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13 McDonald’s Menu Items From Around the World

13 McDonald’s Menu Items From Around the World

I’ve gone to McDonald’s in about 15 different countries around the world and I’m not ashamed of it. When you’re traveling, McDonald’s has everything you need — food, drinks, wifi, contests, bathrooms, a place to plug in your phone, and a seat to chill in for a while where they won’t yell at you to leave. And McDonald’s is different in each country, so it’s exciting to see what each new place has in store for you. McDonald’s offers some truly amazing food around the world that I really wish they would bring to the USA. Here are some of McDonald’s menu items from around the world. (NOTE: this is a very incomplete list and everything might not be sold in every location so I swear to god if any of you are like “Um we don’t have spring rolls in at my McDonald’s in Schwäbsich Gmund” you can just shut it right now.)


Germany burger jpg

I’m in Munich right now and I was delighted to discover that there’s a veggie burger called the Veggie Clubhouse — a quinoa patty, cheese, and the mayonnaise-y type of sauce that all Europeans like. They also have SPRING ROLLS filled with veggies. I tweeted at McDonald’s being like “please bring this burger to America” and they didn’t even tweet me back. What bitches.



egypt falafel jpg

Falafel is one of the most prevalent and delicious foods in Egypt, so of course Egyptian McDonald’s sell the McFalafel. This should definitely be brought to the US. Pretty please?


Hong Kong

HK menu png

Hong Kong McDonald’s let you get cups of corn as a side. I used to live in China and Chinese people really love cups of corn. Also, Hong Kong McDonald’s lets you buy noodle soup for breakfast!



mcaloo burger jpg

McDonald’s doesn’t serve any beef or pork products in India because of the country’s prevalent Hindu and Muslim religious beliefs. Instead, they have a bomb-ass menu with like eight vegetarian entrees including the king of all veggie burgers — the McAloo Tikki Burger. We’re talkin’ a patty made of potatoes, peas, and spices. Dear Lord Ronald McDonald, please please please bring the McAloo Tikki Burger to America. Please?



McRice burger jpg

Indonesia is home of the McRice. It’s a cup of rice. There’s also the McRice Burger, and as far as I can tell, the bun is made out of rice. The inside is probably not made out of rice but I can’t read Bahasa Indonesia so I’m not sure.



israel mckebab jpg

Israel keeps it kosher with the McKebab and McShawarma! Apparently they used to have the McFalafel but now they don’t (I hope that doesn’t mean bad things for the state of Middle East relations).



teriyaki burger jpg

Japan has all sorts of interesting menu items, including the Teriyaki Burger and hot dogs for breakfast. Apparently, Japan has like 50 items unique to their McDonald’s. The whole experience seems pretty intense.



bubur mcayam jpg

The Bubur Ayam McD is a porridge with chicken strips, scallions, ginger, shallots, and chilies.


South Korea

bulgogi burger jpg

South Korea is home to the Bulgogi Burger, a pork patty with bulgogi sauce.


France and Belgium

croque mcdo jpg

The Croque McDo, with cheese and ham, is patterned after the traditional Croque-Monsieur sandwich.


The Netherlands

yellow sauce jpg

In the Netherlands, you can get your fries with “American sauce”, a yellow mayonnaise-like sauce that doesn’t actually exist in America.



spam eggs jpg

Hawaiian McDonald’s serve Spam and eggs for breakfast, which I know is a Hawaiian tradition although I’m not sure why. I’ve never had the great fortune to visit Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, volcanic islands, and delicious fast food franchises.



cheese empanadas jpg

Chilean McDonald’s have cheese empanadas and you can get avocado paste on anything. Well, almost anything. They might look at your weird if you want avocado paste on your dessert or something.


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