13 Of The Weirdest Places People Have Orgasmed

13 Of The Weirdest Places People Have Orgasmed –

Sometimes our bodies get aroused without our brain’s consent. There’s really nothing we can do about it. Especially when we’re young and unable to control all these new, horrifying hormones. Whether or not you act on these unwanted arousals is another thing, though. These 13 people gave in and had a full-on orgasm in the most awkward of places:

1. Especially so for the other middle schoolers on your bus.

The very back of a school bus.

Middle school was weird.

2. Planet Earth is good. Really good.

In a theater showing of Planet Earth.

3. When the time calls…

Navy boot camp in a room full of 80+ smelly dudes.

4. This is why businesses put up those ’employees must wash hands’ signs.

Bathroom of every job I’ve ever had.

5. Fair.


6. Or so you thought.

I had sex in a locked psychiatric hospital multiple times, as a patient.

7. All aboard.

On a train, with a couple people sitting within a 3 seat radius of me.

I was a bit horny and wondered if I would do it as inconspicuously as possible (I am female and actually get off easier the more ‘off-hand’ I am with my method, it’s like 85% mental).

I was sitting on my own at a window seat, and hell yeah, got there pretty quickly. The only thing I really needed to hide was my breathing afterwards.

8. I’m glad this doesn’t happen when I panic.

During a college exam that I was sure I was going to fail.

I was sitting there, panicking over not knowing the answers, when my thighs just started trembling. The more I panicked, the more intense the throbbing became.

9. Blessed be thy shit.

I shit you not, the toilets at the Vatican.

10. The Planet Earth jerker totally understands.

Well every time I go on a mountain hike I like to find a nice little quiet spot to have a little chuffy in the woods. It’s the effect of nature, I dunno- feels right somehow..

11. Some people pay their respects in their own unique ways.

Gettysburg Battlefield, in the woods near the Berdan sharpshooters monument on Seminary Ridge.

Like those brave Union sharpshooters, I was silent, stealthy, and fired with precision.

12. Next time you need an excuse to skip the gym, refer to this story.

A treadmill at the gym.

Throwaway Account for obvious reasons. I was going through a rough period in my life and was hitting the gym pretty fucking hard because I was strung out on Jack3d. I was bench pressing like 240lbs and simultaneously running a 15min 5k. Anyways, I was having a bad day so I decided to really punish my body and some poor treadmill that day by running as hard as I could for as long as I could. 4:45min miles on the treadmill and it’s rough. I finish 3miles at that pace and decided fuck it, we’re gonna go at 4:30min pace. I’m basically sprinting at this point and trying to relax every muscle in my body. I’ve zoned everything out and am completely in the zone, and then it happens. I came in my pants at the gym while running on the treadmill. Thank god nobody noticed otherwise I would have hung myself on the lat machine in the corner. I immediately jumped off the treadmill wiped it down and then went home.

I apparently my legs were hitting my balls, prostate and taint in just the right pattern and I was zoned out so perfectly that I came. I don’t think that’s the running high everyone talks about, but it felt pretty good.

13. Oh. Well damn. Good luck to you.

nowhere. never had an orgasm. im 24.



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