13 Of The Most Ballsy Power Moves People Have Ever Seen




partofbreakfast — Not wasting my hearing power on this.

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One of my friends’ daughters has hearing aids (they’re similar to the ones old people use, but with an extra piece on them? They’re not the ones that are attached to your head.). If someone is bothering her and she doesn’t want to deal with them, she pulls her hearing aids out and keeps doing whatever she was doing.
This girl is eight.


He_Schizophreniac — Mark holds all the power now, bitch.

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My father told me this story. He had a friend that took philosophy class and they were discussing authority. The teacher made an example: “If I say, the class is over you can leave, you will do it. But if Mark says the same thing you will stay here.” After that Mark stood up and said the class was over they could leave AND EVERY STUDENT LEFT THE ROOM. My father didn’t have a lecture at that time and when he asked his friend, why he wasn’t in his philosophy class he told him this story.


Ganglebot — The dude never pulled em up. Rest of the party bottomless.

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I was at a party in college. One of my friends was chatting up some girl he was into. Another one of our friends went up and pants him – pants and boxers.
My dude didn’t freak out, or break conversation flow. He just stood there daffy-ducking with zero fucks given.
And that man got laid that night.


nsanecrazy4 — Son, you’ve never been more grounded.

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I asked my friend’s 3 year old son who his new girlfriend was. He said it was my girlfriend.


Override9636 — A good guy powerplay, though.

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This Fucking Guy.
tl;dr is this game show is essentially the prisoner’s dilemma where two people either cooperate to keep a split of money, or try to backstab the other person for all the money, but if they both backstab they both lose. This guy pulls an absolute powerplay that was never done on the show before.


sazzcass — Oh man, I think we’ve all been in this situation. This is the one thief I applaud.

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I was at a 24hr grocery store once around 10 or 11pm. I’m 2nd in line waiting at the only cash register in the store, and there were no employees to be seen. Not even the stock team. We ring the bell for service, yell out “HELLOOOO,” even walk around looking for an employee… nothing.
Finally after 10ish minutes the guy in front of me says “fuck this” and just walks out with a full cart of groceries. Got away with the whole thing! An employee showed up not even a minute later and no one in line said a word.


Somatose- — Everyone’s thought about doing it.

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At a bar, not particularly busy, bartender was talking to some girl across bar, ignoring everybody else who was trying to get drinks. 10 minutes go by, still chatting, guy reaches across bar and fills himself up from tap.


fwooby_pwow — You just been stank’d.

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My boyfriend’s 5 year old niece was sitting on my lap. Her 7 year old brother wanted to sit on my lap, so she farted on me and was like “guess you’ll have to sit in my fart cloud, now”


bcrabill — Hello, my name is fellow customer and I will be your waiter for tonight.

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Was at a mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. Place was absolutely packed, yet somehow there were only like 2, maybe 3 waiters on staff. We’d been there like 40 minutes and had drinks, but still hadn’t gotten to order food.
This dude at the next table stands up, starts taking peoples orders and delivering them to the kitchen. The other waiters seemed liked they really appreciated it, because people were starting to get pissed until that point. He didn’t take my table’s order but he took one nearby and he sounded pretty fun. A friend ran into him a few months ago and said he’s really cool.


Tratopolous — How did this actually work?

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Had a friend walk up to a girl at a party and say “you are the hottest girl here and I am the best looking guy. We belong together.” He took her home and they are married now. She was the hottest girl there, it’s debatable on him.


mostlygray — Always befriend a small guy who secretly knows how to fight.

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This is from back in HS in the 90’s. I had a friend that was really small who would get picked on often but never did anything about it. Neither did the rest of us when we got picked on. Nothing ever got physical so who cares. Why start a fight? Use your words, not your fists, etc.
One day, we were talking and a big dude that was in his grade grabbed him in a choke hold out of nowhere. No reason at all.
My buddy kicked one leg forward and all of a sudden, the big dude was on his back and pinned. My buddy had him by the throat. He said “will you stop it now?” The big guy did. Never bugged him again.
It so happens that the little guy’s dad taught Shotokan and he was absurdly good. I’ve never seen someone move so fast. Took down a guy that was 75 pounds heavier than him easy. Apparently he helped his dad train students. He’d never brought it up before as it wasn’t important to him. Girls and cars were more interesting at the time to us.


abe_the_babe_ — Clever.

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This is something that I did myself and it isn’t even that great of a story but I want to tell it. One time I was at a bar with this girl I was hanging out with along with some other friends, there were 6 of us in total. At some point, the girl’s ex walks in and comes over to our table to make awkward conversation. The girl was clearly uncomfortable and so was everyone else. So I go to the bar and order 6 shots and bring them back to the table. I hand a shot to each person in my group and hold mine out for a toast. The girl’s ex got the hint and left us alone.


Manofthedecade — Extreme power.

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Not me, but a coworker.
She’s in court and arguing with the opposing counsel about some settlement and gives them the, “take it or I walk” speech and they refuse. As she’s making the power walk out of the courtroom, her high heel shoe slips off her foot. Without missing a beat, tripping, or even turning her head she tells her assistant who was walking out with her “get that” and kept walking.


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