13 Oddly Terrifying Things Are Scarier Than They Should Be, Send Help

There are some things that are terrifying and we can explain exactly why that is. And then there’s these pictures that are truly a nightmare for a lot of reasons that we can’t quite place.

Not that we need an explanation for why something frightens us, since that’s pretty subjective. It’s like, yeah that’s a creepy doll filled with spiders but have you SEEN Willem Dafoe’s face?

1. I would hate to see what happens when you shift into third gear.

via BoneFistOP

2. Zuckerberg is using the human filter.

via Elzar125

3. Holy GOD you can literally feel this picture and now you’re probably incredibly itchy just EVERYWHERE.

via llamabeanbags

4. Filling up a hose or filling up a nightmare tube that’s ready to strangle you in your sleep?

5. Who’s a good grown man? You are! You are! Now please don’t murder me.

via pyskoternator

6. The hand bone’s connected to the knee bone and the knee bone’s connected to the wrist bone?

via gettyimages

7. We’re gonna need a bigger ship. Okay, not this big, please scale it down a little bit.

via AusMurray

8. This is how Thanksgiving will be celebrated in 3024.

via thomas_the_tanked

9. Slender Teddy will give you a little thigh choke hold.

via cooltonedcutie

10. Do not feed the Lemon Baby. NEVER feed the Lemon Baby.

via drqxx

11. Give me paw! Actually, maybe don’t.

via cheeburga32

12. Who lives in a pineapple in the deep depths of hell?

via TamwellSarly15x

13. Art may imitate life, but life should NEVER imitate art and this is the solid proof.

via im_an_ATLien
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