13 People Share Their “Glad I Tried It, But Never Again” Stories

Life is all about experiences. It’s just that a lot of the experiences kinda suck or scare the shit outta you and you never want to do them again. These are some of those experiences. But hey, at least these people got to cross some things off their imaginary to-do list.


1. ottrocity — I’m fine with never trying this.

I got to land (me being the only passenger) in an auto-rotating helicopter.

Auto-rotation is what helicopters do when they lose power at altitude. The force of the fall spins the blades of the helicopter, giving the pilot enough control to land.

Thing is, once power is (intentionally, in my case) lost, the blades slow down and the helicopter falls until the blades spin back up to speed. We dropped like 50 ft. It was a rush but noooope.

2. neohylanmay — Conventions are a ‘one and done’ thing for prooobably the majority.


First one I went to was a lot of fun and I had a blast throughout, but going to it the year after… didn’t really capture the same magic as last time.

That was seven years ago and I’ve not been back since. Nothing against the convention staff themselves – huge credit to all involved making both of them wonderful experiences/mini-vacations – I just won’t be going again, I don’t think they’re really “for me”.

At the very least, I can say I’ve been to one. It’s been crossed off the list.

3. redrum6114 — A smattering of laughs is not worth a stomach ulcer.

Stand Up Comedy at an Open Mic. I enjoyed writing, I enjoyed being on stage (once I got my first laugh), and I enjoyed the feeling after getting off stage. But the intense anxiety leading to being on stage was not even a little bit worth it for me. Public speaking is not my forte.

4. IAmJacksKat — We get it. You had tons of sex.

Sleeping around. My mental health plummeted when I was around 20/21 and I slept with near enough anybody who would sleep with me. I’d never let myself get that way again, but I don’t regret it. I now have 0 interest in NSA sex, and I can genuinely say I’m comfortable only sleeping with my partner for the rest of my life. There’s no curiosity about others or anything because I feel like I’ve done most of what there is to experience anyway!

5. BloawHeadshot — Well that’s just plain sad.

Dating a single mother. I loved her and loved the kids but it didn’t work out, now I’m grieving the loss of not just the relationship with her but also with her 3 beautiful kids…

6. Vnezz — Restaurants jobs are stress city.

Working at McDonalds(sweden), I now have high respect for people who work in service(in general) I have learned to be more patient when waiting for my food whenever I’m at fast food restaurants, I know the painful stress they’re experiencing and I won’t put them through more by being an inpatient asshole.

But I will never, ever work there again. The stress is horrendous and people can be real jerks to the employers for no reason what so ever

7. SnipTheNip — Collecting rent must be a nightmare.

Living in an apartment where I’m in charge of roommates. Had to evict people who didn’t pay; dealt with extreme lack of cleanliness. It’s honestly just easier to live somewhere small and cheap (alone) than a nice big place with roommates.

8. CivilizedYam — This one needs no further explanation.

Tasing myself.

9. Widowmaker777 — And let’s not forget having to pee in bottles all day.

Times Square new years eve. It was more like wake up at 6am, breakfast, go stand until midnight.

10. golfgrandslam — Nobody wants death via balloon.

Hot air balloon. I was 4500 feet in the air for an hour and a half with nothing separating me from a horrifying death but a wicker basket.

11. GeneroHumano — Nothing more romantic than Vespa-ing through Rome.

I am currently riding a vespa through Rome. Italian driving sucks and I am so anxious but I am glad I crossed this off my bucket list.

(I am not texting and driving, I stopped for lunch)

12. agnathastone — I’ll stick to shark-free pools tyvm.

Snorkeling. I’ve actually done it a few times but once I got stung bad by a jellyfish, and the other time was on the Great Barrier Reef and i was literally terrified the entire time.

Turns out I’m very afraid of open water. And sharks. But it was still quite a cool experience.

13. everburningblue — Far less PTSD in the massage industry.

I joined the Army. Best one-time decision I ever made.

“I want to learn discipline, fulfill my duty as a citizen, become trained to prosecute war, meet fellow patriots, and grow some damn chest hair.”

One brain injury, busted ankle, and an episode of yearlong, psychosis-inducing insomnia later

“Well, I’m quite satisfied. I think I’ll be a massage therapist for a while.”

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