13 Of The Most Satisfying Times People Caught Someone In A Lie –


Why some people are blatant compulsive liars is beyond me. Surely these idiots know they’re gonna get caught sooner or later, right? Well these 13 liars were and we have the extremely satisfying tales on what went down.


1. The people that try to sue in these scenarios are absolutely insane.

I used to work at a grocery store. One of my coworkers was constantly calling in sick, claiming she had one illness or another. Management couldn’t just can her for it as it was a union shop, so she had protection unless she could be caught in a bald faced and indefensible lie. One Friday I get called in to cover her shift because she called in claiming she was very sick and needed a kidney transplant. On her next shift on Monday she’s wandering around with gauze wrapped around her stomach and back claiming that she had that kidney transplant on the weekend. That she had been so sick that they rushed her into surgery and put her at the top of the transplant list! When she does it to me I stop her and say “Isn’t the recovery time on a transplant at least a month or two? The hospital shouldn’t have let you out.” Realizing I’ve caught her in a lie she rushes to the front desk, claims she shouldn’t be here and that she needs to go home or she’ll pop her surgery stitches. A few days later she was fired when she couldn’t provide proof of the surgery, she tried to sue but no lawyer would take her case. It was hilarious.

2. This mom went out and bought an eyepatch for this ruse.

I work at a daycare. If a child is sick they will be sent home cause we don’t want to risk infecting the whole class (generally happens anyway).

A lot parents don’t agree with this policy which leads to parents arguing with us that their kid isn’t sick when they obviously are.

My favorite time this happen was when a mother dropped her little boy off in an eye patch. Yep the toddler was wearing a damn eye patch. I ask what happened and she says he hit his eye or something. Which I didn’t really believe.

She says whatever I do don’t take off his eye patch. I pick him up and immediately lift up his eye patch…. pink eye. She was sooooo pissed at me for doing that. And she was shocked I did it.

The look on her face was so satisfying. Although I got yelled at by my supervisor for it.

3. Please continue, but do his voice if you could.

Wasn’t me, but a professor caught a student plagiarizing an essay… as she was reading it aloud to the class.

“That’s an excellent essay by my friend, Dr._____ you’re reading. Please keep reading it until the end.”

He made her stand infront of us and kept going until “her presentation” was over.

4. My Olympian can also time travel.

Oohhh boy. So in college I had this friend who was a very good pole vaulter. Seriously, one of the top in the state for his division. This was back in 2008. He tells ALL of his family, and friends, and even his boss that he was recruited to compete in the Beijing olymipcs. Well his close friends, including myself already call bullshit but when the “day” comes he is nowhere to be found. In fact, we didnt see him for a couple of days, and he started texting pics from Beijing. So we were doubting ourselves a bit. Then we were driving along the freeway, and guess whos broken down on the side of the road like 2 days after he left? Mr olympian! When we pulled over the look on his face was priceless. He stood by his story too, and said because of the time difference he already went and came back. Haha he’s a fucking idiot. I still dont know what he had to gain from such an elaborate bullshit story.

5. Catching a boss lying is extra satisfying.

I travel for work. I 90% of the time park in economy at the airport (I think $14 per day). about a 10 to 15 min walk. A few times out of necessity to catch a flight I park in the garage (I think $24 per day, 5 min walk). Usually 2 to 3 day trips, not a huge expense.

My boss suggests I park in Off Site Shuttle parking (about $11 a day, but a pain in the ass as you need a bunch more time to plan for the shuttle). He said he does it, because it is cheaper for the company (which he owns).

One day while walking through the garage from on site economy, there in the reserved parking (closest and like $40 per day) is my boss’s truck. And reserved takes planning, he wasn’t just running late and needed to park in the garage to make a flight.

I just put my business card under his wiper. I never brought it up, and I haven’t heard any complaints about parking on my expense reports since.

6. All this over a Puff Daddy CD.

I’m a librarian and I’m actually very proud of this one. Back then I was in charge of the cinema and music section of my library. This guy came with his son and asked me where to find our Puff Daddy CDs. We have one and I show him on the shelves where to find it. Then I was called in another place of the library and go check on my colleagues. On my way back to the music section, I see him coming out of the library and I don’t know why (maybe he seemed dodgy) but I have a feeling something is wrong. I go check, the CD is gone. It’s not appearing on his library card, so he didn’t borrow it. I have a look if he didn’t misplace it but it’s not there. The guy just stole the fucking Puff Daddy CD, WITH HIS 8 YEARS OLD SON. FROM A PUBLIC LIBRARY. WHERE YOU CAN BORROW IT FOR FREE. At this point I do nothing because we have no proof, and no security camera. A few weeks later, the son and his sister (8 and 10 years old) come to the library again and borrow some CD. I’m watching them and to my knowledge, they didn’t steal anything, and I don’t want to confront them because it would break my heart to have them stopping to come to the library because of their father bullshit.

