13 Horrible Adult Problems That Nobody Prepares You For –

People don’t realize how quickly you actually grow up. And the problem is, nobody prepares you for what real life is gonna be like after your easy-ass high school life. One day you’re playing Smash Bros and the next you’re figuring out what an APR financing is/means. Well these 13 people are about to drop some somewhat depressing truth bombs, so you might wanna take a seat.

1. LiquidLiquorice — Some roommates seem like they’re from different planets.

Even living with 5 siblings did not prepare me for how utterly disgusting, stubborn and disrespectful housemates can be.

2. PandaDerZwote — You’ve gotta learn how to create your own motivation.

Not me per se, but many, many people.
Your youth is a very automatic stream of progress, you get older, you graduate classes, you eventually finish school, study something, learn a trade etc.
Once that is over, many people (At my age especially) feel overwhelmed from the fact that auto-progression is over now and that this motivator is gone.

I’m not even suggesting that this means you need to set your sights on advancing your career further and further (The most miserable people I know are the ones that focused heavily on career) but that you need to learn to deal with that fact, in whichever way works for you.

3. Bucket_O_Beef — Sitting is so underrated. Laying? Even better.

Making noise every time you stand up.

4. Stabfacenotback — We are 10 year olds trapped in old bodies.

That just because people get older, it doesn’t mean they have matured.

5. dancingquibbles — Uhh, I’m just as dumb as you, only older.

Having younger people ask for advice and realising that I’m actually the adult in the room. Scary.

6. 18650204 — Oh right you have to be helpful now.

Happened when I was 23. Was with a couple of schoolkids putting tables and chairs away after an assembly, and when they finished they stood there looking at me waiting for me to tell them what to do next. I thought they were taking the piss at first.

EDIT: For fucks sake you morons. I’m not implying that I was old at 23. I’m just sharing the first time in my life that I found myself being ‘the adult’, which is the topic being discussed. Some of you guys need to brush up on your reading comprehension. Christ.

7. VioletChestnut — Farewell teeth. You will no longer be mantained.

Nobody sets up my appointments with dentist. I have to bring this doom upon myself.

8. Th1dood — Yeah this one is much worse than the dentist appointment one.

Dealing with the death of family members. There is SO much to do it’s really a daunting prospect and the first time, you literally have no idea where to start.

9. uvular_trill — So many wasted resources.

Realizing that after you’ve wasted resources on what you intended to lead to a career, you must now re-evaluate and make a new plan

10. CakesForLife — Be prepared for your body to CRUMBLE.

How your body just seem to fall apart…

11. Slowjams — It’s much easier when you’re automatically surrounded by them at school.

Friendships are extremely fragile.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been close for ten or more years. All it takes is a little bit of distance and maybe a change in occupation or schedule and boom, all of a sudden you haven’t spoken in months.

Basically, friendships require a lot more preventative maintenance, like your car. If you want it to last, you’re going to have to keep in touch and show that it means something to you. Otherwise it will fall apart sooner or later.

12. chrisberman410 — For real, that shit goes bad INSTANTLY.

How fast produce goes bad

13. allButHighHopes — Sleep, it’s the best part of the day.

My love for sleep is growing exponentially with age.


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