13 People Reveal The Rudest Celebrity They’ve Ever Met

We always imagine meeting our favorite celebrities would be a magical moment that will be remembered forever; maybe a few nice words exchanged, an autograph and a photo to commemorate the occasion. Obviously, we want to believe our idols are the people they often portray on screen: heroic and loving and incredibly willing to talk to you about your cats.

But, celebs are people, too, so of course there’s gonna be a few assholes among the stars.

It would seem that some of the most well-known household names are actually giant dicks to us mere common folks and we have to admit, we’re not entirely surprised. Read on if you want your illusion of Lenny Kravitz to be shattered.

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1. eatmyshit:

I haven’t met many but Lenny Kravitz stayed at the hotel I worked at. He had the hotel sign an agreement that the staff were not to look at him or talk to him.

Snoop dog was cool. He left a bunch of booze and weed behind in his suite. The house keepers got a bunch of top shelf hootch and weed after he left.

2. Itsmethatonegal:

About ten years ago I worked for an airline and some flights were cancelled, due to weather. I got a call and this lady said, “I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m a celebrity. My name is Tovah Feldshuh. I’m a celebrity.”

She literally said this 20 times. I got a manager on the line while she begrudgingly went on hold and relayed the info and that this was a celebrity. I stayed on the line while the manager had to explain that the flight’s cancellation was for everyone’s safety and nothing could be done about this.

She was so rude. After we got off the phone with her we looked her up and she was in a couple episodes of Law and Order, I think. She was recently on Walking Dead and I freaked out when I recognized her name in the opening credits.

Anytime she appeared on screen I had to say, “She’s a celebrity!!!! I can’t believe the zombie apocalypse is happening to her!!!! She’s a celebrity!!!!”

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3. NeiClaw:

I’m usually too inarticulate to talk to celebrities. I did stay in a hotel room next to Mark Wahlberg over 10 years ago. He and his friends (?) were extremely loud, and listed to 80s rock music all night and never slept. It wasn’t rude, exactly, just annoying.

Alec Baldwin held an elevator door for me once and was the only celeb I’ve encountered to acknowledge my existence, so he was the nicest by default.

4. cptgonzo:

William Shatner said he would give me an autograph in Hawaii when I was about 10 . He said ‘lemme get a pen’, got in his limo and drove off.

5. gantacular:

I was in Las Vegas’ airport on a layover. I was reading “Give Me the Damn Ball” by Keyshawn Johnson. I was 14 or 15 at the time. Behind me at the airport convince store? Keyshawn Johnson. 14 year old me is super excited. He just signed with the Cowboys and I was a huge Dallas fan. I quietly said “I’m a big fan, and I’m reading your book” from behind big sunglasses he looks at me and says “leave me the fuck alone.”

I was crushed

In a moment of hate I screamed “It’s Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Keyshane Johnson” and walked away.

By contrast I watched a Packers/ Vikings game with Mike Ditka at JFK airport and he was awesome.

6. DenverFishGuy:

Neil deGrasse Tyson

I worked at the bookstore in college, and would pick up extra shifts working late night events when I had time. NDT was giving a speech, and holding a little meet and greet afterwards. I signed up to run a table selling his books.

After his speech, he comes in to the hall where I’ve got my table set up. He comes over, introduces himself, and asks which of the 2 books I liked better of his. 20 year old me has no idea who is he and didn’t read either book, so I replied “I actually haven’t read either. I’m just picking up an extra shift for the store”. Well then he starts a 2 minutes rant, berating people my age for not being interested in science, didn’t know who he was, blah blah blah. He finishes, I gave him a dumb blank stare, and he walked away. Talked down to me in a way that just made me feel like shit.


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7. Optic1:

Bam Margera showed up in Seattle once to film an episode. Talked a lot of shit to the wrong local skater. I watched Bam get knocked out by said local. One of the funniest things I have ever seen.

