13 Insane Details From ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 4 That You Missed

Here are 13 Insane Details From ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 4 That You Missed

1. BoJack’s past explains the name of his imaginary daughter

As BoJack was working on his memoir late in season 1, he went on (one of many) drug binges that left him stranded in a parking lot in the rain – but while he was there, he hallucinated another life for himself – one where he walked away from the pitfalls of fame and celebrity, and married his old pre-fame friend (and former partner Herb’s ex-girlfriend) Charlotte. Their life is serene, peaceful, and loving – all of the things BoJack’s life lacks. They live in a quaint lake-side cabin in Maine, and have a daughter named Harper.

Lake-side cabin? Daughter named Harper? Does any of this sound familiar yet? It should – Harper’s Landing is the name of the town where BoJack’s mother spent her summers at a lakeside cabin. It took 4 seasons, but this helps shed a lot of light on BoJack’s state of mind in season 1.

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2. 2121 – The Year of Drone Thrones

In the far off future imagined by Princess Carolyn in “Ruthie,” we see a lot of fun details in the background – The Pig Bang Theory is still going strong in its 119th season, 187 degrees Celsius is considered chilly, and – most importantly – drone thrones are everywhere.

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Yes, Todd’s objectively terrible idea from “See Mr. Peanutbutter Run” finally worked out its kinks and appears to be the favored method of transportation in the future. The only thing that’s missing is a giant bag of kettle corn.


3. The Inspiration Behind King Pusspuss

When Ralph’s family is preparing to celebrate the feast of St. Squeaky, Ralph tells the story behind the festivities – St. Squeaky defeated an evil tyrant named King Pusspuss, which is summed up in this charming song:


Look at me, I’m a dumb cat king!

I’m an ugly, mean, fat thing!

Innocent mice will feel my wrath!

I’m a stinky cat who never takes a bath!

I’m positively evil! I’m nasty and I’m smelly!


So I’ll take my sword and stab you in the belly!

Most interesting is the design of King Pusspuss – namely, that he appears to look identical to Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula (well, except for being a cat):

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4. Todd’s Improv Skills Include Seeing The Future

As Todd tries to give Princess Carolyn a pep talk in the woods (as she begins to doubt herself with the impending failure of her Philbert project and still reeling from her miscarriage), he’s suddenly accosted by the dentist-clowns (and clown-dentists) he abandoned in the woods a few episodes previously. Except – something’s a litttttttle different about them…

They’re all behaving like zombies.

As Todd recounts immediately after:

“So it turns out Vice Chancellor Laughy-Gassy got rabies from quarreling with an old raccoon and then he started biting everyone, and now a bunch of them have rabies. Who could have predicted my innocent clown-dentist venture could turn into something so terrifying?”

Who could have predicted zombie dentists, Todd? Who, you ask? What about….TODD CHAVEZ (back in season 2)!

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Yep, back in Todd’s improv days, he famously tried out a zombie dentist scene, which his teammates praised as being “so innovative.” Guess Todd just has some unnatural predeliction for zombie dentists?

5. The Continuing Saga of the Young Mother

All the way back in the pilot, Princess Carolyn recalled an incident where BoJack implied that he wasn’t ready to have kids with her: Princess Carolyn commented on how cute a baby was, and BoJack responded by freaking out, knocking the baby over, and running away.

And now, years later, we see the mother and her child again – behind Todd and Courtney in the Italian restaurant! And, of course, the mother’s wearing the exact same dress (and her child is wearing a similarly-colored outfit) to really drive home the point.

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To be fair, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen them since the pilot – they briefly showed up in season 2, as BoJack stole the child’s stroller:

Still, it’s nice to see the mother and her child doing well – and this is their first appearance where BoJack didn’t accost the stroller!


6. The Evolution of Todd’s Prison Gang Tattoos

Way, way back in season 1, Todd was briefly interred in prison (after mistakenly showing off BoJack’s house as David Boreanaz’s, and the ensuing schemes) and was solicited for membership by both the Latin Kings and the Aryan Brotherhood – and Todd, afraid of offending either group, attempted to placate them both by indicating to each he would be joining their group…and by getting tattoos on opposing arms, labelled “LATIN KINGS” and “SKIN HEADS.”

These tattoos were still visible on Todd’s body as of season 3:

But sometime between season 3 and season 4, Todd decided it was time to do something about his gang tattoos – and since removal was apparently too expensive of an option, Todd decided to find some more affordable routes – crossing out the “TIN” in “LATIN KINGS” so it would read “LA KINGS” (after Los Angeles’ hockey team) and adding “NY” and “jug” to “SKIN HEADS” so it would read “SKINNY jugHEADS” (which is sorta a reference to Archie Comics’ character Jughead, who – like Todd – is famously asexual):

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7. The Saddest Background Character

In the gut-wrenchingly depressing (even for BoJack Horseman) episode “Time’s Arrow,” we get further glimpses into the past of Beatrice Horseman (nee Sugarman), as her dementia-addled mind has her lost in memory. But the memories are a bit faded and unclear – notably the faces of many individuals in the background being obscured, scratched out, or simply missing.

