13 Movie Inaccuracies That Totally Took People Out Of The Movie

It’s surprising just how often you’ll find annoying errors of some sort in a movie with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. You’d think they’d spend, I dunno, a few hundred to have some sort of fact checker scan things over first? Well, regardless of their technique, a lot of movies fucked up and made some of these glaring errors that totally took these viewers right out of the movie:

1. Kabufu — Saying goodbye to a $100 million+ aircraft normally doesn’t go over as well irl.

Any scene were a fighter pilot ejects and just carries os like nothing happened, no spinal compression injuries.

Extra points for deliberately ejecting from an otherwise functional aircraft as a showy stunt maneuver. You get to fly a desk for that.

If you’re not in prison.

2. fubo — Maybe there’s a secret deepend?

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a bad movie in a number of ways.

But you cannot submerge the Nautilus in the canals of Venice. The Grand Canal is only five meters deep.

3. That__Guy__Bob — I’ve never seen this movie but I’m LIVID. 

28 weeks later.

A civilian would not be able to see their dead wife in quarantine, even if they do have an AAA and there was no army personnel guarding it.

4. MacThaRipper — Someone did the math and it was 18.5 miles long.

The length of the runway in Fast and Furious 6 gave me a good chuckle

5. WannabeeFilmDirector — Maybe the shark can swim upwards of 500mph?

Jaws 4 when the family decides to fly across the US, coast to coast and the shark gets to their destination ahead of them. Did the shark have a ticket on an earlier flight?

6. TheFuturePants — I’ve always wondered about this.

As a trial lawyer, any courtroom scene. I tend to stay away from courtroom drama movies, but I’ve yet to see an even halfway realistic one.

Now imagine: what if she was realistic?

*EDIT: everyone is asking about My Cousin Vinnie. Been a long time since I’ve seen it, and I am not a criminal lawyer, but I have two issues with what I remember about the movie:

1) Vinnie orally requests the prosecutor’s entire litigation file, and he just gives it to him. Presumably there would be possibly exculpatory things in there (required to produce), and work product/privileged materials in there (can’t produce).

2) Marissa Tomei’s character wouldn’t have to come up with the exculpating idea of the tire/car tracks on the fly on the stand. She would have been an expert, her testimony would have been well thought through, prepared, and set long before trial.

7. missinginput — Neil DeGrasse Tyson probably walked outta this shit, right then.

Prometheus, when he says they are a half a billion miles from home which wouldn’t even get them out of the solar system.

8. _hephaestus — Not so genius after all. 

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Hey I’m Khan, I’m a “genius strategist” who always thinks twelve steps ahead and am singlehandedly in control of a powerful starship. I’ve cornered my enemies, and have just exclaimed that I can target their life support and obtain my crew from the wreckage, but instead I’m gonna ask them to send the crew over knowing they’re held inside ~70 proton torpedos.

What? They armed the torpedos? Who could have seen that coming?

9. StandupGaming — This one kinda hurts my head.

The science of shrinking and growing things in Ant-Man is incredibly inconsistent. The way they claimed shrinking worked was that they moved the atoms of an object closer together, and because of this shrunken objects were much denser and could hit really hard. By that logic, growing objects means you’re moving the atoms farther apart and they should get less dense right? So why does every grown object somehow get even stronger? When the thomas train grew in the movie it broke through the wall of a house and crushed a car, in reality it should have crumpled against the wall.

10. LightningJaguar — The ring is a LIE.

I’m not super picky about this stuff, but in Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds wakes up on Green Corps Planet or whatever and some dude comes in and gives him a power ring and says

“This ring will give you all the information you need to know.”

Very next scene is Reynolds and alien flying around with Reynolds wearing the ring asking “What’s that? And what’s that?”

I get Reynolds is an audience surrogate and he needs to ask these questions so I know what’s going on… but then why put the line in about it giving him all the info? Just take it out!

Probably not exactly what you were looking for but this inaccuracy/contradiction of its own script is why movies that spend so long in development hell just naturally turn out not so great. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

11. L3ftenant — That was one hell of a fridge.

The nuke scene from Crystal Skull. I’ll accept not looking at the Ark of the Covenant to avoid being killed by Death Angels, but I refuse to believe for a second that a fridge would keep you alive in a nuclear explosion, let alone surviving that fall he took.

12. yournewbestfrenemy — Your dad has to draw a line somewhere.

Not me, but my dad, and the ridiculousness of this still makes me smile.

My dad teaches physics, but he’s really into science fiction so he can accept a lot of shitty explanations for the sake of staying into the narrative even if they’re a bit of a stretch

We were watching the first GI Joe movie in theaters, and he sat through the nanobots eating the Eiffel tower, he sat through the exoskeletons that let dude’s throw buses, all without complaint.

Then we get to the final climactic scene, the Joe’s have detonated bombs in the ice above Cobra’s underwater lair, and the ice falls down and destroys their base, and he mutters under his breath “ice doesn’t fucking sink”

13. theguybadinlife — Oh shit, really?

John Wick.

A gun with a suppressor will still make a loud fucking noise.

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