But this whole story still bother me. So a few month later, I decide to try something. I still had the stolen CD barcode and I just decided to add it to their library card, as if they borrowed it. Worst case scenario, they say they don’t have it and I apologise and say that it’s a mistake from the library. A few days later they arrive, take some documents, return some, and just before leaving I proceed to explain them that they still have a document, a “Puff Daddy CD” that they need to return. The look of panic in their eyes and incomprehension was just delightful. They didn’t say anything and a few days later they came back with the CD. I don’t really care about Puff Daddy, and we could easily have replaced it, but just for the principle, it was one of my greatest victories.

7. She was going to safely nestle it until the package hatched.

I was around 15 years old and had a package delivered to my house. My crackhead neighbor came over, paced back and forth in front of the door before smoothly opening our gate, coming to the door, and picking up mypackage. I opened the door as she was walking off and she turned white as a ghost when she heard the door open. When I asked her WTF she was doing with my package, she explained to me that she was going to protect it for me, that she didn’t know it was mine (?), before I demanded she hand over my package and leave.

I snapped at this lady, which was abnormal for shy little 15-year-old me. I was furious because what was inside that package was a gift for my mother, who was at work at the time. I’ll never forget that.

8. I think I would’ve just played along — just saw how far this lying cashier was willing to go.

I come from a small-ish town. Brother made it the MLB. Was at the grocery store with my dad (who was wearing the MLB team’s jacket at the time) – checker says to us “you know I helped that kid get to the majors.” My Dad just politely pulled out his ID and told him to check the last name. Checker just laughed embarrassingly, immediately shut up, and gave us extra monopoly tickets for our time.

Edit: to clarify, my brother made it to a non-local team, so my dad wearing the jacket is what sparked the conversation.

9. Oh no. Him realizing it midway through might be the most awkward part.

At work one day a co-worker started telling me and another co-worker a story about being stopped by the police.

He went into great detail about how he stopped at a gas station for a drink and there were two cops standing out front and nobody else in the parking lot. He gave the cops a wave, being nice, bought his drink, and left. Less than a hundred feet down the street these same two cops pulled him over. They told him that they smelled weed when he got out of the car. He asked the cops if they could smell it now, standing next to his open window, they said no but it was obvious it came from him. They asked if they could search his car, which he angrily let them, telling them he wanted the cops to climb through his hot car to find nothing. While one cop did the “Search” the other cop told him to calm down, he looked nervous. To which he said “I’m not pissed, I’m angry. You didn’t smell weed, you smelled a shaved head and tattoos.” The cops found nothing and let him go about his business.


It was MY story. It happened to ME months before and I told that story at work back then. He even quoted me, except I said “Long hair and tattoos”. A few minutes into the story my other co-worker and I start giving each other the side eye, realizing he was literally telling me my own story. I think he realized it towards the end because he quickly finished up the story and left without ever mentioning it again.

We never brought it up either, I had such a bad case of second hand embarrassment for the guy. Plus everybody else already heard about it and he was forever branded the liar.

10. To be fair, we aren’t all swimming in daily newspapers.

When his ex girlfriend sent me a picture of a pregnancy test…but couldn’t hold it up to a daily newspaper. She broke and admitted it was fake… Queen of Douche

11. Damn, scammer. At least update your scammy pics.

Sued a bloke for not paying his mortgage. He filed an application claiming he’d never been served with the court proceedings, and he’d just found them in his front yard. He also managed in two pages to set out eleven separate claimed defences to the claim. Oh and he also claimed he didn’t speaka da good English.

Something didn’t stack up. So I ran some Court file searches, and discovered he’d defaulted on another mortgage a few years earlier and filed the exact same affidavit back then. Even included the exact same photos of the court documents supposedly lying in his yard.

The case did not end well for him.

12. Sounds like a mess of a situation.

I knew my ex wife was cheating but didn’t tell her that I knew..

Took her out to dinner and I casually asked questions about who she had been spending time with while I was at sea, she barely worked so she had to spend her time doing something.

She failed to mention the guy that had been staying at my house for nearly 2 months, the guy she had to call the cops on just to get to leave because I was coming home in 2 days… soooo I slid her a copy of the police report that was filed for the incident and watched as she crumbled over the fact she had been caught, and I didn’t have to say a word.

Divorce court was even more satisfying, in case anyone was wondering.

13. I’ve got that horrible period that’s been going around.

One of my staff (who is unfortunately family with the owner so he’s not getting canned anytime soon) is the biggest liar I have ever met. We’ll call him Jim.

He lies about everything, regardless of importance. He just doesn’t care. He’s been caught in lies multiple times and really just doesn’t care.

If someone is sick, guaranteed he will be off the next day having “caught” whatever someone had. My whole department is female (5 females) except for him. One day almost all of us were suffering from some horrible period cramps. Everyone was complaining about the pain but no one said it was because of their period, because it’s usually pretty obvious why.

The HR department has a wonderful supply of meds and so I had to empty their stock of midol and heat pads. Some of the staff was teasing that they will bring chocolate as a peace offering before entering our department.

The next day he emails in that he’s sick and he caught the horrible stomach bug all the ladies in the department had. He’s so sore he can’t move, has a migraine, blah blah.

Word spread quickly and Jim has forever been mocked as the dude who had to take time off work for his period. He won’t be let go but he does get his pay docked when he flakes off like this. It was worth it to be able to make fun of him forever.

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