I feel pretty grateful that most of my driving experiences in life have been pretty damn smooth (minus rear-ending a retired police officer, but they were really nice about it), but I’m real fuckin’ glad I don’t have any stories like these from all over the highway. I’m filing this under “Humor,” but some of this shit is just… Eerie. Also, these stories are pretty detail heavy, so a few will run long.

One night as I was driving back home from work, it was about 1 in the morning. There was a semi in front of me. The day was clear but all of the sudden a fog rolled in, which was completely normal for the area, but something seemed off about it.As I’m passing through the fog, instead of water droplets, blood droplets were coming on to my car. I had no idea what happened. Then fur and guts started raining on to my car. Apparently the semi in front of me hit a deer and I got caught in the aftermath of it. I drove home with bits and pieces of deer all over my car.

The passenger in the car next to me shot at the driver in the car in front of me. Was the last thing I expected to see on the highway that day.**edited as I originally typed 

I live in a rural part of the UK. I was temping just after Uni at a remote castle in the middle of fucking nowhere. It was around 2am driving home across a moor and I go over a hill and I come across a heard of ponies just chilling in the road, almost had a heart attack. Successfully emergency stopped.Another time I was driving home again at night, its pissing down with rain so driving slow on another rural road. The road ahead seems to be…moving? I slow down to a stop and realize my route ahead is covered with…frogs?! fucksake! so with my head beams on I stop, get out and thought the best things to do was to chuck all these frogs over the hedge. Someone came in the other direction and stopped and watched me hurtle several hundred frogs over a hedge…so on this occasion I probably scared them.I’ve also come across a naked rambler, his junk just swinging in the breeze. I swear a lot in my car!

Nothing overtly scary but once driving to Gulf Shores and this semi was hauling ass doing about 100 weaving through traffic, quite impressive. Behind him was 4 black SUVs doing the same speed. No sirens, but seemed to be chasing this guy.

Was driving to an ultimate frisbee tournament with a friend in NC and my GPS routed us through some back roads, including this dirt road that apparently was a shortcut that cut off a decent amount of time.It went through a couple of larger farms and at one of these we encountered a couple kids who were maybe 10-11 years old on dirtbikes. They waved us down and told us we shouldn’t be there because it was private property. Kid got all proud when he went on to say “My daddy shoots any trespassers that come through here.”That was fun. I thanked him for telling me and kept on driving because it was a public road and we were almost done. Ended up finding out the kid was full of shit because his dad was working in the front garden when we went by and he just waved to us nicely as we passed.

For some reason I was driving through middle of nowhere west Texas/New Mexico late at night. I’d just moved to that region of the country. I’m driving along while my husband is asleep in the passenger seat when this giant THING comes crawling out into the road in front of me and scares the shit out of me. I scream “WHAT IS THAT THING??” a split second before I slammed into it. My husband gives me this perplexed look and is like “haven’t you ever seen a tumbleweed before?”No Brian, I have NOT seen a tumbleweed before.Edit: Why thank you for the gold kind stranger!

Birds. Like millions of birds. People stopped to watch. It was both majestic and eerie.

Most horrifying thing I saw on the road was also one of the (darkly) funniest.My ex and I were driving across several states and he pointed out a “Caution Deer” sign and said, “Warn me if you see any flying deer!” It was near Christmas, kind of silly and cute.A few hours later, after sunset, driving near Indianapolis, we get passed by a Miata going way over the speed limit. A deer practically dives into it and gets thrown way up into a utility pole. It hit the pole and started spinning while flying through the air.The sight of that enormous animal hitting that pole, the sound of the crash and all the blood was gruesome.We drove in silence for a minute before my husband says, “Told ya. You gotta watch out for those flying fuckers!”I REALLY needed that laugh.

