John Lennon signs an autograph for Mark Chapman – his murderer, 1980

According to Chapman he actually had the gun in his pocket when this photo was taken, but he chickened out. He hung around in front of the Dakota getting his nerves up until John and Yoko came home later that night.

Chapman waited outside Lennon’s apartment beginning in the afternoon. Lennon and Yoko walked outside to go somewhere and Chapman asked him to sign his record (it was a special edition record, somewhat rare for one reason or another). After Lennon signed the record he asked Chapman “Is that all?”. Basically asking if Chapman wanted anything else signed to which Chapman replied “No”. Chapman then waited outside of Lennon’s apartment for Lennon to return. He waited several hours and spent some of the time waiting reading The Catcher in The Rye (a book he was infatuated with).

Lennon was returning from the recording studio that night. He was carrying tapes from the studio under his arm when he was shot. Chapman then read more of his book while waiting for the police to come. The first to respond after the shooting was a security guard from The Dakotas (the apartments John and Yoko lived in) who approached Chapman as he sat reading. Apparently the all the security guard could do was sob and kept asking Chapman “Do you know what you did?”.



Prosthetic devices belonging to handicapped people murdered at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp


In 1985, after listening to Judas Priest’s “Better By You, Better Than Me,” Ray Belknap and James Vance both shot themselves with a .12 gauge shotgun due to ‘subliminal messages’ – Belknap died at the scene; Vance, who put the gun under his chin, survived


Rob Halford (Judas Priest) singing in court



Man overdoses during a traffic stop, it takes 8mg of Narcan to wake him up. Columbus, Ohio


Australian soldiers after being liberated from a Japanese concentration camp in 1945


Untreated diabetes on a homeless person in NYC


A Red Cross nurse writing the last words of a dying British soldier in 1917


He died in drunk driving accident. He was the drunk driver. This is how his family chose to bury him.


Serial killer Christopher Wilder watches Seventeen magazine pageant winner Michelle Korfman (seen in the foreground holding flowers) shortly before he abducted, raped, and murdered her


Japan’s execution chamber where convicts are killed by long drop hanging through a trapdoor


Kristina Karyagina, a sufferer of Anorexia who weighed 38 lbs at the time of these photos


Chijon Family: A gang made out of south korean working class who literally ate the rich. Their hatred for the rich was so extreme that they would kidnap, rape and cannibalize them, one even told television reporters before his trial that his only regret was that he had not killed more rich kids.

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