8. tatertotski:

Randy Jackson. He was invited to a telethon hosted by a hospital for children with severe disabilities, where my little sister lived until she passed away. Whenever the cameras were off, he would hide in his hotel room and seemed disgusted with the kids. Didn’t want anything to do with them. When the cameras were on though, he was all smiles and hugs. It was so disheartening and disappointed. Almost 10 years ago and I still remember it so clearly.

9. Caretaker14:

Eric Roberts was a guest at a small, local comic convention. Thought it would be cool to get a signed pic of him as the Master.

He pretended people weren’t there until they paid his manager fifty bucks.

My wife’s parting shot as we walked away? “Loved your work on Celebrity Rehab.”

10. odysseyproduction:

Tim Duncan – Former Basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs.

I met him at a Walgreens Pharmacy in San Antonio. I was trying to get batteries but he was getting batteries too. He was in my way.

So I said “excuse me, could I just get through really quick-”

He stopped me mind-sentence and said “Nah, I don’t take pictures. Just let me do what I gotta do.”

“My bad. I’m just trying to-“.

“Hey, look. I don’t want to take pictures right now so just stop.”

He left.

I got my batteries.

11. RenegadePM:

Chad Gray, singer of Mudvayne and Hellyeah. I was in an autograph line where you had to buy the album at the show to be in the line back in 2005, at the peak of Mudvayne’s success. This kid was in line in front of me, maybe 19 years old. He gets to his turn and says “hey man I’ve spent every free dime I have to see you guys when you’re in the area since before your first album. I don’t have much, but I love you guys so much, I saved all year to buy a festival ticket because of the meet and greet opportunity, it would make my dreams come true to take a picture with you guys” and takes out a shitty disposable camera. The rest of the band starts moving to take a picture when Chad tells him “no fucking way” and directs security to confiscate the camera.

The year prior, a kid asked Cradle of Filth for a picture. The security guard moved in to confiscate the camera, and Dani stood up quickly, yelled at the guard to stop, and said “we tour this fucking country once every two to three years and you’re going to tell a loyal fan who paid money to meet us that he can’t have a fucking picture. You’re taking the picture now. And you’re going to take it enough times that we are sure he will have a perfect shot.”

Definitely polar opposite ways a band can handle the same situation.

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12. trolldoll26:

My dad is a pilot and he frequently deals with celebrities. His company has all the staff sign NDAs, but my dad usually doesn’t even know who the celebrities are unless they’ve been in the news. He said that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are incredibly rude to their own staff. Personal assistants were terrified of them.

13. MMGTR:

Kris Jenner. I worked for a Vespa dealer in southern CA around 2010. She bought a scooter and i drew the short straw and had to deliver it to her Hidden Hills home. I knocked at their door and no sooner did her assistant open it, i hear Kris screech from the second floor, ” DO NOT LET HIM IN HERE!” in her Cruella de Vil like voice. She repeated herself so loudly that i could hardly understand what her assistant was telling me from 2 feet away. I said that is fine ( as if i wanted to linger around there any longer than necessary) just tell me where to leave the scoot so i can get out of here. She says “out back. The garage should be open.”

Upon getting to the garage i see someone with a dustbuster, cleaning the floor board of a GT3RS Porsche. I make my presence known and out pops Bruce Jenner. Since my douche of a boss had the same car, i knew a little about it and we talked cars for a bit. After which, he invites me into their house for some water. I was giddy with excitement as i knew Kris would be livid at the sight of me in her home.

Sure enough, as Bruce was showing me the family christmas photo and explaining how Lamar had to be photoshopped into it, Bitchface came storming down the stairs with a look of rage on her puss. Bruce introduced me to her by name which was cool. After having enough of my being there and my shit eating grin, she stormed off back to upstairs lair.

Bruce had no idea about what she told her assistant prior and that made my day. I dont care what Bruce/ Katlyn is up to these days but he was very kind and down to earth at the time. Kris is a total bitch.

TL;DR: delivered a scooter to Kris Jenner, she screamed about how i was unwelcome in her home. Bruce, unbeknownst, invited me inside for water, Bitch was fuming about it.

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