13 Graveyard Shift Workers Share The Creepiest Sh*t They’ve Seen

13 Graveyard Shift Workers Share The Creepiest Sh*t They’ve Seen


For some reason, the later the night gets, the spookier everything seems to be. Whether or not these late-night workers minds were playing tricks on them or they were genuinely experiencing paranormal activies remains to be determined. Either way, they make for a spoOooOoOky read.

1. bad_luck_dragon — Haunted houses have nothing on haunted distribution warehouses.

I occasionally work the overnight shift as a security guard at a distribution warehouse.

We’re in a little shack out in the yard, checking trailers in and out.

On more than one occasion I have caught the reflection of different people in the windows & glass doors of our shack. When I turn to look, there’s no one there.

Every inch of this area is under surveillance. No one ever shows up on video when I review the footage. I just ignore it these days.

2. LyricalWillow — At least the ghost children are having a good time, apparently.

I don’t work the graveyard shift (I’m a teacher) but I’ve frequently stayed late during the winter months to try and catch up on work. Sometimes I don’t leave until 7:00ish and by then it’s pitch dark outside.

Many times while thus alone I have heard children giggling. I’ve gone through the building, room by room, looking for the source since the idea of little kids locked in overnight is not pleasant. Never can find anyone, the doors and windows are locked and no sign of anyone outside.

Asked around and it seems lots of fellow staff who have stayed later than normal have heard the laughter, as well as other sounds.

Now when I hear the giggles I use my “teacher voice” and tell them to keep it down. Seems to work, so I’m fine with that.

3. ShinigamiArjen — Yeah, it’s amusing only when you aren’t in this spooky nightmare of a building.

Counselor at a psychiatric hospital. I work a ton of nightshift, and some spooky things tend to happen.

You’ll hear a door creaking open, and one of the patients leans out, exposing half his face. He’s staring at me and whispering something I couldn’t hear from that distance. Naturally I ask him is he is doing okay and if he needs something. He doesn’t respond, but very slowly leans back into his room and closes the door. This repeated itself a few times during that night.

It’s a story I like to tell to people who ask me what I do for a living, because in hindsight I find it quite amusing. At the moment though, it freaked me the hell out.

4. ReapItMurphy — I like how the surveillance man was all over the chair watching.

I posted this before in another thread.

I supervise the cashier area in a casino and I’ve always worked grave. Back then we used to close the floor at 4am. I was working one night with an assistant and she had to run home for a bit about 5am. I was just finishing up paperwork so I didn’t mind. I was standing up and my hair was kind of in my face. I was concentrating on my paperwork when for a split second I thought my hair had moved, but I realized that it was one of the cashier swivel chairs slowly spinning. I stared at it until it stopped, kind of frozen with confusion as to how it happened. So I was feeling kind of creeped out so I sat down, figuring I’ll just wait until my assistant got back. Then surveillance called and were like “did you see that?” We kind of laughed about it like wtf was that. I wish that video got saved but I don’t know if they ever did save it because this was well over ten years ago when they were still using tape that was wiped every two weeks.

Definitely a wtf moment.

5. Saxxons37 — Ghosts or rats? Maybe ghost-rats.

Stocking at Kmart. Lights were motion sensors. Randomly lights on the empty side of the store would go on. There were only 3 of us so it’s not like someone was there.

6. nieded — Uhh, that sounds very paranormal to me.

Not me but I worked with a family who cleaned offices overnight. During the summer they would bring their kids along, and their oldest kept pointing at something in the corner and asking why that man kept staring at him. They also experienced doors shutting and lights turning off. It may not have been paranormal, but it definitely freaked them out.

