13 Soda Flavors That Might Make You Puke

13 Soda Flavors That Might Make You Puke

There are some pretty crazy soda flavors from around the world, but there are also some strange flavors crafted right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Some of them sound good in a nasty kind of way, while some of them sound nasty in a nasty kind of way. But they all have something in common: they’re carbonated!

Bacon soda


Our national obsession with bacon has officially jumped the shark. Maybe we don’t need bacon everything?

Pickle juice soda


It’s about time someone took salty, vinegary pickle brine and carbonated it. Do 90 percent of their sales come from pregnant women?



When life gives you an inequality in the distribution of wealth, make Leninade! Sieze the means of production comrades!

Kitty piddle


If you’ve ever wondered what cat pee tastes like but you don’t want to drink actual cat pee, you’re in luck! Kitty piddle soda gives you the experience of swallowing cat urine without actually having to, you know, drink pee.

Jones Thanksgiving sodas


It’s like a Thanksgiving dinner with half the calories but twice the sugar (families arguing about politics sold separately).

Teriyaki Beef Jerky


Thank god this is teriyaki beef jerky. If it were flavored like just plain jerky, it’d be nasty.



You’ve had butter beer, now try… just butter? Butter soda sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, but sure. Give it a whirl.



Yup, you guessed it! “Cel-ray” is celery-flavored soda. You can try to jazz it up with whatever fancy name you want, but at the end of the day, this soda is still flavored like the most flavorless vegetable.

Coca-Cola blak


Coca-Cola blak is Coke combined with coffee. It’s kind of like Coke’s sexy older cousin that’s old enough to drive and get into night clubs.

Bubble gum


Believe it or not, more than one manufacturer has produced a bubble gum flavored soda. Although, we prefer to ingest things that taste like bubble gum the old fashion way, by swallowing our Bubblicious.

Mauby Fizz


This tree-bark flavored soda is widely popular in the Caribbean. Allegedly, Mauby Fizz tastes like root beer. Weird. Soda is supposed to taste like corn syrup.



Jones Soda is at it again! Their Easter-inspired soda collection includes a Peeps flavor, in case you wanted to spend your Easter in a sugar coma.

Placenta soda


Um, it’s healthy maybe?

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Hell, no. Leninade is fucking DELICIOUS! It’s a robustly carbonated tangerine soft beverage. Who wrote this list? Josef Stalin???

The rest of it can go to the Armenians.

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