13 People Share The Most ‘Chaotic Good’ Thing They’ve Seen –


eattyrat — The best way to diffuse any situation.

On a crowded, slow moving subway car full of angry commuters in boston, these two women started arguing when one bumped into the other. A giant of a man stepped between the two and at the top of his lungs started belting out “que será será” in his most faux operatic voice. It worked like a tranquilizer.

wabbajabbawocky — Give Mrs. Johnson a raise.

When I was in high school I was an extremely troubled teen. Legal trouble, drug usage, violence, mental illness, failing every class, the whole gamut. When I was in 11th grade I was put into a special education program for people like me, and I did wonderfully. I adored my teachers and vice versa. One teacher in particular was especially amazing. She helped me set goals, get on track, she even helped me find my first real job. My senior year I was doing really well in my classes, but this school was set up like a college in that you needed a set amount of credits to graduate, and I was woefully short. I still needed something like 22 or 24 credits, completely impossible to make up in my last year. Even though I was doing well, there was no chance I was going to graduate. So, my lovely teacher started digging through my record. She somehow converted my community service, treatment stays, lock up time, all of the consequences for my behavior into credits. She turned institutionalization into freaking elective credits. By the end of my senior year I had one half credit to make up in summer school. I was able to walk with my class for graduation in June, and recieved my high school diploma in August. To this day I have no idea how she did it, but she absolutely changed my life. Thank you Mrs. Johnson.

Lady_Otaku — Smh at people suing them, though.

Guy at the local dunkin donuts has to throw out donuts after some one tried to sue them for donating “poisoned” donuts or whatever.
He gladly throws them out and then walks back inside. Whatever happens to them isn’t any of his business since its trash anyway. He says he stopped trying to catch the mysterious garbage thief after 30 seconds of trying because he isn’t paid enough to care.

WatchForFallenRock — Clever good grandma.

My grandma was a kindergarten teacher for 50 years. Yup, you read that right. She retired at the mandatory age of 72. It was a small community, most economically ok, but some poverty. Every few years grandma would develop a case of the clumsy. She’d trip while watering the plants and wouldn’t you know it but she’d spill a bit of water on the child that was unwashed and wore the same clothes for weeks. Nothing for it but to make up for her mistake by giving him a bath and clean clothes…then return the clothes she messed up after she cleaned them. A case of clumsy would last the whole school year and oddly enough she tripped near the same child every time.
The case of clumsy often meant she miscounted her grandchildren every morning and made an extra lunch. Would you mind taking it so it doesn’t go to waste?

inuhi — Oh yeah, what a brilliant solution.

Wanksy would spray paint penises around potholes so the government would fix them.

undeadgorgeous — Kasey truly is the definition of chaotic good.

There was a guy in my historical town of ~800 named Kasey. Kasey was the town police. We didn’t have an actual police force, just the sheriffs from the county an hour away, so Kasey was The Law. He rode around on his bike beating up people who did things like break into cars or harass people. Now Kasey himself wasn’t exactly an upstanding citizen. He moved around a lot and dabbled in meth, grew huge pot plants in the anise fields behind town, and generally was the kind of guy who Looked Shady. Except everyone in town knew Kasey and everyone trusted him completely. If someone had a problem with the (admittedly large) population of meth heads in town, they’d go find Kasey and he’d bash heads in and shame people until they either left or toed the line. Imagine an incredibly white trash paladin with a series of crippling vices and a children’s bicycle and you have Kasey.I have a ton of great Kasey stories if anyone is interested.

SwiggitySwoner123 — Ok but that’s too many brownies.

This one actually happened yesterday at work. A girl and her mom came in and got a few sandwiches, but the girl wanted a brownie. They were paying cash, but were like 3 bucks short for the brownie. The girl didn’t throw a fit or anything, but was pretty sad. I was just gonna let them take it, it’s just a brownie, but before I can say anything, the guy behind them says “I would like all but 5 of your brownies.” Mind you, this is like 40 fucking brownies, which costs like a 110 bucks of just brownies. He proceeds to then give the girl all of the brownies, which needed 3 bags just to carry all of them. The girl was ecstatic, and everyone else was laughing their ass off. We’ll never forget you, brownie man.

existentialpenguin — I love this.

I’ve never seen it personally, but I rather like Richard Ankrom’s guerrilla public service: there was a sign on a freeway in the Los Angeles area that was providing confusing directions, so he fabricated an overlay to Caltrans standards and installed it himself without any sort of government permission. Caltrans eventually found out, inspected it, and allowed it to stay.

Uns0underfiddle — Hope the lil pup is safe now.

My parents stole my neighbors dog and rehomed it because they were mistreating it.

Kharos — Haha, I just picture them yelling a constant stream of f*cks until the crying clears.

About The Great British Bake Off hosts:
When contestants do cry—out of frustration or disappointment, generally—Mel and Sue stand near them and use un-airable language so the embarrassing footage is tainted, and won’t make it into the final edit.

leagueoflesbian — What a strangely nice man.

When I used to walk home from class at night, there’s this dude always there that would always call me “gangsta, major respect” but never anything else (for reference, I’m a nineteen year old short Hawaiian girl, and not very threatening looking). We’ll call him JD. He’d ask how my day was, if I’m getting home okay, if I had any problems getting home, etc. I began to look forward to it when I walked home from class. A couple of times I would be having a bad day and this fella, who was outside rain or shine, would always say hi to me.
One day, I was walking back and he was talking to a buddy. Said buddy looked me over and whistled, to which JD whacked him on the shoulder and said angrily “show some respect!” and smiled at me and said “you have a good night, gangsta.”
I hope he’s doing alright.

LividLadyLivingLoud — Get the hell outta here, kid. For your own good.

I once counciled one of the students in my “homeroom” to quit school, get a GED, and enroll in an apprenticeship program. Had I been caught, I would have been fired since policy was to try to motivate all students to graduate. Kid was failing all his classes which were 9th grade courses but he was smart, working a full time job, was already 18 years old, and had a crappy home life.

5firtrees — “Yes, give me a raise or I call the cops”

My former employer had metered parking lot. The lot was heavily monitored and they’d ticket like…the very minute your shit expired. It was decidedly not good for business. People want to be able to linger at a coffee shop, yknow? Besides, there was no reason for that lot to be metered anyhow. It was barely even adjacent to anything but our shop.
Well, the meter just started breaking. All the time. It would get fixed by the city, but then a few days later it’d be smashed or jammed or whatever. We asked if people would be towed and the city was like “eh, no meter, no ticket”.
One night I stayed a bit late to clean a freezer. When I left, I spotted my boss breaking the freshly fixed meter. She was like, “Yep. Guess I’m a criminal, eh?”



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