13 Old Family Photographs That Unknowingly Captured The Supernatural

13 Old Family Photographs That Unknowingly Captured The Supernatural

Time and tide wait for no man, or so the saying goes. Capturing moments in time no matter how big or small on camera is way for us to mark the passage of time, to look back and remember who we once were and of course, who we have now become. These moments will ultimately join others, slowly building a collection of old family photographs that journey back into the years, back to previous generations and other lives lived. And sometimes they may even take us further, into realms beyond our own.

The following photographs cross the veil between the living and the dead, capturing not only our time in this world but also those who left it long ago.

I. The Little Girl with No Face

[Image via] Image credit Szigeti Gyöngyi.

Szigeti Gyöngyi, from Hungary discovered an eerie anomaly when going through her late mothers photograph collection.  Taken in 1943 by Gyöngyi’s father, her mother stands smiling, posed for the camera next to a sign post of her hometown. Now look a little closer and you’ll see a ghostly apparition, which Gyöngyi describes as a young girl with no face or arms standing in the background behind her seemingly unwitting mother.

II. The Uninvited Wedding Guest

[Image via]
[Image via]

Taken in 1972 by a professional photographer who was snapping shots of guests arriving at a wedding reception captured a whole lot more than happy, smiling guests. If you look closely there is a “man” and we use that term loosely, hiding behind the tall gentlemen on the right. The photographer swears as far as he was aware no one was behind the man when the photo was taken and no one was there when the group moved away.

III. The Dancing Bear

[Image via] Photo credit Sandra McLachlan

Sandra McLachlan was given this photograph by a family friend. She was told the man in the center had been institutionalized in Ontario, Canada in the 1950’s. The picture was taken one afternoon when his sisters came to visit and took him for a walk on the hospital grounds. The man had been admitted to the hospital for being delusional; he saw things: spirits, Vikings, Indians, animals. Apparently, he died there, everyone thinking him crazy. Have a good look to the left of the woman on the left. Was this man really delusional?

IV. A Visit from the Past

[Image via] Photo credit Judy Herring

Judy Herring was surprised when she discovered this supernatural gem hidden within her family photograph collection. She claims her great-great grandmother had passed away at the time this picture of her great-great grandpa was taken.

V. The Family Reunion

[Image via]

Taken sometime in the 1930’s in New Zealand, this picture appears to show a female spirit nestled in the center within the huddled group. Years later, as the family legend goes, relatives claim to have seen the spirit for themselves while growing up in the house during the 60s and70s. Often, standing beside or at the end of their bed, wearing a fitted white bodice style dress with a dark broach at her waist, dark hair up in a bun.

VI. The Wedding Day Ghost

[Image via]

This photograph was reportedly taken in Jasper, Alabama in 1942. The couple in the picture had just tied the knot, but it seems not everyone was happy about the wedding. What is the terrifying spectre hiding in the trees behind the newly-wed couple?

VII. Alone in the House

[Image via]

What do you see in both windows behind the boys? The photographer states only the girl on far left was actually in the house. If that’s true, who or what is the other little girl staring out the window?

VIII. A Welcome Visitor

[Image via]

Denise Russell took this photo of her grandmother during a family picnic in 1997. No one noticed the man standing behind Denise’s grandmother at the time until years later while looking through old family photographs; Denise finally recognized him to be her grandfather, who had died back in 1987. Ten years before the picture had even been taken.

IX. Grandpa’s Chair

[Image via]

The happy, smiling baby in this picture was born a few weeks after his grandfather’s death. On a visit one day, the boy crawled onto his grandpa’s favorite chair, prompting the mother to take this photo. Did grandpa come back from the dead to pose with the grandson he never met in life?

X. The Virgin Mary

[Image via]

The Potter family from Kirtland, Ohio were shocked after they noticed a strange figure in a photograph with their daughter. At the time of the photograph, Erin was battling leukemia. In the photo, Erin is pictured running through the yard with sparklers. Next to her is a red figure that the family believe is the Virgin Mary, standing watch over her, guarding her from danger.

XI. The Crawling Skeleton

[Image via]

A father took this photograph of his young daughter playing in their living room and was surprised to see this ghostly, form of light crawling in front of her. It also looks like the child can see it too.

XII. The Floating Face

[Image via] Image credit Christie Jackson.

In the upper left corner, above the tall dresser is of a hovering face. Clear as day. Taken by Christie Jackson, this eerie picture is significant due to the history of it. Christie’s step dad took his own life in 2000, she believes the face is exactly identical to his, plus the dresser that the face is hovering over was once owned by him, and was used to store the gun he used to take his own life.

XIII. The Onlooker

[Image via]
[Image via]

The above two photographs were snapped within seconds of each other. The happy smiling family were none the wiser that someone or “something” had decided to join them in the second photo. If you look carefully, a mysterious female form appears to looking out from the window on the right, watching the group as they pose for their family picture.

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