13 People Admit The Dumbest Reason They Got Suspended At School

13 People Admit The Dumbest Reason They Got Suspended At School –

If you get in a fight or throw a chair at a teacher, sure — you’ve EARNED a suspension. But these 13 people got the nit-pickiest detentions known to man. Next time go all out and throw that chair or something.

1. LoserByDefault7 — And hopefully you learned your lesson.

I was suspended for a full week for looking up “dark poetry”.

2. FloralBison — That’s a stupid ass reason to get in trouble.

In the hallway I said “I missed the stupidest answer on the test” (not too grammatically correct, but I was in middle school). A teacher in came out of her class and berated me for “my vulgar language” and tried to get me to apologize for swearing so loudly in the hallway. I sincerely had no idea what she was talking about, and I basically just kept playing dumb, “I really don’t know what you are referring to or what you heard me say, I promise I didn’t swear in the hallway” etc.

According to my friend who was in her class, the teacher thought I said “that was a stupid ass test”.

3. oceanceaser — How DARE you doodle!

We were told to cross out number 8 on a test. I finished the test early so turned my slash into a big sun looking thing. The teacher angrily showed it to the class and yelled at me for not following instructions. I was always embarrassed by this memory but thinking about it now just makes me angry…

4. Moots_point — I’d argue a pencil or pen is just as much a weapon. Or a sharp fingernail.

Bending a paperclip and laying it on my desk. Then the substitute teacher (she was probably about 70 at the time) came over and told me this is a weapon. I was 8 years old.

5. iftheycatchus — Ms. Baxter, you are cold.

When I was a kid in charter school we used to have to walk in line with our hands behind our backs, and I ran out of line to hug my mom who surprised me at school that day. I got detention. Fuck you, Ms Baxter.

6. bawzzz — Haha, I love this detention lady overruling the detention.

Sharing a friend’s locker. His teacher caught me opening his locker and sent me to the detention/accountability room. The lady in charge told me that it was a stupid reason for me to get in trouble for and sent me back to my class.

7. waternymph77 — Destruction ONLY!

I once showed a teacher that you could remove pen graffiti from the tables by drawing over in pencil and using an eraser to rub both off. She said she better not catch me doing that. Umm ok.

8. Kenzi95 — I hate teachers like this.

Sadly there’s a worse one, but I feel this one fits the thread better.

Of course all schools have a no hat policy, which I respected, although I love my hats.

I was in middle school (6-8 grade), and my older sister was a senior in highschool. We went to pick her up after school, but we drove to the wrong side of the building (there are 2 sides for pick up, she was on the opposite side with some friends). Because it’s impossible to get out of line, and over to the other side, my mom asked me to walk to the other side of the building and get her.

So, I’ve got my jacket, and my hat, I didn’t take them off because I don’t even go to this school, and it’s after 3, and I just have no reason to. I walk by all these kids who are much older than me, I don’t even look like I belong, and walk inside. I’m almost out the other door, I see my sister, when I’m stopped by a teacher,” Excuse me, what are you doing?”

I stopped, thinking I’m in trouble for trespassing or something, made sense to me in the moment. I looked at her and said,” getting my sister?”

” What are you wearing?”

” Um… Clothes?”

” Hats are against dress code, take it off, or I’ll write you up.”

I just shook my head, because I don’t have to follow dress code, I don’t go to school here. I told her, but she didn’t believe me. She asked for my name and told me to be in the principal’s office in the morning, I said okay.

So, probably that.

9. BirtlesNiinja — Bananas are for eating, not for GAGS!

I got a 2 day suspension for taking my banana out my bag, pretending it was a phone and saying “Hello, is this the apple store?”

10. Ferelar — I wanna join the ‘Ayyyy’ finger guns gang.

I made “finger guns” and said “ayyyyy”. I did this to a friend at the bus port, not during class or anything. I was pulled aside and told to stop making gang signs and pro-gun signals; I was threatened with suspension and ended up getting a detention.

11. Zinthonian — That friend is unlucky.

Not me, but a friend of mine once got in trouble for “pushing” someone else, when really, he was trying to catch them from falling backwards. Teacher passed by the room to see my friend with his arms out towards the person falling. Without any questions, the teacher said he would see my friend in detention. He also once got yelled at for softly singing a song to someone during a tornado drill, when the song he was singing was to calm someone else down.

12. Maze_kid — I didn’t know part-time homeschooling was a thing.

I got detention for not attending a class I didn’t have.

Explanation; I was homeschooled for for half of my classes, so at the time I had a 1st, 2nd, and 4th period class. Rather than walk 20 minutes home I hung out in the library and would help the librarians shelve books. The head librarian was extremely rude, so I decided not to do that anymore, after informing the assistant librarian.

One day later my mother and I are in the principal’s office for “truancy” which my mother obviously argues against. The principal says she’ll graciously give me one day detention rather than a week suspension which is the typical punishment.

13. nightman_comethh — Some teachers just can’t wait to hand out detentions.

I sneezed in class when we were watching a water aid video and was given detention for ‘laughing’ at the people in the video

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