13 Of The Absolute NASTIEST Things People Have Seen In Public

13 Of The Absolute NASTIEST Things People Have Seen In Public

Get those barf bags ready cuz it’s about to get disgustingly gross in here.


Hendejr1206 — Hopefully this didn’t cause you to projectile vomit, reader.

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Saw some ladies walking home from a college party. Well.. one friend tried to help up the other who had fallen.. and projectile vomited all over the girl she was trying to help.. which led to the other girl vomiting as well. It was messy, vile, and seemed straight out of a movie.


rockweasel — Oh no, the shaking it dry part killed me.

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Walmart. An overweight couple in their late 20’s are ahead of me. He’s showing some bum cleavage and she has her hand lovingly wedged down between those cheeks. She sees something on the shelf she wants, so she removes her hand from his ass crack, SHAKES IT (dry?), the reaches for an item to examine it before putting it back on the shelf. I abandoned my shopping and went elsewhere.


scrapplescrie — What’s up with all the ass-crack fondling?

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I witnessed this man put his finger up his wife/gfs butt while walking down the main road in my city. All while this woman was pushing a baby stroller. Not sure if this is classified as gross or trashy but it sure made me feel a way.


hajhsgtrfb — I hope it was a small glass, at the very least.

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Saw a dude puke into a glass and drink it for 10 bucks.


hearse83 — Sorry pisser, you’ve been caught. To piss jail you go.

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I think it was the audacity of the nature of what happened versus what actually happened that caught me by surprise.
It was after a football game, and there are thousands of people waiting to catch the train at the end of the game. There is this group of teenaged girls on the crowded platform. One decided she needs to pee, and so pops a squat right on the platform. Just pulls down her pants exposing her entire genital region, squats down on the platform and takes a huge piss which, no one can avoid as it starts running on to all of our shoes.
Well the train comes, and they get on the train whilst a transit cop comes looking for them. They ran to get on another car. However, all the riders being unsympathetic as they just had all their shoes pissed on, generously pointed the cops in the direction of the girls who were promptly arrested and taken off the train.


PapayaOverlord — Janitor’s on the Las Vegas Strip are guaranteed to be full of horror stories.

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Used to be a janitor on the Las Vegas Strip. 1st week on the job I saw a girl get so intoxicated she passed out after vomiting and losing control of her bowels …. this was at 3pm, on a Wednesday. We had to call the ambulance for her. Her friend was almost as drunk, she was still drinking her large drinks while sitting right next to her mess. My supervisor was nice enough to handle it since it was my first bio.


BearsFAN09 — Jesus.

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Last year on my way into work I was driving behind a car that struck a pedestrian. The lady ran into fast moving traffic from behind a parked car, there was no way anyone could see her, much less stop in time. She darted into the street and the car in front of me plowed right through her and she went flying through the air. We all slammed on our brakes including the car that struck her and the woman driving the car that hit her got out and was screaming “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK!? OH MY GOD!” The woman stood up, looked at the driver and the row of cars and said, “Am I ok?” in such an eerily calm manner. Why it still sticks with me today is because she was clearly not ok – her arm was broken and pointing the wrong direction, her head was POURING blood, and tons of teeth were knocked out. She stood there after muttering her question for about 10 seconds before collapsing.


Shipwreck_Medusa — I don’t know how to feel about this. A lot happening here.

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I was washing my hands in a bar restroom and a girl walked in and went over to the sink. She pulled a tube out her purse, inserted it into her belly button and took a piss through it into the sink. Then she pulled the tube out and stuffed it back into her purse, dripping pee. Didn’t wash her hands, didn’t even turn the water on. Just walked back out.
Look, whatever medical situation you have, fine. But use a toilet and wash your shit maybe?


epidemica — Noooooo. Please tell me this isn’t true.

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A woman on the metro blowing her nose into her dreadlocks. Based on the crustiness and smell, appeared to be routine.


Fluffymuffin45 — At least you didn’t vomit on the rocks.

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I used to work as a lifeguard. Some guy decided to pee on the rocks in the steam room causing it to fill with steamed pee. This all happened before I got to work. One of my coworkers decided to mess with me and told me to go check out something in the steam room (I didn’t know what had happened). I took one step in and had a breath of steamed pee, then I proceeded to puke in a garbage can.


Vealophile — That girl deserves the biggest tip imaginable.

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I used to live in Japan and my friend came to visit and wanted to go to a maid café. For reference, a maid café is a place in the nerdy part of Tokyo where people go in and basically have a cutesy high pitch voiced Japanese girl dressed as a maid serve and talk to them.
So I was translating and very uncomfortable by the whole thing but my friend was getting a kick out of it which made it a bit easier. Next to us though was this obese boy of maybe 15 years old. You could tell he was what they call an otaku and lacked a lot of common hygienic practices. So we’re eating and his maid comes over and squats down next to him to check on him. He reaches into his nostrils pulls out this huge booger with a long string of goopy snot still tethered to his nose and eats it in front of her. True to character she just gleefully exclaims, “Was it good master?!”
I thought I was going to vomit right there. I was so grossed out and overcome by feelings of pity for that poor girl, I really was just totally overwhelmed.


SenatorDerpitydoo — Really gotta clearly label these things.

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I watched a guy shit in a display toilet in front of the whole store.


smallasaur — How dare you interrupt my gross habits!

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A woman on the train clipping her finger and toenails. Another passenger eventually said something, and she acted like he was being an unreasonable asshole.

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