13 Of The Weirdest Drinks Around The World

If you thought dropping a shot of Jager into a glass of Red Bull was weird, wait till you see these.



Found in South America, this miracle-drink will make you climb the walls and see dragons, due to its hallucinogenic effects. Similar to a long lasting DMT trip.

Horse Semen Shots


Popular in New Zealand, these shots can be found in almost any pub. If you love the taste of horse spunk in the morning, I suggest you try this delicious drink.

Bakon Vodka



Combine breakfast and dinner into one amazing drink. Seattle’s all time favorite “Bakon Vodka”


Seagull Wine


Seagulls: The armpit of the bird kingdom. Now you can place them in a bottle of water, let them ferment and drink them as wine.

C+ Swiss Cannabies Ice Tea


Start your morning fresh with this awesome Austrian Ice tea. It contains 0.0015% THC and it can be a good way to make your day happier.



When in Japan… You combine milk and beer to create a sweet, fruity flavored drink for the ladies.




Mexico doesn’t stop at worms in bottles. Now they have a moth larva drink for all the hombres!

Beef Jerky Soda


What’s more to say?

Chili Vodka


If you had a hard time swallowing plain vodka, you should stay far away from this combo.

Placenta 10,000


Guess what? … Japan (obviously)… Made a drink that helps cut down on cravings. And it’s made from pig placenta … so yes, from the sound of it I don’t want to eat anything for a while.

Scorpion Vodka


Surprisingly this drink was made in Britain. They place “farm-raised” scorpions in the bottles before they ship them out. Hold the venom please?

Three Penis Liquor


Before Viagra, people had the wackiest idea to increase their potency. They drank a rice wine, combined with seal, deer and dog penises.

Snake Wine


This is an interesting drink in Asia. People add live snakes to the wine and let them pickle. Apparently a few have remained alive.


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Chilli vodka is common enough and actually handy in some food. I have horseradish vodka- which is great for bloody Marys ( if only my son would stop pinching it)- but I draw the line at abusive drinks- who wants to harm a snake for Gods sake?

Absolutely right. I’m with you. These f*cking video ads in particular have GOT to go

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