One early morning (about 6am) I was driving with a friend on the highway in the twist and turns of a mountain valley. We were just having casual chat in the car, nobody was on the highway at that time of day and even less on this part of the highway.I took a quick peek in the rear view mirror and saw a car coming not fast, but FAAAAAST. I tell my friend to watch out for the incoming car because I thought they were coming way too fast and wasn’t changing lane to pass us over.At the very last moment, my friend kind of swerved a little toward the right of the lane and the car behind us hard swerved toward the ditch. The car disappeared in the deep ditch and reappeared, jumping about 4-5ft in the air toward the highway, at about 100km/h with the momentum and back on the highway it was. Like it was nothing, the driver speed up and we lose him ahead of us, as he was going about 140km/h after the near-death accident.We were absolutely shocked and couldn’t saw a word for like 2-3 minutes. We assumed the driver feel asleep and at the last second saw he was gonna ram us and swerved toward the ditch. Shock probably made him speed up after the impact.It was crazy surreal because there was nobody else for miles around even after that.

Grew up in New England. This was great for bugs, it’s like the best place to live if you don’t like giant poisonous freaky bugs.That being said- we get a lot of moths. I’d heard stories from people of seeing huge ones but never myself.2 months into getting my license, I was driving and heard something flying around in the back seat. I’m thinking “holy shit! There’s a bird in here!”Then I saw it.A moth bigger than my fucking hand. Landed on my dashboard. It’s legs were like fingers.I screamed and remembered I was on the freaking highway and couldn’t loose control and kill my self or someone else.Then it flew again, right into my face.I screamed and tried opening the windows. My HAND CRANK windows on my piece of shit car with this monster flying around touching me while going 60mph trying not to die.It eventually went out the window and I was fine. Took some serious self control.Edit: My first gold! Had I known they pay off for that experience, perhaps it would have been less traumatizing.

I was in high school. I was with two other friends driving out in the middle of nowhere, rural roads, like nothing but cornfields for miles at a time with a farmhouse every once in a while. It was late at night, perfect for teenage kids to be out doing shit they weren’t supposed to be doing (drinking and smoking weed).All of a sudden, bright lights a ways behind us, we are all thinking it’s a sheriff’s dept car, and that we are totally fucked. Within a couple of seconds the lights are right on us, so bright that the entire inside of the car is so saturated with light that we can all clearly see each other’s bewildered faces.And as quickly as the light is upon us, it is gone, pitch black as it was merely seconds before. No sounds, no lights in the distance, just darkness. To this day I have no idea what it was that happened, it was about 25 years ago and I can picture the moment so vividly in my head still. I still run into one of the guys I was with every once in a while when I visit my home town and we always reminisce about it, while our wives laugh at our “crazy stoner story.”  

About 15 years ago I was driving on a less traveled road that goes around the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Central Washington. I started up a long, steep hill when I saw I was coming up quickly on some slow moving vehicle in my lane. It took my brain a while to process what it was: a small covered wagon (dog house sized) being pulled by at least a dozen Border Collies. The driver was a haggard looking man with a long scraggly beard. Three of my friends were with me, so there were witnesses. Otherwise, I’m not sure anyone would’ve believed it.PonyJetpack

Was driving to work on a Saturday morning down the interstate. I was in the middle lane and I glanced in my side mirror and noticed a car catching me quickly. I looked over as it passed me and in the back of this coupe was a lady banging on the window screaming for help. I sped up to them and she noticed me and started screaming again.I got behind them and followed them and could see him reaching back and hitting her. I called 911 and as I was he sped off. As I was talking to dispatch I caught up and he noticed me and realized I was following him.

He moved over in front of me and came to a complete stop. At that point I didn’t know if he had a gun or what so I went around him and exited.Once he went pass the overpass i got back on and followed him but he eventually lost me as I couldn’t keep up. Fortunately I was on with 911 the entire time and they had cops ready to pull him over. Eventually they got him to pull over and when I passed them he was handcuffed on the ground and she was sitting there.Come to find out it was his ex and he abducted her and was taking her who knows where. I followed them for around 30 miles weaving in and out of traffic and going 100 mph at times to keep up. Definitely creepy thinking of what he was maybe preparing to do to her.

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