13 People Share Their High School Reunion Horror Stories

13 People Share Their High School Reunion Horror Stories

There’s a reason like, 90% of people never show up to these things.

1. feralturtles — You can just feel the cringe.

Someone made a speech along the lines of, “…to all of those that felt picked on or bullied, I have something to say to you.” She then started to sing”Let it go” from Frozen.


2. CynicalChild — The more people, the less you can just be a fly on the wall.

Nothing. And by nothing, I mean the awkward feeling at being one of the twelve who showed up.

3. Gonzostewie — Ha, shitty.

I play in a band. We got booked by a restaurant “for some class reunion”. I show up to set up for the gig & it’s my fucking class. I wasn’t even invited.

4. smanbot — Wait, teachers go to these things too?

When my lady teacher came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me. She was very drunk. I felt very awkward.

Edit: no she wasn’t hot. She was old, once spell corrected a Christmas card I gave her. And the night of the formal, smelt strongly of booze.

5. jacksake1 — The ultimate revenge.

Not me but my BIL’s highschool reunion. A guy that was severely bullied in highschool started a Facebook group to get the ball rolling on planning a highschool reunion, he planned the venue, food, drinks and asked everyone pay a ticket price to cover it all.

He organised the money go into a provided bank account, received 200+ peoples HS reunion dollarydoos and fucked off. Never to be heard of again.

Ive never laughed so hard in my life.


6. weedful_things — Stalkers always ruin all the fun.

I went to my wife’s last reunion a few months ago. The day of the reunion she got a call that it was cancelled. Apparently, five years earlier a classmate got creepy and stalkery with another classmate. The people organizing the reunion invited him not to show up. Then the guy posted on facebook some vague threats. They did actually change the venue and have the reunion, but there were many people that couldn’t be contacted with the updated info.

7. JustaReverseFridge — Unwanted kisses usually don’t turn out well.

My friend said her cousin’s high school reunion was really awkward because this guy ran up and kissed his high school girlfriend without her asking and then got in a fist fight with her husband, did not turn out well from what I hear.

8. honey579badger — Oh no. 30 years later and showing up in their prom dress. Red flag alert.

When i was like 6 i went to my dad small town 30(?) yr reunion. His ex fiancé (not my mom) was dressed in her prom dress. And kept talking to me saying she should have been my mommy. Even then i knew that was weird. Keep your crazy in lady

9. Food-Oh_Koon — “Ms. Oldass, will you marry me!”

Proposal to an 70+ aged teacher

EDIT: He had a crush on the teacher a long time back.He knew that her husband divorced her while we were in college.So, he took the chance.Apparently, the teacher was not so happy about it.

10. Gooftrooptrue — I dunno, sounds kinda fun.

I heard that a classmate set the venue on fire. Glad I didn’t go.

11. FROCKbFINE — The beautiful cheerleader twins, still doin’ their thing.

Oh, MY time to shine! The beautiful cheerleader twins got SO wasted at our 20th reunion one of them puked on the table and the other got so drunk she fell out of the photo booth. Their daughters had to carry them out.

12. Reapr — “Oh yeah? Let me see your wallet? Show me your credit cards.”

The whole thing was just awkward, people were trying to show how much more ‘successful’ they are than everybody else, some even going so far as asking people what their salaries were.

I skipped out early and never went to the following ones.

13. averagejanecitizen — And now she’s dead to you.

My 25 year reunion was last year. They did all the planning via a Facebook group. I did not join the group but could see the activity.

I was scrolling through and a few months prior they had done a memorial post where they listed all the dead classmates.

Someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in 25 years (and didn’t know well anyway) … reported me as dead.

The kicker: someone I was friends with on Facebook liked the post. I unfriended her.

closeup of the feet of a dead body covered with a sheet, with a blank tag tied on the big toe of his left foot, in monochrome, with a vignette added




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