13 People Shared Their Scariest Real-Life Ghost Stories

13 People Shared Their Scariest Real-Life Ghost Stories –

Reddit is teeming with creepy stories, some true and some false. And on a recent thread, one user asked the masses to spill their creepiest real-life paranormal experiences.

The stories might be short but they’ll creep you out as much as any horror movie would.

1. Nursing home worker lesomb had a perplexing parking lot encounter.

I worked at a nursing home where we had a resident that we had recently put on hospice. We will call him Norman. Norman was a chain smoker and that was basically the only thing that gave him pleasure in life. It didn’t matter that he had pneumonia and it was the middle of the winter. He was going to smoke.

Anyways, I go into work around 8:00 Saturday night to check something out, and see Norman smoking in the parking lot with two people I don’t recognize. I don’t think anything of it since this is a daily occurrence with him. I drove right by him and he casually looked at me before turning back to shoot the shit. I finish what I came to do, go home, and have a good rest of my weekend.

The following Monday, during our morning meeting, the director of nursing announces that Norman had died over the weekend. I made a comment about how sad that was and that I had just seen him smoking Saturday night and that it was strange he was gone. My administrator turns pale and says to me, “Norman died early Saturday morning.” Not believing him, I check the nursing notes, and sure enough, Norman had died around 2:00 Saturday morning. I was pretty freaked out the rest of the day.

2. A phantom trampoline incident has haunted Cookforfun for years.

In junior high I was staying over at a friend’s house for the night with my brother and 2 of our best friends. We were jumping on the trampoline in the backyard around 2AM when what I can only describe as an explosion of light happened about 15 feet above us. Next thing I knew it was morning and we were all waking up beneath the trampoline. My brother and I are the only ones who remember this. Our 2 friends insist it never happened and that we’re making it up. The missing time still freaks me out.

3. ohheyitsshanaj had a very freaky dream encounter.

Backstory: I had a cousin who killed himself when I was very young, and I didn’t have many memories of him. His mother (my aunt) always had problems after his death with drugs and alcohol.

When I was in high school, I had a dream that there was a young man standing in my backyard hysterically crying. He wouldn’t come inside and he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I was trying to calm him down and I was getting pretty frantic to try and calm him but he wouldn’t budge. I was awoken from my dream by the landline ringing at 3 in the morning. My aunt had overdosed and was dead.

At the funeral for my aunt, there was a picture on display. It was of her and my cousin who had killed himself. I was creeped out because my cousin was the man hysterically crying in my dream.

4. arjees did as well.

My mom had something similar happen. Her uncle and cousin fell through the ice on a river that ran through my grandparents’ property and drowned. Her uncle was found with minimal searching, but they couldn’t find her cousin’s body. They delayed the funeral so they could be buried together, but they could only wait so long. Eventually, a funeral was scheduled. Two days before that date, my mom had a dream that her cousin was walking her down the river and pointed to a fallen tree. It was fairly close to where they had fallen through, so it was in an area that had already been searched. She and my grandmother convinced someone to check the tree, and there he was. His body was taken from the river, and he and his father were able to be buried together.

5. John_E_H might never play sports again.

Was out on a farm when I was around 11. Now this farm was far away from any cities and was generally flat. There was nothing really planted so the ground was flat except for a few mounds.

The time was around 11pm and the only light we could see was the house light but beyond that you couldn’t see anything. we were out on the porch of the house playing with a rugby ball. One of us kicked it in it the dark and we didn’t expect to see it till day because no one wanted to walk in pitch dark to get it.

About a minute later it comes flying at the house out of the dark and hits the front door. This freaked the hell out of us because all the adults were inside and all the workers were no where near and I still don’t know who threw it.

6. This story from Subscript1 will give you chills.

It wasn’t my experience personally, in fact, I was not even born yet, but my aunt had said in her old house, she would hear my cousin talking in his room by himself when my cousin was around 5 years old. She said occasionally she would think she heard someone reply with a young girl’s voice. She started setting up an old tape recorder in his room. About 8 years ago she pulled out a dusty old tape and played it for me. Now, I still think it was interference or some explainable phenomenon, and she is not technologically proficient enough to fake an old cassette tape (can barely work a PC), but that tape gave me chills.

As she started it, you can hear my aunt playing with my cousin. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when she asked if I could hear a heart beat. I listened closely, and could make out what she was talking about, but it was barely audible. As the tape went on however, the “heart beat” got progressively louder until it almost drowned out the sound of them playing. At this point the sound was so clear and distinct, I absolutely could not deny it was a heart beat. I have never experienced a chill that ran through me so damn hard. The heart beat began to fade away on the tape and it was quiet again except for them playing.

7. Premonitions came in a nightmare for SandyXVII and a friend.

The day before the London bus terror attack, I had a dream. In it, I saw the top deck of a double decker bus on fire, in the middle of a street in London.

My best friend had a similar dream. We shared our experiences that morning.

That afternoon, news coverage of the event looked very similar to the dreams we had had.

We felt odd for weeks.

