13 of the Cheapest Thing People Have Done When They Were Broke

13 of the Cheapest Thing People Have Done When They Were Broke –

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and a majority of us have done some pathetic things when we were low on dough. Whether it’s taking a nap for lunch or eating the powder at the bottom of the cereal box for dinner, we know the struggle is goddamn real. These stories will definitely make you feel like eating that Slim Jim sandwich the other day wasn’t all that bad.


RetroDinosaur shows us what a good nights sleep can do:

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“Went to bed for dinner”


Muhryzzle wishes for a better sandwich:

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“Paid for a loaf of bread in pennies and had “wish sandwiches” for a few days.
Wish sandwiches- two pieces of bread, you wish you had something to put between.”


REO-teabaggin goes spelunking at Goodwill:

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“Rifled through the couches at goodwill for change to buy a $1 burger”


bryanteli15 goes bananas:

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“I’d almost ran out of money in my bank account with no overdraft and it got so bad then I wanted something to eat from the supermarket so I picked a banana. But then had to put it back and pick up a smaller banana cause I couldn’t afford the bigger banana..”


Leelluu has some delicious leftovers:

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“When I was a waitress, if someone didn’t want to take their leftovers home, I’d hide in the freezer in back and eat the remaining food left by strangers.”


RAKE_IN_THE_RAP isn’t driving across the county any time soon:

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“One time in college, I paid for $0.47 worth of gas, my entire savings at the time.”


jamer0658 is a broke little toaster:

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“Took a toaster to a pawn shop. He laughed and said he didn’t need it.”


SushiUschi has “shame” stamped on their forehead:

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“Reused a stamp.”


Zeruvi is on a not so eggcellent diet:

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“I was unemployed for a year and prioritized shelter and internet over food. So I lived off 2 eggs every 48 hours for about 3 months”


Imlistening2 loves fine Mexican cuisine:

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“Taco Bell used to have 50 cent burritos. I’d stock up on them for the week. Also, my roommate and I would bring Tupperware hidden in our purses to a buffet. We’d eat until we were sick and then fill up the containers.”


theforlornknight is on broke auto-pilot:

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“Put a paper plate in the sink to be washed.
Was at a friend’s house for D&D and we had some BBQ before hand. Getting cleaned up and I, on reflex, put my paper plate in the sink. Later that night, my friend noticed and says, “Which of you broke mother fuckers put this in the sink?!”
It was me. I was the broke mother fucker.”


alicatchrist proves you don’t know what someone’s been through until you take a walk in their shoes:

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“When I was in college I found a pair of thrown out shoes in front of an apartment. They were soaking wet but otherwise new and were my size. I took them home, washed them in the sink, dried them out, and wore them for two years.
I was that broke my shoes had holes in them, so I wasn’t going to let free shoes go away….
Edit: for those not going through the responses to my post, I did not steal anyone’s shoes. These were very obviously thrown out and waiting to be picked up by Waste Management.”


MilkCarton78 has a nice cup of joe:

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“One night after an evening of bar hopping I got home and scratched my nether regions after eating a bunch of sliced raw jalapeños that I picked off some leftover nachos. Drunk and in a panic, I remembered that milk supposedly nullifies spicy. I don’t drink milk aside from a little bit in my coffee, so I usually kept a quart in the fridge. I poured the rest of the quart into a whiskey glass and dipped my balls into it for a while until the burning was gone. Not thinking, I put the glass of balls-infused milk back into the fridge and went to bed.
Woke up the next morning and made a pot of coffee as usual. I went to grab the milk from the fridge and saw it in there already poured into a whiskey glass, a reminder that 1) I dipped my balls in that milk last night, 2) that’s the last of my milk, and 3) I don’t get paid until tomorrow.
Well heat kills germs and coffee is hot, right?
The coffee tasted fine.”

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