But what would BoJack Horseman be if not a show willing to toy around and make jokes with its own conventions? While Beatrice is on a date, there’s a couple in the background having a picnic (the fact that one of them is an ant is already a pretty solid joke on its own) – but if you watch the bear, he’s trying to eat a baguette….except that he realizes he doesn’t have a mouth, so just tries to jam the bread into his featureless face and gets confused when it doesn’t work.

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8. The Life and Times of Professor Thistlethorpe

In preparation for his gubernatorial ski race, Mr. Peanutbutter signs up for ski school – which turns out to be an actual full-fledged college, even with a requisite inspiring teacher, Professor Thistlethorpe. The gag of the sequence is how quickly Mr. Peanutbutter moves through his lessons and the tropes of films about inspiring teachers, mirrored by Professor Thistlethorpe’s own quickened lifespan – as he goes from caterpillar…

…to the cocoon stage (right before Mr. Peanutbutter’s graduation)…

…to a beautiful, winged butterfly (as Mr. Peanutbutter gives his impassioned governership speech)…

…to a dying, old man, whose wings have fallen off (outside the VIM Agency in “Stupid Piece of Shit”).

You lived a full life, professor….and all in the first six episodes!

9. All Biblical characters are portrayed as fish

Granted, there isn’t a TON of evidence for this, but there are a few very notable examples that are beginning to lead people to believe that all Biblical figures in the BoJack Horseman universe are fish (or, at least, portrayed as fish):

The fish statue in the background is clearly modeled off of Michelangelo’s David – after the Biblical David who fought Goliath.

On top of this, we see Princess Carolyn use “Oh, fish!” as an exclamation (instead of “Oh, Jesus!”):

Even though the evidence is a bit scant, it would make sense – the theory of evolution states that life began on Earth with single-celled organisms, eventually moving to more complex sea life before making the leap to land-based creatures. So it would make sense for the ancient ancestors of the animal characters in the BoJack Horseman universe to be sea-dwelling fish. Again, it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s not too difficult to imagine the writers of BoJack Horseman sneaking in weird little details like this.


10. The Fate of Character Actress Margo Martindale

Season 4 marked the first full season of BoJack Horseman with no formal appearance by Character Actress Margo Martindale – last seen in season 3 crashing a ship carrying Cartindale Cargo:

But thanks to the news ticker on MSNBSea, we do get a brief update on her (presumed) fate:


11. The Marriage and Divorce of Some Background Characters

As BoJack and Diane wait in line to request Hollyhock’s birth certificate, a couple is seen in the background getting married – a cheetah and a zebra.

…unfortunately, BoJack finds himself in the line for much longer than expected – and in the time it took BoJack to get to the front of the line, the cheetah and zebra have seen their marriage fall apart (all still in the background), moving over to the Divorce line. We can see the zebra has suffered some kind of arm and neck injuries…

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Given the quick timeframe and the injuries only happening to the zebra, there’s a pretty easy assumption to make: the cheetah is a natural predator of zebras in real life, so perhaps there was some kind of…similar urge within the universe of BoJack Horseman, which obviously would be cause for a speedy divorce.


12. The Meaning of BoJack’s Painting

Way back in season 1, a sad Picasso-esque painting hung on BoJack’s wall…that Sarah Lynn and her lemur friends drilled holes in to as part of their plan to turn the closet into a cocaine booth/sex closet:

And it turns out that painting has a lot more meaning to the Horseman family than we realized – it was Beatrice’s last remaining memory of her father, that she was holding at his funeral:

And the moment she handed it down to BoJack was the first time her dementia truly began to manifest – with her mistaking BoJack for her husband Butterscotch:

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13. Bea recognized Hollyhock from the very beginning

Rewatching season 4 (in light of the revelations of “Time’s Arrow”) is particularly devastating – her mother Honey’s line about “having half a mind”, the subtle hints that Bea was drugging Hollyhock to make her lose weight (hence her feeling like there were bugs under her skin and why she was meticulously stacking coins), etc. – but one of the most shocking things is that Bea recognized Hollyhock almost immediately:

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At first, you think it’s probably just Bea’s dementia-addled mind playing tricks on her to think she recognizes Hollyhock as some figure from her past – but in reality, her comments about Hollyhock looking “just like him” (referring to her husband Butterscotch, not BoJack) are her at her most lucid.

Early in the next episode, Bea begins going on about “the baby” – again, you think it’s probably just her senile mind being lost in a mishmash of the past, but it’s important to remember she begins talking about the baby long before Hollyhock actually gives her a baby doll to comfort her. The most noticeable sign is when Hollyhock sits down for breakfast…and Bea specifies to BoJack (still calling him “Henrietta” – who we later discover was Hollyhock’s mother) that he make her a healthy breakfast: both foreshadowing Hollyhock’s true parentage AND Bea’s determination to make her lose weight:

Bea’s repeated insistence on calling BoJack “Henrietta” and mentions of “the baby” probably seem apparent in retrospect, but going back and rewatching the season, it becomes even clearer how much the writers foreshadowed the eventual reveal. This show is mind-boggling.


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