13 Health Inspectors Share Their Nightmare Restaurant Violations

13 Health Inspectors Share Their Nightmare Restaurant Violations –


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The life of a health inspector must suck. You spend each and every day finding a new horrifying food violation at a local restaurant, causing you to probably lose all trust in ever eating out again. But on the bright side, their stories are entertaining for us ignorant restaurant-going pleebs.

1. on1879 — One order of Floor Mist Taters please.

Not the worst but never ate there after this…

First week in Canada I went into Popeyes, who doesn’t like mashed potatoes? They were cleaning when I walked in and there was a guy with a pressurised hose blasting the floor and the water was spraying everywhere.

The fine mist of grim floor water could be seen coating the food waiting in the pass, the prep tables. Everywhere in that tiny space was just getting blasted with floor goop.

2. marythelpc — It doesn’t get much fresher.

One of the news channels where I live does a weekly segment called “restaurant report card.” It’s shows the good and bad DHEC reports of the week. There was one Chinese restaurant that had live chickens in the kitchen.

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3. WirelessTrees — And here I thought the pube pizza was a delicacy.

My friend in school talked about how trash the place he works at is. He said stuff like if someone drops a slice of pizza, they’ll pick it up and serve it to the next guy. They’ll do this with all their food. The restaurant part is fancy, but the kitchen is a mess and nobody really cleans it.

How they’re still in business? Well when the first health inspector comes, they’ll fail and they have a certain amount of time to correct it. Then the supervisor of the inspectors comes, who is good friends with the restaurant owner. He passes the restaurant either way.

4. emeritusbass — But seriously, drunk people. Why you flushing underwear?

I worked at a McDonalds that was just about to get rebuilt and had just narrowly passed inspection. What does this mean? The owner doesn’t want to replace anything because the store is about to get torn down, so the whole place went to shit. A drunk person flushed a pair of underwear in the bathroom and clogged the sewage once, causing sewage to come up through the drains in the kitchen and stock rooms. We still served food. Then the stock room where we keep a lot of food items had a ceiling cave in and fiberglass insulation was dangling less than a foot away from food products on shelves. We were regularly pulling trashcans from the lobby and kitchen anytime it rained to help contain rain water from leaks in the ceiling back in the stock room. I left last November, the store doesn’t get torn down for another month so I can only imagine how shitty it is now.

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5. svenmullet — E. Coli Extravangza

Was a tradesman working on a hotel in Lower Buttfuck a fine city in Alberta. The reason I was working on it was because a new owner was renovating/updating the hotel. Their restaurant had a salad bar. Every single member of the kitchen staff got fired when the new owner discovered that the salad bar hadn’t been cleaned/sterilized in months; they just kept adding more food on top of the old stuff.

6. nightinthewild — How does a place this nasty stay popular?

Not inspector but cook. One very popular local restaurant has the worst roach infestation ever. If you picked up the ticket printer and tapped it on the table you would have 40-60 baby roaches scatter. Roaches everywhere you look. They would fall from the ceiling or crawl onto the plate of food before the server could take it out. It was the most disgusting place. I quit and its still super popular and still buggy.

7. SmogginCragg — Sounds chill as hell.

My Mom used to be a health inspector. A bar had a bear chained outside and the owners would bring it inside to hangout with the patrons sometimes.

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8. h0sti1e17 — “And proceeds to enter the bin of tuna”

Not a health inspector but when I worked at subway we caught a co-worker doing something inappropriate.

My manager had to look at the camera for some unrelated reason. He is skipping forward and accidentally goes to far forward. He notices a worker putting a bin of tuna on the floor. He keeps looking at the tape. The worker pulls his pants down and proceeds to enter the bin of tuna. He makes sweet sweet love to the tuna. Finishes up, goes into the bathroom to clean off. Proceeds to smooth out the bin of tuna, wraps it back up and puts it in the fridge. My manager immediately has me throw out the tuna and make more. Needless to say he was fired. And while this was 20 years ago I still can’t eat tuna I didn’t make or see made.

tl;dr Co-worker fucked a bin of tuna and put it back in the fridge.

