13 People Share Their School’s Dumbest, Stupidest Rules


Every school had some uniquely dumb rules – at my elementary school, we were banned from playing with pogs during recess because teachers thought it constituted gambling. To be fair, if I had any money to bet on pogs, I definitely would have.

Still, it’s incredible to hear about the ridiculously stupid weird rules some schools had – and this r/AskReddit thread has some of the best:


1. Banning kids from playing with the schoolyard equipment they spent months working for? Makes sense.

via thudly


2. One-way hallways are a one-way road to failure.

via hobbes579


3. Imagine if The Breakfast Club had 200 main characters.

via gokuimhungry


4. My guess is no one bought that OTHER teacher a cake on her last day.

via mothershabooboo1981


5. The only thing that wasn’t banned was “sitting quietly by yourself”

via coryjpickens


6. Pssh, these selfish kids think they’re too good to eat clumps of hair in their lunches.

via xprockox


7. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t really spend that much time staring at socks.

via katsu_rian


8. It’s lunch time, so no one eat for 5 minutes.

via forexternaluseonly_


9. Let’s get kids used to stupid corporate bureacracy early on.

via epat0


10. The Bloods and the Crips are definitely gonna head into rural Missouri next

via vengefulmuffins


11. “Toga Day is approved, as long as you don’t wear any togas.”

via the_wrenegade


12. “Well, it’s 9:01, guess I’m skipping finals this year.”

via moonsugardealer


13. Long hair? Fine. Hair growing near your ears? NO WAY.

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