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13 People Who Have Absolutely No Idea How Offensive Their Shirts Are

Let’s just assume these people have no idea what their shirts say.

Why is this in a children’s size?

This might not be the right look for his college interview.

Putting “whore” on a white dress is a nice touch.

I can’t tell if this shirt is an invitation or a warning.

The gold lettering here really brings out the sexy stylishness of the word fart.

They totally misspelled “honest hardworking employee.”

Can’t tell if this shirt is full-frontal fetish or accidentally racist.

This is a terrible shirt but I still think Amy Poehler should star in the film.

Pretty sure my cat made this shirt after running across the keyboard.

At least they got the right forms of “too” and “to.”

No. Wrong. Stop.

It isn’t a lie, whoever made this shirt definitely IS an asshole.

This kid who totally knows what his shirt says.

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