13 Of The Biggest Everyday Scams We All Put Up With –




saburling — Phew, good thing I’ve been eating none of those.

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They are all products of marketing and fads.
Spinach is better and cheaper than Kale.
Strawberries/Blueberries just as good and cheaper than Acai.
Etc etc.


MaxHannibal — The hate for cable companies spreads far and wide.

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Comcast. Fucking Comcast.
We wouldn’t let Bill Gates install internet explorer on his computers but Comcast/timewarner exist.


Urine_is_blue — Please lower the price to $0.25.

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Ink prices. Doesnt even cost them a quarter to manufacture the ink, yet they’re selling it $60+.


understepped — Soo misleading.

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50% SALE on every fucking shop window!


dictator_in_training — Hmm should I buy a PS4 or a book I’ll never open?

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Textbooks, at least at US universities.
Depending on the subject they can cost anywhere from $100-$400 USD per book. New editions are released annually to ensure that the content remains up to date. (and the price remains high)
For an egregious example: I had a graduate level economics course that required a $300 textbook ($150 when rented for the semester) which actually had an “international version” available online that was the exact same book but instead cost $60 retail. The only thing is that the book was listed as being”not for distribution in the US”.


Snow776 — I don’t know what this is, but I trust you.

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Jilly Juice – The women gets destroyed on Doctor Phil about her Pseudoscience yet shes still making a killing.


Vyorin — Yes what does that fee even MEAN?

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Paying service fees when paying for something online.


AceClown — Down with fees, please.

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Bolt on fees for bullshit that takes no time at all and generally doesn’t have a material cost.
Booking fees and the like, I’m looking at you…


AnBaSi — I mean, just beauty products in general, right?

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Beauty product commercials


kaylashaffer — Yeah, it does seem a bit shady to be able to advertise some of this shit.

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Direct to consumer prescription drug marketing. People shouldn’t go to the doctor and ask for a drug they saw on a commercial by name.


roarbeast — I blame our dumb brains for this one.

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Listing prices as $xx.99 to make them seem cheaper.
It’s a psychology trick. It works. We see 199.99 and think “That is less than 200.” But it’s exploiting human security vulnerabilities.
And worst of all, we could have all these beautiful, round numbers. But instead we end up with a bunch of nines everywhere. Zeroes are more orderly than nines and deserve more respect.


Yoinkie2013 — A great idea.

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A few weeks ago I was in London, enjoying many of the completely free museums they have to offer. I wondered why such world famous museums would be free when they could easily charge money. I saw a sign that said, “this Museum is made free due to lottery funds.” And I thought it was really really cool how lottery taxation and profits in London go towards making something so amazing free. I don’t know how much lottery money in the states really does go to helpful causes, but I hope it’s a lot and isn’t just a scam.


AyeMyHippie — Sorry but you’re going to jail for spilling the secrets on your ottomans.

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Black Friday sales. The thing that made me realize how fucked it all is was working in a furniture store. We were selling these small storage ottomans for Black Friday. Regular price: $39.99, Sale price: $19.99. You know how much we paid for them? A fucking dollar. I’m breaking my NDA by telling you all this (lol).

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