13 People With No Sex Education Share Their Biggest Misconceptions

If it wasn’t for sex ed, a lot of people would be sexual baffoons. A lot of us barely know what we’re doing even AFTER taking a class or hearing a speech from a parent, so imagine how confused these 13 people were who received basically no info whatsoever.


kirstopheles — Mom you are wrong and I am proof.

My mum told me there was no such thing as ovulation when I was 9. To this day I haven’t had the courage to ask her how she thinks I got here!


nicestpossibleway — Really gotta rename the period.

I always thought you were supposed to be really gentle with the penis. So my first time giving a hand job I had the lightest grip possible so I wouldn’t hurt him. When he showed me just how tightly you should squeeze I was shocked lol.
I also thought your period was supposed to be just a dot of blood, hence the name “period.” Had a rude awakening with that one.


ImNoScientician — “I now pronounce you, two clumsy lovers.”

I received absolutely no sex education. I was raised a religious fundamentalist, married at 19 to a girl that was as ignorant as I was and lost our virginity on our wedding night. Married for 13 years. I learned what and where a clitoris was from my 2nd sexual partner at the age of 32.


laterdude — A little mix n match with his lessons.

Our sex ed teacher also taught history and turned anal into a civil rights abuse.
“You know the Help had to enter through the back door back in the day but Dr Martin Luther King Jr fought so y’all could enter through the front. So stay out of the back of the bus and park your you know what up front.”


NumberOneBacon — Juuuust a little bit.

Basically sex = your life is ruined and there’s nothing you can do about it then.
Little bit inaccurate.


dreamfisher — Just bizarre.

In addition to the usual (condoms aren’t effective, sex before marriages gives you cancer, zero information about discharge or where clitoris is located) I was taught that women don’t feel sexual arousal. At all. Those who think they do are just confused. Women have sex to please men and make babies, no other reason.
I still wonder if the woman who taught me this was just asexual and didn’t know it, and she assumed this was the norm.


thudly — …What book told you this?

I read in a book once that women either have their period on the full moon or the new moon. I actually believed this for years. Then one day I was out with my mom and I saw the full moon. I said, “I guess all you women are having a bad day today.”
She was like, “What do you mean?”
“Because all women have their periods when the moon is full.”
She laughed. “We’re not frickin’ werewolves!”


gouwbadgers — Don’t hug me too tight or it may harm our child we just formed.

That you can get pregnant from hugging and that you can get AIDS from kissing. It was 1999 when it had been proven that HIV was not spread through casual contact.


VeronicaNew — I can’t imagine the confused partners watching her jump up and down afterwards.

Not me, but my suite mate in college. “Girls should jump up and down after sex to avoid pregnancy.”
Also, he told the girls to have an aspirin with Coke before or after sex to avoid pregnancy.
They played a movie and said talk to your parents or preacher if you had questions. She graduated with 3 girls who had children already. So, yeah, all that jumping up and down didn’t exactly work.


LilBuddyRem — Beware the diseased perverts.

My middle school teacher told the class that condoms were not effective at all for protecting against STDs and only worked 50% in stopping pregnancies, and that anyone who told you otherwise was a diseased pervert trying to trick you into sex. Abstinence teaching, ladies and gentlemen.


Fruitloop800 — So, every animal got married first?

My sex ed was cassette tapes of an old man basically just saying don’t have sex before marriage, but one of the things he said was “I grew up on a farm, and I learned all I needed to know about sex by watching the animals”


Matrozi — Oh man if people got pregnant via masturbation the world would be nuts.

First year of highschool.
In fucking 2012.
“Women can get pregnant by masturbating. See, when they masturbate, they start to create spermatozoon and they get pregnant”.
Mind fucking blown.


Cantcallit — One outta two aint bad!

My “sex talk” from my stepdad literally went like this.
“So….uhm…. your mom wanted me to give you the ‘talk’….. so, all im gunna say is….. dont put your dick in someone unless you plan on marrying them…. and dont ever, ever, smoke meth.”
I have 2 kids with my ex girlfriend and 1 kid with my wife. But i never smoked any meth!!

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