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13 People Share When Their Pranks Went Really, Really Wrong

13 People Share When Their Pranks Went Really, Really Wrong –


“Mooned a guy and his date. Fell through the window and got 20 stitches in my leg. Alcohol was involved.”



“Was in class when a group of delinquent thought it would be funny to put the liquid that cleans the expo markers off the dry board into the teachers coffee. Found out later he went to the hospital to get his stomach pump after being in intense pain doctor said the liquid could’ve killed him.”



“I worked at a restaurant and the walk-in freezer was in what we called the “compound” which was an outdoor area behind the kitchen. I worked the shift that left right when we closed, but I didn’t have to stay and clean.

Right when I turned the corner from the compound, my friend was leaving the freezer with our bulk size icecream in it’s cooler, which was fairly heavy. I decided to prank her because I knew she frightened easily. I ran up behind her and shouted “AHHH” and she immediately went weak in the knees and began to cry because she peed herself.

I haven’t pranked anyone since.”


“I announced a few years back on Facebook that my long term bf and I were expecting, we received hundreds of likes from my family and friends and the point really was to piss off my mom, she calls me and says “fuck you, I know you’re lying but I’m gonna tell all your family members it’s true so you’ll be receiving messages from them all day”



“Friends and I pulled trampoline next to pool. As friend is preparing to launch into the pool, I step behind him to grab shorts as he lifts off. Friend decides to do front flip, swinging his ankle up into my chin. Came out of my daze and noticed tooth fragments floating around in my mouth – got a root canal a week later.”



“Not me, but happened to my sister. Her close friend came out to her in high school as a joke for April Fools. Turns out, my sister thought he was really gay and congratulated him for coming out and told him she figured all along he was gay. Awkwardness ensued when he told her it was a joke.”


“Told my dad I failed history and when he found out it was a joke he laughed and told me not to do that again. Turns out I was failing history after all.”



“Some kid in my class hid a school laptop I had borrowed in another kid’s bag. Somehow it ended up getting lost. The kid that hid it had to pay $700 for it.”



“In military school I put a bunch of foot powder in someones pillow case. The idea being that when he flopped down own his rack it would plume out of the pillow.

It worked. The drill instructors got fucking pissed and smoked us all until someone copped to it. I waited a while and then copped to it. The thought I was lying just to take the hit so we wouldn’t get smoked anymore and I barley got in trouble and they thought of me as a leader.

win- win – win”



“At my dad’s office, one guy put a rubber band around the sprayer nozzle on the sink in their kitchen, trying to spray a specific coworker who came in and left about an hour before everyone ,so he was first to eat lunch. My dads business partner, the founder of the company, had a big meeting so he ate early. Got sprayed full on in his nice suit. Annoying, but ultimately not a huge deal, he just stopped at his house and changed on the way to the meeting.

That afternoon, prankster tries again to get the original guy. You guessed it, hits the boss a second time in one day. Got very lucky the boss thought it was funny, but April fools jokes are no longer allowed in the office.”


“When I was in high school a friend of mine decided to do a little prank to a teacher: he came to school in his pijamas and with his pillow under an arm, waited until everyone was already in class and then he rushed in the classrom yelling “I’m sorry, I overslept today!” Except that the teacher became basically white, had her eyes wide open and almost fainted. It turned out that some years ago she teached in a class with a mentally disabled kid that one day actually came in class in his pijamas and then threw himself out of the window.

So that was like an horrible flashback for her.”



“A friend of mine bought a fake engagement ring proposed and everything then said April fools to her. She broke up with him.”



“Last night, I hid all the breakfast food and filled a single Life cereal box with a bag of lemons. I also put shaving cream on all the door handles, hinges, etc.

The shaving cream dried up and my roommates went out for breakfast.”


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A friend taught me to make smoke bombs out of pingpong balls in tinfoil.

I supersized it using 2 boxes of balls and powered it with sparklers. I tested in my apartments garage and the plume was equivalent to a military smoke grenade. It was seen clear across town. The worst part was I had to run and confess before the caretakers called the fire department.

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