9. hyourgodz — Jesus.

Walked into a Mexican restaurant one time and saw some lady soaking some tripe in a mop sink. Saw that and told them to throw all of it in the dumpster and bleach it in front of me. My boss had seen a restaurant defrosting raw shrimp in a mop sink with the mop draped over the faucet. My other co-worker had to work a foul odor complaint where this Chinese buffet was closed for about a week without utilities. He walked in and found the food was still in the buffet line. He said the stench was so rotten that he immediately threw up upon opening the door. The food was stewing in it’s juices for a week in the Texas summer heat. Those are the worst ones that I can think of atm.

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10. UberToonces — Those soda guns are never to be trusted. I’ve seen Bar Rescue.

I was in the training program to be a state health inspector after I graduated from college. The majority of the inspections weren’t memorable and small stuff got written up, like temps being too low or high, not having gloves accessible, storing meat boxes on the ground, etc.

The twp inspections that I remember being horrible were both at low end Chinese places in strip malls. In one inspection, the wok chef had an overflowing ashtray right next to the meat bins. Rodent droppings, piles of dead flies behind the range, open doors to the outside, just nasty. We also had to check soda machines and the hoses and guns. The soda gun line at one place was so caked with mold and funk it was a miracle that soda could even get through, we couldn’t figure out how any previous inspector had missed that or wtf happened. The soda gun was the worst because it ruined eating out and having a mixed drink, I’ll never be able to drink anything out of a soda gun ever again.

I got a better job offer after two months of that and ran out of that job.

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11. gotnomemory — Hairy ice cream is the worst ice cream.

Former employee of a few food/drink related places…

•Rat/roach droppings in the pizza boxes.

•Fry cook dropping things and picking them back up to fry (he reasoned that the oil was hot enough to burn off anything. The oil was changed only weekly if not biweekly sometimes).

•ice cream shop where no hairnets or gloves were offered/needed, so managers hair ended up in ice cream. Also, questionably clean hands making cones.

•Slime/mold colonies (not growth, fucking civilizations) in the ice makers and soda spouts at a whole chain of gas stations. AFAIK, I was the only one who ever cleaned those at my location alone, and whenever I babysat another store… Also, the coffee urns. Black bottoms and grinds caked on inside. If you live near em, go to Racetrak or Sheetz. Cleanest urns and spouts I’ve ever known.

12. ChaosGS — Damn, this person had 0 luck with Popeyes.

Former inspector and oh goodness i could write a book.

  1. Burger King had raw sewage coming out of the drain ankle high. Employees acted like it was normal.
  2. Taco Bell had a fly problem, customer brought back a Taco with a live fly inside.
  3. Mold in ice machines. Seen some with gobs and gobs of pink mold oozing in the ice off from the ice blades.
  4. Popeyes chicken serving rotten gray chicken. Stank like death.
  5. Chick-fil-a raw sewage backup in kitchen with the owner wiping sweat off his face and continue making sandwiches.
  6. Popeyes chicken where the whole building was slanted and about to fall over and still operating.
  7. Popeyes chicken who knew who I was and spit in my food.
  8. Lots of broken coolers and temperature abused foods.
  9. Taco Bell with no AC in summer. No coolers worked and employees were sweating into food. Upper management kept delaying AC repairs……AC was fixed 3 days after inspection.
  10. Watched a GM pull a spatuala out of dirty sink water to flip burger patties. Scratches her ass while handling the burger.

13. Spider8461 — I think I’ve eaten wings from this place before.

Not a health inspector but worked at a food place:I picked up a case of wings to be dropped in the grease but when I took the lid off they smelled bad and then when I saw the blood at the bottom was a dark brown instead of a bright red I instantly started heading to the back to throw them out. My manager caught me on my way back there and said nothing was wrong with the wings, he sprayed water on them and put them in the grease, it was truly disgusting

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