who Nabbed Hollywood Hotties

13 Famous Dudes With “Dad-Bods” Who Nabbed Hollywood Hotties


According to’s top definition of a “dad bod”, it is defined as: “A guy who has kids and was once in shape and still has guns that can crush beer cans but also with a belly that says I drank those beers and I can eat six slices of pizza in one seating.” Yep, that pretty much sums it up!

Surprisingly, in recent years, dudes with a so-called dad bod are being considered all kinds of  sexy. Maybe it is some kind of primal instinct for women to be attracted to a man who has kids and is burly or something, because the dad bod is a far cry from what women typically used to think of as sexy (and largely still do): the chiseled, hairless man with a six-pack who is tall, dark, and handsome. Of course, we still love that. But nowadays, “sexy” encompasses a much broader spectrum of the male species.

And some very famous guys with dad bods have taken their newfound sexiness and run with it by landing themselves some very traditionally sexy ladies! These gals either love them some dad bod dudes, or just don’t care about a toned physique. I have rounded up 15 famous dad bod men who are in relationships with women that look like Barbie dolls. No Ken for these Barbies! If I had to name a relevant reference in these terms, I would say these dolls prefer a lookalike of one of the following dad bod dudes instead of a perfect Ken doll.

So who are they, you ask? Read on to see 15 famous men who you should be jealous of- and not for their bods, of course, but for the beautiful ladies who love them no matter what.

13. Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller


Seth Rogen is arguably the epitome of the dad bod, and the perfect example of one. He is one of the guys that made being nerdy cool, with his films like Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, and so many more. Actually, is there a movie he has made that has not featured him as one kind of a dork or another? I don’t think there is. It is his niche, I guess, playing an unkempt man-child.

His Barbie Doll Wife


His gorgeous wife, Lauren Miller, is also an actress, and a far more attractive one, at that. She has appeared in films like Zack and Miri Make a Porno, 50/50, and For a Good Time, Call… Seth and Lauren began dating in 2004 after meeting through Seth’s good friend Will Reiser, then became engaged in 2010, and married in 2011. They both insist that they are just your “average, everyday people that go to the drugstore and buy toothpaste”. These two fell in love at first sight and spent their first date eating grilled cheese and playing Spanish Scrabble until dawn. Aww.

12. Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber


Vince is the perfect example of a dude with a dad bod, probably because the kind of guys he plays in movies enhances that view of him. He’s just very good at portraying the sardonically comedic, sloppy, kind of douche-y guy who you end up liking anyway. So maybe his dad bod adds to that image, or maybe that image adds to our perception of him as a dopey dad (with a dad bod, of course). Either way, he landed himself a beauty in Kyla, and somehow, they really do make a cute couple.

His Barbie Doll Wife


Vince Vaughn may be happily married to Canadian real-estate agent Kyla Weber now, but before her he was with the hottest woman around, Jennifer Aniston. The Wedding Crashers actor known for his typical slobbish but likable roles, married Kyla in 2010, and they now are the proud parents of daughter Locklyn and son Vernon.

11. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin


Now here’s an obvious one. Spanish-born Hilaria (Thomas) Baldwin married her man with a dad bod in 2012, and has made him a dad thrice over (he also has one older child by ex-wife Kim Basinger). Together, they have Carmen, Rafael, and Leonardo.

His Barbie Doll Wife


She is only 32, and Alec 58. He is devilishly handsome though, despite his body, and often uses that characteristic to play immoral men of power. Maybe that is what drew her to him; the bad boy and the authority figure. In any case, the oldest of the four Baldwin brothers, Alec had relationships with several women prior to his current wife, such as Janine Turner, Kristin Davis, Ally Sheedy, Kim Basinger, Anna Rothschild, and Tatum O’Neal. Alec has been a busy guy this year, as he has multiple films due out soon. To name a few, they are Blind, The Curse of Don Scarducci, Drunk Parents, Shock and Awe, and Caught Stealing, among others. And that is in addition to the four that have already come out in 2016.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn

via mtv

They only dated for a year back in 2013, but the gorgeous Antonia (Toni) Garrn, who is a German model, datedLeonardo DiCaprio despite the fact that he had a full-blown dad bod at the time, and that he was 40 and she only 22. I guess if you are Leo, age nor physique matter to women.

