13 Identical Twins Share Their Most Awkward Twin Moments

13 Identical Twins Share Their Most Awkward Twin Moments





BFfenrir — Please remove yourself from me, stranger.

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Visited my twin at another college; was sleeping at his place when some random girl crawled into bed with me. She did not believe me when I insisted that I wasn’t him so we stayed until he got home from the bar. I’ll never forget watching the sinking realization in her face.


MTGBro_Josh — Well this done not quite sound ‘fun.’

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Brother and I worked together for about 4 yrs in retail. We would often get scheduled wrong and got so many “you are in two places at once” comments. Most awkward thing I can recall that happened was I got yelled at by a customer (I ran register and he ran the floor) for something my brother did. The customer laud into me and I watch my brother appear from around a corner and he came by and asked the customer to lay off me and he’d help her. The customer profusely apologized before following him.
All in all, working with my twin was a lot of fun.


Dragonfudge — Bad twin.

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I was walking to my car one day after classes when I was in college when this girl comes marching up to me angry as all hell and asks why I didn’t call her back after “our wonderful night together”. Turns out, her and my twin had a one night stand and he ghosted her afterwards.


d3athR0n — Haha yeah, how does that work?

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Finally, I have something! My identical twin gets ~5 matches a day on tinder, I’ve been on it for ~1yr and I have a grand total of 0 matches.
We have the same face god dammit!


TimesNewCarthaginian — To be fair, I’d be skeptical of 90% of the things students say as a teacher.

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In high school one of my twin brother’s teachers said hello to me and tried to grab my arm to speak to me about something probably class related. I didn’t know who it was as I had never taken her class and walked off quickly and kind of weirded out.
Later she berated my brother in class in front of everyone for being so rude to her. He told her it was probably his twin brother and she didn’t believe him. Everyone else in the class told her that he did have a twin brother, to corroborate his claim, but she refused to believe any of them.


Novahawk12 — I love that boths immediate thought was to sabotage the other.

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Me and my twin being young and dumb decided to switch classes at school one day. We were in year 2. About 15 minutes into class we both realised that since this wasn’t our class we could act up a bit (Cuz the other would be punished not us) which resulted in us both getting lunch time detention and the awkward conversation with our teachers about why we were acting up.


lattest — Oh that’s for sure what’s going down.

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My dad is an identical twin. Both have a wife and two kids. They both frequent a restaurant with the family. Every time we go to that restaurant, the staff point and whisper. Dad tells us it’s because they think he and his twin are the same guy, with two families (who don’t know about each other), and bring both of his families to the same place.


Robbylution — Welp, guess you must go to an entirely different college now.

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I got an acceptance letter for a college I never appied to. My high school sent the college my transcript instead of my brother’s, so I got a letter with my name and his choice of major. It’s funny now. At the time it was a huge pain in the ass to get unfucked.


divinelyshpongled — Can just feel the awkward with this one.

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While I was washing the dishes my brothers wife came up behind me and grabbed my crotch and whispered “hurry up and come F me” to which I replied “not sure X would like that to be honest”


doublebbs9395 — Alright well that’s kinda on you two for choosing the same college.

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Most of the people I knew in high school would eventually figure us out seeing as most of us had known each other since elementary school. Now that I’m in college, I have random people walk up to me to talk about the next homework assignment/essay/just any class that my twin is taking to me, not realizing that we’re 2 different people. It’s amazing to see the differing reactions of people once I break the news to them. It’s always either visibly confused, laughter, and then maybe a “oh, fuck you” followed by even more laughter once they realize they’ve been talking to the wrong person the whole time


kissel_ — Wow this twin setting his brother UP.

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Oh, and a other one, though it’s not really awkward per se.
One day I went into a Starbucks.
The Barista smiles at me and says ” Oh, didn’t I see you on the trail the other day? You had the cutest dog!”
I don’t have a dog.
But my twin brother does…
So, even though I’m quite happily married, I flirted with her for a few minutes and just gave her my brother’s number.


CABJames — Haha damn, a decades worth of guilt for NOTHING.

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My parents were at a dinner party in about 2000 and it came up in conversation that my Dad has a twin.
One of the couples at the dinner party looked at each other in absolute shock and the husband asked, “Was it possible that your twin was at Expo ‘86?”
Turns out this couple thought they had seen my dad cheating on my mom at Expo ‘86 and actually it was my uncle there canoodling with my aunt.
They debated whether to mention it to my mom for over a decade.
My dad always says he was wondering when that couple were always a bit standoffish with him.
My parents have been married for almost 40 years. We still laugh about it.


Miserable_Crepe — What a twist.

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Not me but my uncle. He slept with his own girlfriend and ended up dumping her for cheating on him… Because he realized she thought he was my dad. She was super giddy about how exciting it was to sleep with the other twin.
Ah that time people had a tendency to think they could tell them apart due to how they dressed but they actually shared the same clothes and didn’t have a definite style each…

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