13 Secrets Companies Don’t Want You To Know

1. Looking for a new car? Game on!

Start a bidding war between two dealerships by submitting inquiries online to both of them and explicitly tell them you’re shopping. When they each respond to you with a deal, simply present that number to the opposing dealership. They’re going to attempt to beat each other until they financially can’t come down anymore, and that will get you the cheapest price.

2. Never waste money on fixing your sink.

Easily fix disposal problems with an Allen Wrench and a few turns underneath the disposal. It manually fixes jams, so there’s no need to waste your money on calling a plumber.

3. Out-smart hotel reservation cancellation policies.

If you need to cancel the hotel reservation you made but you’re within the penalty period, move the reservation forward by a couple of weeks. This will get you out of the cancellation penalty period so you will then be allowed to cancel your reservation the next day.

4. Don’t let airlines charge a cancellation fee.

United States based travelers may cancel or change their flights for free within 24 hours of booking, but airlines do not want you to know this rule. However, this law only applies if it is more than seven days before your travel date and it does not apply if you booked your flight through a third party such as Expedia or Travelocity.

5. Never allow a telemarketer to call you again.

Don’t hang up when a telemarketer calls you. Say, “Please put me on your do not call list,” and your name will not be marked down as ‘no answer’ like it does when you simply hang up.

6. Go on, use your expired gift card!

In the state of California, gift cards do not expire. If a gift card has a monetary value then it legally can’t expire. If you attempt to use it and it says expired, call the retailer directly and inform them that you live in California and they will issue a replacement.

7. Never pay full price for prescription glasses.

Order glasses online from Zenni Optical for an average of $12 instead of paying full price for them elsewhere.

8. This changes the game during tax season.

The 1040EZ form takes less than five minutes to fill out and the good news is that you can use it. Mass-market tax services prefer for you to be terrified of tax filing and believe it can only be done for you by paid professionals. For detailed information, go here.

9. This name brand isn’t worth it.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is simply composed of melamine foam. This fancy name brings in big bucks, so save your money and buy the off brand. It’s the same quality.

10. Who has quarters on them anymore? No problem, you can still do this.

Gas stations are required to turn on the air for you to inflate tires if you ask. No need to put quarters into the machine.

11. Wedding? Oh, no I meant ‘small gathering.’

If you mention the word ‘wedding’ at a florist shop, the price goes up exceptionally as opposed to ‘just an event.’ Don’t give them information they do not need.

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12. Get to your destination the cheapest way.

Usually, it’s cheaper to book a long and connecting flight that goes through your final destination than to just book that one segment. Check the connections and purchase if it’s cheaper. Simply don’t get on to the second flight because, well, you’re at your destination!

13. Disposables aren’t worth it. Try this instead.

Straight and safety razors give you a better shave and cost a fraction of the price of disposables in the long run. Paying a bit more for the good stuff can save you money down the road.

 13 Secrets Companies Don’t Want You To Know

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First problem I read:
” If you attempt to use it and it says expired, call the retailer directly and inform them that you live in California and they will issue a replacement.”

Yeah except if you DON’T live in Cali. I doubt you can say I but I live in California so my gift cards can’t expire! Can you mail that to my winter home in Florida?

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