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13 People Whose Mugshots Need To Be On The Cover Of Vogue Immediately

1. Meagan Simmons was busted for a DUI. Turns out, the cop was also drunk when he arrested her…drunk in love.

2. Gabrielle Hill was arrested for drug possession. She was later released without bond due to the cops “not treating her like a perfect little princess.”

3. 25-year-old Jacob Miller got busted for narcotics. Now he’s giving back to the community by staring deeply into everyone’s souls, and taking their pain away.

4. After being caught trying to transform into Obama, Mystique was detained and imprisoned for perjury, fraudulence, and being too hot to trot.

No, in reality, her charges were undetermined. But her eyes really are incredible.

5. Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford will have inmates all over him…hopefully they’ll be mostly females.

6. ‘Iron Chef’ Cat Cora, who was arrested for a DUI, later got the charge dropped after making dinner for her officers and batting her eyes as she served it.

7. Crime: unlawfully attractive

8. This is a man of conviction. And that’s something every woman wants.

9. Crime: unknown. Allegedly, they arrested her so that they could take her picture of her and hang it up in the station.

10. Charged with breaking and entering…women’s hearts.

11. Jessica Alba’s far-flung doppelgänger, Lorena Tavera, was caught shoplifting, which doesn’t make a ton of sense, because frankly she would look good in just about anything.

12. And then of course, there’s the famous Jeremy Meeks.

After receiving 27 months in federal prison on multiple weapons charges, Meeks blew up as the “hot felon,” and has since signed an agent to start a modeling career after his release. Hate to break it to you ladies, but he’s actually married…

13. And this is his wife, Melissa, who’s also quite the looker. And like most women her age, the duckface is her go-to.

13 People Whose Mugshots Need To Be On The Cover Of Vogue Immediately


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