His Former Barbie Doll Girlfriend


The two former lovebirds kept their short-lived romance low-key, and they never even walked a red carpet together. The star of so many Hollywood blockbusters has had his share of beautiful ladies, including Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, the list goes on. And on and on. The ladies like them some Leo, apparently. And it would seem that foreign models are his jam. As for Toni, the last reported boyfriend of hers was NBA player Chandler Parsons, but it is unknown if they are still together or not.

9. Jason Segel and Bojana Novakovic


via The Sun

The perpetually doofy (but always lovable) Jason Segel got some lovin’ of his own back in 2014 when he was dating Serbian/Australian actress Bojana Novakovic. The blonde beauty also worked as a Serbian translator for theatre and film. She seems like a great catch!

His Former Barbie Doll Girlfriend


And apparently, this Barbie doll didn’t mind in the slightest about her beau having a dad bod. Bojana’s acting credits include Drag me to Hell, Edge of Darkness, Rake, Shameless, and many other titles. Her much more famous ex-boyfriend (they broke up after less than a year, but in that year it was proven that Jason could, in fact, nab a Barbie!) is the star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and of course, the long-running How I Met Your Mother.

He has also been romantically linked with Michelle Williams, Chloe Sevigny, Linda Cardellini, and right now is dating Alexis Mixter, while Bojana was seen out with Keanu Reeves shortly after the breakup with Jason.

8. Adam and Jackie Sandler


On June 22, 2003, Adam Sandler married Jackie Sandler, and they are one of the few couples in Hollywood who have been able to withstand all it demands and takes from a relationship. That being said, she is arguably more attractive than he is, because of multiple physical reasons, including his dad bod. The two have two children together, daughters Sadie and Sunny (now 10 and eight), and for all intents and purposes, it seems as though they will make it, if ever there were a Hollywood couple to do so.

His Barbie Doll Wife



Jackie does more for her husband than bear his children and look good; she even converted to Judaism for him! She was once an international model, and met Adam through Rob Schneider, who put in a good word for her with him, and he ended up offering a part to her in the 1999 movie Big Daddy. And the rest, as they say, was history!

7. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman


Simon Cowell not only has a dad bod (which he flaunts without shame frequently in swim trunks), but his face is also representative of the so-called “bad guy”, as for years he was the brutally honest and often mean judge onAmerican Idol. He loosened up a bit for his current gig as America’s Got Talent judge, though. But his mean ways and dad bod did not deter the beautiful Lauren Silverman from dating him, and even having his baby (son Eric Phillip Cowell, was born on Valentine’s Day 2014, when Simon was 54 years old and a father for the first time). I guess some women like the bad guy, dad bod or not. And Lauren is not the only one; in the past, Simon has dated Carmen Electra, Jasmine Lennard, and a string of other women. But it seems that the 39-year-old American socialite Lauren has captured his heart for good, as they have now been together for seven years.

6. Chris Pratt (Before He Got Ripped) and Anna Faris



If anyone looks like a Barbie doll, it is the cute and bleach-blonde Anna Faris. She and Chris Pratt, who previously dated Emily Van Camp, are married and have one child together, a son named Jack. The House Bunny actress and her Guardians of the Galaxy husband make a cute couple, but at least for a time, he was rockin’ the dad bod while she still looked smokin’ hot. But they are definitely a match made in heaven, for several reasons. One of those (weird) reasons is that before they ever even met each other, they both had a dead bug collection, which is the most random thing ever. But they each had one, then combined both collections when they married to form one giant assortment of dead insects. Very odd, but in my mind, it proves they were meant to be! Chris has several movies coming out soon, like Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence, but Anna’s next project is up in the air.

5. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt


From 1997-2015, Mad Men actor (and dad bod flaunter) Jon Hamm was in a serious relationship with Kissing Jessica Stein writer and actress Jennifer Westfeldt, who is arguably much hotter than he is. Jon and Jen both have tons of movie and television credits to their names, and as recently as August of this year there have been rumors of the longtime lovers being back together. The story goes that after so long together (an impressive 18 years, which is an eternity in Hollywood), the two struggled to cut each other off completely.

Originally, they called things off because he wanted to have children and she did not. They had agreed they did not need to get married, but the children thing was too big to ignore, I guess, and it led to their going separate ways. Whether or not their reconciliation is for real or just another tabloid rumor is uncertain, but both parties have said they are still there for one another, and both have films being released in the near future.

4. Jack Black and Tanya Haden


Jack Black may be best at playing obnoxious slackers, but he is no stranger to the pretty ladies. His stocky dad bod frame and hairy face has landed him relationships with the fiery Kathy Griffin, actress Laura Kightlinger, and his now-wife, Tanya Haden. Tanya Haden is not only beautiful (especially standing next to her husband), but she is also a triplet, and an accomplished cellist, someone who comes off as quite refined in comparison to him. But as they say, opposites attract.

Jack and Tanya eloped after dating for less than a year in March 2006. They have two sons together, Samuel and Thomas. Jack is a member of what the media refers to as the “Frat Pack”, along with Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Steve Carell, and Luke Wilson. Known for movies like Shallow Hal, Gulliver’s Travels, andGoosebumps, Jack is now filming the new Jumanji, due out in 2017. Tanya, besides being a musician, has also done voice-over work for Kung Fu Panda and The Muppets.

3. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna


It was just announced that Rob Kardashian and model Blac Chyna (whose real name is Angela Renee White) have welcomed into the world their first child, Dream Renee Kardashian (gag). So now she is stuck with her chosen dad bod for life, whether they split up or not. And now with the birth of his daughter he has a true “dad” bod, versus just being fat.The two are engaged, but previously, Rob has been romantically linked with Rita Ora, Adrienne Bailon, and a few others.

His Barbie Doll Girlfriend


Rob and Blac began dating in January 2016, and announced their engagement in April 2016. Rob has struggled with his weight for years, but has called his fiancée his motivation to lose the weight once and for all. Maybe now that she will be trying to shed the baby belly, they can do it together. He has stated that he wants to go from 298 to 200 or 205 pounds.

2. Jonah Hill and Isabelle McNally


I would have never thought Jonah Hill would have been capable of dating ladies the likes of Ali Hoffman, Jordan, Klein, Rita Ora, or his current girlfriend, Isabelle McNally. But he has proven me wrong! Isabelle, whose first language is French, is an actress known for Indigo Children, Before I Disappear, and House of Cards. Her boyfriend has slimmed down noticeably throughout the years, and now they have been spotted shopping at Whole Foods and working out together.

The Superbad actor’s fans have expressed on Twitter that they are jealous that he is taken, so apparently, no one cares about his dad bod. Oh, the things Hollywood can do for you. But while Jonah is known for his fat, frazzled, college-dude look, Isabelle is quite contrarily known for her chic and bohemian look. The daughter of renowned restaurateur Keith McNally, Isabelle is also a model, and grew up in NYC’s Greenwich Village. She is friends with Poppy Delevigne.

1. Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez


Vin Diesel is dating Mexican model Paloma Jimenez. She is only 33, and thus 16 years his junior, but despite that and despite his dad bod (and that with three kids, she has no “mom bod”), Paloma has seemingly fallen hard for The Fast and the Furious actor. And I would hope so, since they have three children together (Hania, Vincent, and Pauline).

His Barbie Doll Girlfriend


Vin and Paloma have been dating for nearly 10 years, but are not married, which leaves me wondering when he is going to make an honest woman out of her. In the past, the action star has dated several beautiful women, including Maria Menounos. And he may very well be an action star, but Vin has more of a dad bod lately than a six-pack. She was only 23 when they began dating, and he only 39, so back then he was probably a lot hotter (but then again, so was she). Both Vin and Paloma use a stage name rather than their own; he was born Mark Sinclair (lol), and she was born Karla Paloma Jimenez Denagustin.


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