13 Interesting Fan Theories That Are 100% Believable

A lot of fan theories are insanely far fetched and quiiite a stretch to believe.

But these ones are actually impressively believable. Read for yourself and you’ll be convinced.


rofotane — Gotta rewatch the tapes.

In Disney’s Ratatouille, the old lady in the beginning of the movie living in the house next to the river is the food critic, Anton Ego’s, mother. In the flashback scene where he eats the ratatouille you can see similarities of the house from the beginning, her face and I think the bridge.


w00tburger — They were just PRETENDING to be dumb.

The Trolls in Frozen were really the villains.
They wanted to take over the kingdom and put their son (adopted Christoff) in power


MuchPretzel — Damn, I want one now.

The Krabby Patty is made of crabs. Every other item on the menu has its primary ingrediant in its name.


wooz44 — The dude got some serious revenge.

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There’s one about Hotel Transylvania (spoilers) that describes how Dracula actually went back to the human village responsible for the death of his wife to kill and mentally enslave everyone there to be his ‘worker bees’ for the Hotel years later. This would explain why everyone that works at the Hotel are zombies and expect nothing in return for their time working there, as well as their total faith towards Dracula’s requests.


SandwichTaster — “I know more than the creator. F that guy.”

Event Horizon is mankind’s first venture in to the Warp
I don’t care if the films creator says it’s a complete coincidence.


lagoon83 — It’s all Order 66’s fault.

Order 66 indirectly led to the death of podracing.
Following Anakin’s impressive victory at the Boonta Eve Classic, podrace fans wanted more – so race promoters started actively seeking out force sensitive pilots. By the time of AOTC, the sport was dominated by force users (and, according to rumours, maybe even a couple of rogue jedi who couldn’t resist fame and fortune).
Although Order 66 didn’t directly target the races, the sudden revelation that being a jedi gets you killed meant that hundreds of pilots vanished overnight. Some fled, some were grabbed by bounty hunters looking to get in good with the emerging Empire, some were killed in the confusion by well meaning citizens who believed the propaganda that the Clones did it because the jedi were dangerous.
Promoters tried to recover, but the sport had changed as fans had become accustomed to the awesome feats that force users could pull off, and the replacement pilots couldn’t hope to compete.
And that’s why there’s no mention of podracing after the prequel trilogy.


Twineball — Murder She Committed

In Murder She Wrote, Jessica Fletcher is a serial killer framing someone new each episode.


shirlywashingtons — That would be an extreme commitment to the bit.

A friend told me about the fan theory that bojack horseman (the entire series) is one massive lead up to “a horse walks into a bar…” punchline. That would be pretty epic


mashimade — This kinda makes sense.

Barney Stinson wasn’t that bad, Ted just makes him look bad so the kids think he’s the good guy


BroccoliManChild — Clever Genie.

I like the one about the Genie from Aladdin working the long con.
Aladdin’s first wish was to be a prince. Did the Genie really make him a prince upon the first wish? Not only would the Genie have to give him all the nice clothes and everything, but he’d have create a kingdom with people, etc. and he’d have to make Aladdin’s parent’s the king and queen of the kingdom. He didn’t do that. If he had, there would have been no issue at the end with Jasmine marrying Aladdin because he would have been royalty. Instead the Genie did enough to make the story unfold so that in the end the Sultan let Jasmine marry whoever she wanted. They get married and Aladdin becomes a prince. All part of the plan.


gingenado — Uh, but explain the talking dog?

The series Scooby Doo takes place following a complete global economic collapse.

1) A bunch of kids driving around with no responsibilities or accountability. 2) Every place they come across is super run down and most places are abandoned. 3) Skilled people like doctors and scientists resort to playing tricks and scaring people in order to make some money or hold onto a piece of property.


Esseth — This would be a fun one.

Just one I love to believe, The Cloverfield monster was the first Category I Kaiju to attack from Pacific Rim in a much earlier prequel.


Soshi101 — Also Neville is pretty naturally hateable.

Snape hated Neville because if Voldemort had chosen the Longbottoms rather than the Potters for the prophecy, Lily would still be alive.

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