13 Of The Cringiest Things People Did In Their 1st Relationships

Everyone’s first relationship is filled with so many cringey moments, it’s almost weird if you DON’T do some horribly scarring thing that you’ll remember forever. These 13 people remember their cringefests with crystal clarity and shared them with us for some reason.


pekoe84 — Please find them and post them. Please.

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The letters I’ve wrote… Oh those letters.. 15 year old me thpught he was deep and romantic. He wasnt! I hope they dont exist anymore


zangor — Oh to be a cringey random teen again.

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I licked her face to be ‘random’. God that hurt to re-imagine.
(Please don’t mention hybridized eating utensils.)


ThePathGuy — ‘I don’t like him for what he is currently doing.’

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She started to ignore me at school (this was like maybe one or two weeks after we started dating). I called her house like 6 or 7 times one afternoon after school until her mom picked up, who was basically furious because i had been calling. I explained to her that Alexa was ignoring my calls. I hear in the background
“Alexa why aren’t you answering the phone??” To which she responds “Because he’s weird and he just keeps calling!!”
I hung up the phone and went to my room. I carved her name in my wall with a pen. I still cringe about it to this day.


BlueSkyPeriwinkleEye — Oh no. Noooo, not a Scooby laugh.

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After the first date of going to the movies (I never put my arm around her because I was too scared), we sat in my driveway, and she didn’t say good night because she was waiting for me to kiss her. I did nothing, so she finally kissed me. In defense mode, I lick my lips all the way around with my tongue like Scooby Doo does with the cotton candy in the theme song intro. I even did the “reeheeheeheehee.” Kill me


mastercait — If Papa Roach can’t win him back, nothing can.

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I was 17. We had just had a fight. I drove to his house and blasted “Scars” by Papa Roach from my car and just stood awkwardly at the end of the drive way waiting for him to come out.
I really wish this weren’t true.


DeadlyKitten00 — At least you didn’t feel the cringe in the moment.

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I was a freshman in high school and a fairly large group of my friends and I went to see Juno in the theaters. Well afterwards my mom offers to drive my friends and my boyfriend home in the family mini-van. We wound up running out of seats so for some reason my mom decides to let me sit in the trunk of the van with my boyfriend, what could go wrong. Well apparently a movie about teen pregnancy isn’t a total mood killer cause we wound up making out in the trunk for the entire drive. What never crossed either of our hormone addled brains was that ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND MY MOM COULD HEAR US GROSSLY MAKING OUT. It finally clicked once I noticed one of my friends trying to talk over us in a vain attempt to cover the sounds so my mom wouldn’t hear while another friend couldn’t stop giggling. I was mortified and the memory still haunts me to this day. Three cheers for being 14 and totally clueless.


Lunitalaura — Thank you for sharing this gem.

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He took me to Olive Garden and bought me that meat lovers lasagna (I’m pretty damn sure that’s what it was/is called) and when we got back to his place I wanted to show him how appreciative I was so I gave him my first blowjob. Turned out I was not ready for that job and threw up the entire lasagna on his penis. God help me I can’t believe I’m finally sharing this story.


TheNoslo721 — I base all of my life decisions on Fox sitcoms.

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After I saw Eric propose to Donna on That 70s Show I went out and got a 25¢ ring from the local Pizza Hut and proposed. At school. In front of everyone. I was 16.
EDIT: I’m glad you all could share a cringe with me. To answer the burning question, she did say yes. We didn’t last. Sorry, no happy ending here, just teenagers doing impulsive things.


theglitteriest — At least it was not vomited back all over your genitals.

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He French kissed me after eating a bacon double cheeseburger with onions and all sorts of other stinky stuff. I told him I had a bad experience with French kissing with a guy before him (LIES, he was my first kiss obvi) and I would appreciate if he never did it again.
Bonus cringe: I rubbed vapor rub near my eyes to make myself cry when I broke up with him and told him I was overwhelmed and needed to focus on school (I was in 8th grade )


JSALCOCK — Poor fella. Climaxing will do that to you.

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My friend accidentally whimpered ‘I love you’ as he climaxed whilst losing his virginity. Talk of the school apparently.


SuzukiiLock — ‘Yo, creep, stop being creepy.’

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Was walking her home anticipating kissing her for the first time at her doorstep and kept licking my lips because i didnt want to kiss her with a dry mouth. halfway to her house she looks at me and says “stop doing that”. I realized i probably looked really creepy.


Waffle_Duck — Dick move.

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Broke up with her because my best friend told me to, we were perfectly fine together but I guess I kinda worshiped the guy and his advice. He later tried asking her out when we split, we were all 14-15.


ArpeggiatedAnt — Alright I’m putting this one on the mom.

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Let my mom purchase custom matching airbrushed shirts of two people kissing, with my girlfriend and my name on them.

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