8. BitchinIndika still can’t explain this phenomenon.

One night a friend and I were watching TV in the living room when a small (maybe 4 inch diameter) orange and blue ball of light popped out of the wall, floated horizontally about 6 feet into the room, lowered slowly over the coffee table, and blinked out of existence about a foot above it. The whole thing lasted about 7 or 8 seconds. We looked at each other to confirm that we had both seen it, but we never figured out what it was.

9. MyTruckIsAPirate got a visit from a friend.

Not so much scary but when I was about 16, my friend/neighbors dad was diagnosed with a super aggressive cancer. He was like a second father to me and always made sure I was fed (grew up in a somewhat food insecure house), as he loved cooking. Anyway, about three months after the diagnosis he passed away. I had been over there earlier in the evening but had come home at about 10pm. At 12:04am, I was on my family’s desktop computer in the kitchen (early 2000’s) when all of the pots and pans in the cupboard clank together. I pretty much assumed he was passing through and saying bye but I got confirmation in the morning when his wife told me that he had passed at 12:04.

10. This must have freaked queryorquandary out.

Woke up one morning to find all the cabinet doors in the kitchen open, all the drawers, the fridge, the back door, all open, but one cabinet door.

Slowly open that cabinet to find a figurine of a black cat with the skull bashed in.

The figurine was in my car the night before. Car still locked.

Yup, keep the security deposit, we are out. This was the most menacing of the activity at that house. I don’t even drive down that block anymore.

11. Sleepwalking is way creepier than it seems for iwillcontribute.

My brother is a sleep walker. One time our family went to a wedding out of town and were staying with an aunt. Well after the party my dad is taking my sleeping siblings and cousins into the house 1 by 1 and when he goes back to the van for my brother he is gone! We couldn’t find him anywhere the cops and helicopter were called and there’s a huge commotion that makes the neighbor lady come out and ask what is going on. She checks her cameras and it captures him walking towards her driveway out of frame. She then finds him in her broken down car she kept towards the back of her driveway. The lady neighbor says that car has bin locked for as long as she can remember. The weirder part is he was covered in baby blankets sleeping. He was not carrying anything in the video but those blankets did not belong to the neighbor. Weirdest shit ever. My brother will not talk about it and its been 15 years.

12. Someone wanted yahboyshark’s attention.

In my current house about 2 years ago, something happened in the middle of the night that I can’t explain. It was about 1 am and everyone in the house was asleep. All of a sudden, we are awoken by EVERYTHING that was electrical in the house turning on. I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t a power surge because I distinctly remember every phone ringing including my cell phone.

13. And finally, a_slinky lived in the creepiest house, maybe ever.

The whole 4 years we lived in one particular house I just always felt like there was something not right. I was between 12 and 16 while we were living there.

In the back end of the house was my parents office, the computer desks ran around the edge of the room in a big horseshoe shape and the entrance to the office was also the wall for the back sliding door. Often I would be up late on mum’s computer, I swear that I could feel someone standing over the entrance to the room and in the dark screen reflection of my dad’s computer I could see a tall shadow. At first woukd pass it off as the pot plant, but it was too tall and it always looked hunched over.

One night my friend stayed over and we slept in the upstairs lounge room. This room was a big open landing and you could see every bedroom and the open bathroom from where we were sleeping. The streetlight would shine into the bathroom and my friend whispered to me “what tall thing do you have in the bathroom” and we could both see that same tall, hunched figure. So we moved into my bedroom and never spoke of it again.

Another night my brother had friends stay over and we were all downstairs in the lounge room. Upstairs the floor was pretty creaky and you could usually track peoples footsteps across the landing to the top step. Well we could hear the floorboards start to creak as it sounded like someone walking out of a bedroom and walking towards the top step, even though we were all downstairs.

In summer I had some friends stay over and we slept outside on the trampoline, the wall next to the back sliding door was all glass windows as well so you could see into the kitchen dining. Again the streetlight that lights up the bathroom would light up part of those rooms as well. All 4 of us noticed it at the same time. The tall hunched figure in the dining room. We stayed out on the trampoline all night because we were too scared to go back inside.

This is the one that still gives me goosebumps and when I tell it out loud it makes me feel physically ill..

Our front lounge room was quite long and shaped almost like a T. The open section was close to the front door and then it became long and narrow. So we had the tv at the skinny end with 2 lounges lining the walls opposite each other. My dad quite often slept on the lounge because he has tinnitus and generally doesn’t sleep much. So for this particular instance he had the lounges in a T shape for whatever reason.. i had woken up super early to watch the world cup (Aus vs Italy) and to message my friend (who had seen the thing in the bathroom) as she was going to New Zealand with the school band. As I’m lying with my head towards the middle of where the 2 lounges meet, I see out of the corner of my eye, as clear as fucking day, a girl in a white dress with brunette braided hair just sitting on the lounge.

I only saw her for a second as soon as I turned to look at her she was gone again. I flew up turned all the lights on, was frantically messaging my friend who was about to abandon me on a plane and just quietly ran around downstairs like a lunatic for a good 15 minutes until I decided that going back upstairs to bed was a good idea.

I have never preached that ghosts/spirits/whatever are real. But those instances left me with this cold feeling of dread every fucking time and over 10 years later I still can’t explain them


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