13 People Spill The Beans On The Biggest Losers Their Family Members Ever Dated

When your sibling, child, cousin, or even parent is dating a total idiot, it’s torture.

Do you say something and risk alienating them, or do you grin and bear it, hoping they’ll come to their senses before it’s too late?

No one will ever really know the answer to that question. But in the meantime, people whose family members are dating losers are happy to rant about it on Reddit.

Here are some of the most disappointing dating choices made by members of people’s families.

What, Blair_Bubbles, do you think the carpet was lying?!

My sister is currently dating a dude that’s a huge ‘hippie’, just like her.

Really into the stars, soul mates, drugs…. and other shit.

Of all the issues I have with him, he had told us that he was on an acid trip once and that his carpet spoke to him and told him he’s not allowed to hold down a job for more than a week because it unaligns your Chakra points and throws off your energy. It also feeds your energy into the big ‘alman matter’ aka the government and with every hour worked you’re making them stronger.

To make money he does what you would expect him to do (sells drugs, sells his food stamps, asks my sister for money… Etc).

This guy did not get 84th_legislature’s seal of approval.

My sister dated a guy who lied about being a Navy Seal. Apparently there is like a whole community of people who do that, just go around unemployed living on ??? telling their SOs when they disappear for weeks at a time that they were “deployed.” It never made any sense to us, and she broke up with him for other reasons and gets really pissed off if anyone mentions the relationship happened.

He was a creepy dude who took advantage of her trusting nature and that she was at a low point in her life, and I regret not doing more to call him out on his obvious bullshit. He’s still in the area doing god knows what, probably trotting out the same crap to new women. I hope one day he gets his ass beat by a real Navy Seal!

And according to Happyocd2, this is a whole thing.

This happened to my cousin except they were married for about 10 years before it came out. He even handed her mom the flag at her WWII veteran father’s funeral. I always felt something wasn’t right about him and now I know why.

You have to admit paperandtiger‘s husband’s cousin-in-law had some balls for trying this.

My husband’s cousin was married to a man who cheated on her for months, and then moved his mistress into THEIR home and tried to convince his wife that they could all be lovers together.

He also got into the illegal pot dealing game after Colorado legalized weed.

Maybe she killed all her loved ones with shovels, honeybeepatronus.

Brothers girlfriend hit my English bulldog with a shovel because “he was barking and it scared [her]” as she showed up unexpectedly at my parents house around 1 am. He is still with her because “shes lonely and has no friends or family”.

DrNuggetYT’s sister’s boyfriend showed his ass with a marriage meme.

My sister dated this dickhead that would make her cry about once every 2 months. He posted something to Facebook that had a picture of a notebook and something like “If you come home and expect your husband to work around the house, your going to have a bad marriage.” Inside the book. She broke up with him just a month ago

DrNuggetYT confirmed this is the meme:

Well this is special, MNindietrash.

older brother dated a girl who pretended that she broke all of her bones in a car wreck. She put both of her arms in slings, put braces on her legs, and a travel pillow around her neck. I remember asking her about her back (if all of her bones were broken anyway) and she started to cry. LOL they didn’t last long.

We normally don’t condone use of the word “crazy” and “possessive,” Bullrawg, but you’ve kind of made a case for it:

Not my kid, but my brother. He dated this crazy possessive chick who once buried one of his shirts because another girl complemented him on it in front of her. She also totaled his car after lying and saying she had gotten her licence back. She gave $400 to a fake iPhone scammer website Western Union because, “they are a legit company, I saw pictures of their warehouse and everything.” I googled warehouse, the picture on their site was the first one that came up. She even paid $100 more to “expedite through customs” when the delivery didn’t arrive when expected. And the pièce de résistance she killed his dog, she left Excedrin PM on the coffee table and he chewed up the bottle. By some miracle no pills got out and crisis averted, it was explained to her that the pills would be fatal to the dog. She bought another bottle and left it on the coffee table again this time dog ate half the bottle and his kidneys failed, sucks because he was the sweetest/ smartest dog I’ve ever known.

TLDR: Bro dated a girl that killed his car and dog

Maybe it was a really nice garage, bigchillrob.

My little sister dated a guy who kept trying to convince her to drop out of a UC school and move into his mom’s garage with him, up to and including threatening suicide if she didn’t.

It took way too much effort on my dad and my part to get her to put the kibosh on that relationship, mostly because the guy’s mom thought my sister was good for him and tried to fight us on it.

This guy sounds stable, NiraMouse.

My sister is dating a guy who is a asshole to everyone he meets, but cries when you give it right back to him. He is also an enabler to her depression and anxiety. Instead of trying to encourage her to fix herself, he tells her that she doesn’t need to and he will do it for her.

There’s always a Tom, right larklarklark?

My sister dated a guy, lets call him Tom, who worked under my dad at the business he owns and runs. Now I’m not saying Tom was a loser because worked for our family, my sister and I both work in similar positions and thats how they met. But there were a number of instances that just shouted ” Hey whats up I’m Tom and I’m a loser.” For example, Tom seemed to never have any money, usually blaming things like his rent being to high or his car needing to be worked on. Due to this my sister ended up having to pay for the majority of the dates and dinners that they went on. In reality, he had spent most of his money on unnecessary toys like Dirt bikes, guns, and modifications for his 1999 Honda civic. His spending habits got so bad that his landlord threatened him with eviction, this tore my sister up, not because he was getting evicted but because she knew that he was making enough money to never be in that type of situation. Anyway, Tom got the bright idea to ask her and my father for the rent money ($650) while they were out to dinner. My dad ended up helping him out so he wouldn’t go homeless, but what he didn’t know was that Tom had asked him for more money than what his rent was so he could go out and spend it on other things other than my sister. So yeah he was a loser and I didn’t like him much.

Whoa, srikos‘ sister jedi mind-tricked her daughter into dumping a loser.

When [my niece] was 14 she met a dude on the internet who was 22 and from across the country. We were not happy. He came to visit and he was the weirdest dude I ever met. I was only 4 years older and tried to have conversations with him but he was just monosyllabic. Exactly the kind of dude who you would expect to hit on 14 year olds in anime forums on the internet. Of course we watched them like a hawk and they were never left alone together.

I still admire my sister. She firmly put down the rules (no being alone together, no sleeping in the same room etc.) but never said anything against the “relationship”. The whole thing ended pretty much right after his visit. If my sister had forbidden it I am sure it would have gone on much longer.

Edit: I get this is a thing people feel very strongly about. My niece was and is safe. You wanna disagree about how the situation was handled, that’s cool. But personal attacks are really unnecessary. Also since people keep saying it: In my country the age of consent is 14. Nothing illegal happened so we couldn’t go to the police.

And finally, hpresent‘s daughter’s “loser” boyfriend actually wasn’t what he seemed.

Our daughter dated the same guy all through high school. Nice guy but unmotivated. Ate most dinners with us. Bummed off her all the time. She broke up with him when she went away to college. I was kind of relieved. He did nothing the year after high school and then finally got a flunky delivery job at a dental lab. After a year or so he started helping make dentures. Seems as though he had a natural talent. By the time our daughter graduated he had purchased the lab from the owner who retired. By the second year as owner he had made his first million. Our daughter sells t-shirts. Guess he wasn’t the loser, more like the one that got away.


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