13 Life Pro Tips That Actually Changed Peoples Lives

A lot of life pro tips are silly & can be passed off as jokes, but this handful of tips genuinely changed the way these people lived their lives. They might be worth writing down. No seriously, get off your lazy ass and write these down. Life pro tip #1.

1. Mynxs — You don’t wanna miss an important meeting cuz you gotta turd.

Take a poop before anything important so you don’t need to poop during something important

2. my_Favorite_post — Offices like this are so great, but so evil at the same time.

“Do I actually want this, or am I being impulsive since it is in front of me?”

I’ve lost a bunch of weight this year, and this has helped a lot with willpower. My office has donuts, candy and free food all over the place. I have to stop and think “Did I actually want a cookie, or do I just want it because I saw it?”

Sometimes the answer is that I want a cookie. But usually it is just because I saw it and grabbed it before I could practice willpower.

3. iPeeLavaLampGoo — Petrified egg paste is a nightmare.

A little bit of effort now saves a lot of effort later. Immediately rinse out your scrambled eggs pan to save yourself from having to scrub the petrified egg paste later. If you’ve got a few items of clothing laying on the floor, pick them up. It stops the slow descent into a full on mess that will take a few hours to properly clean up. Double and triple check to make sure you are writing down addresses, phone numbers, instructions, or something pertaining to work correctly. An extra ten seconds at most will save you a ton of stress and heartache later.

4. zazzlekdazzle — Very good comparison.

Staying in a relationship where the person just isn’t all that into it is actually way worse than being single and keeps you from finding better people to be with. It’s like living with a lazy vampire who only musters the effort to drain your energies slowly in little nibbles.

5. pmurthy20 — Best tip here.

Embarrassing memory? Just add Seinfeld music overtop

6. Pigeon_Asshole — Yeah, mustering the energy to do extra things in the morning is way harder.

Sorting my packed lunch out the night before. If I don’t, theres no way im bringing lunch to work.

7. flooshtollen — Very true.

When you eat past the point you enjoy it nobody wins

8. Star_amazon — Well, you tried.

I was walking through the mall with a friend and he was self conscious about what he was wearing. I said ‘did you see that lady that just walked by?’ And he said yeah and I asked him what color her shirt was and he couldn’t tell me. I said ’cause you don’t care. So what makes you think she cares about what you’re wearing?’

Didn’t make him any more comfortable, but whatever.

9. Anytimeisteatime — Ooh, I like this one.

Pretend to be a spy.

This is a really stupid one, but totally works for me.

I always feel nervous going to parties/big social events where I don’t know many people- probably most people do. Then I started deciding I would just go and pretend I was the sort of person who doesn’t get nervous going to parties where they don’t know anyone. For some reason, for me, that person is epitomised by James Bond. He must go to loads of parties where he doesn’t know anyone, after all. So now when I start dreading that moment walking into the room, not knowing anyone, awkward small talk, etc, I just decide I’ll pretend I’m James Bond and then it will be fine.

For some reason, it really helps. I still have to make awkward small talk and stuff, but hanging around on my own people-watching for a bit feels more comfortable when I’m in this headspace and I chat to people more confidently, which makes conversations happen more, which minimises nervous not-sure-what-to-do time.

Important note: only pretend to be a spy in your head; do not actually act like a spy. That may make things more weird and awkward rather than less.

10. mherman39 — Noted.

Strengthening your stomach muscles and core is the best way to heal a bad back.

11. ibthefudge — Also start going to the gym and on hikes.

Wear compression shorts when you go to the gym or for a hike.

Help prevent swamp ass and wedgies.

12. 20draws10 — That’s…actually a good one.

If you’re having trouble making a decision, flip a coin. If your disappointed with the result then you have your answer.

I know it sounds stupid but try it one day. As someone who’s about as indecisive as they come this has been a life changer.

13. RileyW2k — Or get a toaster oven. Those things work magic on old pizza.

Pro Tip: When re-heating Pizza in the microwave, put a small glass of water on the plate with it. Tastes normal! Completely changed my life



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