7. Tapol — Poor ghost’s afraid of the dark.

Years ago I worked as a Orderly in a small hospital on the night shift. Most of the work was just answering call lights and cleaning up messes. We had one room who’s call light would go off seemingly on its own, patients in the room would deny pushing it or it would go off when the room was empty. The story the older Nurses told was of a elderly lady who spent a lot of time in that room before she passed and its her asking for help. We all laughed about it and it was a long time running joke and whenever anything peculiar happened in that room it was just attributed to Vicky look for attention. Thirty five years have passed since that time and after a career I find myself working in the same hospital as a retirement job. Vicky’s room has since been converted into a surgical area, bright and shinny and new but whenever I pass that area and all of the lights are off I swear, out of the corner of my eye I can see someone standing in the PACU, I KNOW its an optical illusion but it still gives me shivers. I recently told this story to a friend who has worked here all this time and now whenever I see her she swats me for telling her the story because she has started seeing Vicky out of the corner of her eye too.

8. WRXsaurusrex — The candle musta been from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Oh I got one!

I was working late late at night at Colonial Williamsburg. It was my job to turn off the lights at the governors mansion and a few other places at the end of the night. I got done and was walking to my car and my boss called me and said that I had missed a light. I was pretty new so I just said yes sir and headed back. Sure enough a light way up in the attic was visibly on from outside. So I went in went to the top floor and climbed up there on the little latter. Once up there, there were no lights on. I didn’t think too much of it at this point so I went all the way down and back outside.

Once outside again I started back to my car. My boss shot me a text and asked if I was going to take care of it or not. I told him I did and he was upset because he thought I was lying. I headed back to the mansion and sure enough the light was on. I headed all the way back up there and the light was off again. I was literally staring out the window that was lit from the outside. At this point I figured someone was screwing with me so I headed back out in a huff.

I got downstairs and my boss met me at the door upset. “Are you going to turn that dang light out or what?” “It was out, are you screwing with me?” So we both head up there and the light was off.


There was the distinct odor of a candle and a what appears to be the haze of smoke around the window.

TLDR: Annoying ghost with a candle ruined my like third day at work.

9. rich4pres — Damn, almost a cool story.

I used to work in a funeral home. One time, the secretary calls me and asked me to come up front because there is a strange noise coming from the ceiling. I get there and after about a minute a really loud boom boom boom comes from the ceiling. We both almost knocked each other over running out of that funeral home. Turns out there was a raccoon in the ceiling, but for about thirty minutes we were convinced that place was haunted.

10. WisconsinWolverine — This night at the museum sounds considerably creepier than the movie.

I worked day shift Security at a museum/ historical village in Michigan.

The houses had been moved across the country feom various places and put all in one place. Many of them were hundreds of years old.

There were houses were you would walk into and hear footsteps walking around upstairs. This is when we were closed and the buildings were locked up.

Also there were houses that I would walk into and feel like I am not welcome here and need to leave immediately. On the flip side there were houses that I could walk into when having a crappy day and I would always be in a better mood when I left.

I would talk to the nightshift guards and they would tell you about the lights and voices they would experience in the museum at night.

We have the chair that Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot and the car that Kennedy was riding in when he was shot. They swore up and down that you would hear and see thing around both of them at night.

11. Shaqfan101 — I sit frozen in fear any time someone knocks on my door too. Not ghost related, but I get it.

I used to work the overnight awake shift at a group home up in Nunavut and one time I was watching a video on the Black Eyed Children and I heard knocking at the door. It was well past midnight on a weekday so I just sat there frozen in fear waiting for whoever it was to either knock again or walk away. I waited about 5 minutes and heard nothing, not even the crunch of footsteps walking on snow. Went and checked around the doors and windows and there was no sight of anyone anywhere. Freaked me the fuck out.

12. 23-squiddo — The ghost of karaoke past.

I was the 3rd-shift receptionist to a dorm that shared space with a 50’s themed diner. Though the restaurant was empty, the jukebox would occasionally play the Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane” at full volume. Wasn’t every night, but almost always around 3 AM.

13. 13igley — Shit. Time to look for a different job.

I work at a 24 hour gas station in a small town. One night a seemingly drunk woman came in to use the washroom. As I went to unlock the door for her she said it was cold out and touched the back of my neck and it felt like ice. This seemed odd because it wasn’t that cold out, but I kept walking and got to the bathroom and when I unlocked it and turned around she was gone. The next morning when the manager was in I checked the camaras and they all went down for about 5 minutes when she was there. the cameras have never been down before unless there’s a power outage.

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