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13 Teachers Admit The Worst Thing They Did Cuz They Didn’t Like A Student | Chaostrophic

13 Teachers Admit The Worst Thing They Did Cuz They Didn’t Like A Student

Every school has students who are a teacher’s nightmare come true. They’re disruptive, they’re rude, they make teaching a huge pain in the ass. At a certain point, these 13 teachers reached their limit and enacted revenge on these a-hole students. The results are fairly satisfying.

1. LWZRGHT — He never took it out again because the teacher kept it.

When I was teaching, disruptive kid got his PSP out during class one day. I naturally confiscated it until the end of class. Then he did it again. And again. During this semester kid had several written reprimands and was on thin ice with his parents. Around the 5th-6th time he did it, I told him I was forced to write him up for it. He begged me not to. So I didn’t, and I took the PSP home and played Lego Batman that night. And the next night. I kept it for a week I think. He never took it out in class again…

2. WonderCounselor — Your mother earned an A. Tell her good job.

I once caught a student turning in essays I knew her mother was writing… and then her mother blatantly plagiarized an essay. As an opportunity to make up the assignment for a 50% grade, the student (ie mother) had to write a 10 page essay with 15 academic sources (the original was a 3pg essay with 3 sources). I knew the mother would slave-away at the thing, and she did. I can’t stand parents like her.

3. AlteregoCate59 — I want that chemistry class.

Moved up a fun (and tasty) lab 3 minutes after I booted my worst ever student. He missed S’mores stoichiometry in Chemistry. Tough luck , Jesse.

4. estrogyn — The best use of technology.

I videotaped a student and played it for the kid’s mom because she didn’t want to believe her child was the problem.

5. queenofthegrapefruit — I feel like this should be teacher’s go-to shut up method.

I don’t know that he didn’t like her, but my teacher had a pretty funny reaction for one of my classmates in middle school. She would not stop whining and it was starting to get really annoying. The teacher casually went over to his desk, said he had something for her, and flung a tiny object right into her lap. It was a baby’s pacifier. The whole class lost it and fortunately she took it pretty well. The whining eased up for a while after that.

6. quickwitqueen — Something tells me this kid didn’t care.

Kid was/is a sociopath. Would purposefully do things to hurt other kids emotionally. Lied constantly, including to his mother in front of my face and when called out on it, the mom laughed. She always defends his shittiness. Kid even accused my amazingly patient, super sweet friend of slamming him against a wall the year she had him. Anyway, in 17 years of teaching he is the only child I have even remotely come close to hating. After several months of his awfulness, I started waiting for days he was absent to do extra special lessons and activities that were extremely fun, just so he’d miss out on them. Then when he came in the next day, I’d have the kids write in their journals what they learned about and what they enjoyed about the activity just so he would know he missed it.

7. emera_leigh — Interesting.

I didn’t mind the student but his parent wouldn’t return some forms I needed signed. It was his IEP which was made at THEIR request, so the fact that they wouldn’t sign and return it so he could receive the services THEY were convinced he needed, drove me mad. Now, someone had donated some kazoos to be given as treasure box prizes; which I had laughed at and put away. However, I decided this kid deserved to have a kazoo. I put yet another reminder slip in his homework folder and sent him home with the kazoo (with full permission to tell his parents exactly who he had gotten it from).

The IEP was returned signed the next day,

8. Honkey_McCracker — The pen got revenge.

Had a kid steal my pen once. Kids at my grade level don’t use pens yet, and the pen was the exact same brand, style, and color that I always use (I teach in a small school and no other teacher uses that exact pen). Kid said that he “found it in the hallway.” Little shit knew that I couldn’t prove that he stole it, so I just ignored him and went on with the lesson. Fast forward 10-15 minutes and I hear a shout from him. He had been chewing on the pen and it leaked all into his mouth. He then tries to wipe it out using his (brand new) shirt. Shirt gets completely ruined. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. His sister is a year younger than him and couldn’t wait to tell me the next day that the boy got his rear end tore up for ruining his new shirt. For the next month or so, whenever he didn’t have a pencil I would offer to let him use one of my pens. He never took me up on the offer.

9. Rabiwimps — A strange approach at getting even with them, but hey, it worked.

I have been teaching is Asia for awhile now. This was during my 3 years in South Korea. I had this class of 3 middle school boys. It was one of my favourite classes, but they could be little shitheads sometimes. One day they wouldn’t listen or work, they kept speaking Korean ( not allowed in my class) and one kept throwing eraser bits at my face. So with 15 minutes left I gave them the silent treatment. I just opened my schedule and made random notes. Atfirst they just started drawing on the board and having fun, but soon they were scared and tried to get my attention. When the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and left. The next time I taught them I walked into class and they had written Sorry Rabiwimps Teacher! On the whiteboard and were all bowing to me. It was adorable and I miss that class.

10. Handsonanatomist — Hell yeah. Sweet smell of justice.

I crop dust obnoxious students while I’m walking around the room and lecturing.

11. Americasych — Nice try, Alberto.

Mom was a history teacher.

Get a new student mid year from Mexico named Alberto. Tried giving him schoolwork assignments, call on him, he always replied “No se.” which means “I don’t know” in Spanish.

Frustrated by weeks of this, my mom vents to other teachers on her team about how the kid could possibly get a grade if he can’t speak English, and they are all stunned. “Uh, Mrs.XXX, Alberto speaks English. He’s been fooling you”.

Embarrassed she gives him an assignment the next day and he pulls the same stunt, “No se”. She takes a giant red marker and draws a huge F on his paper that takes up the whole page. Looks him in the eye and says, “Do you comprende now?”

Rest of the year he was an A student in there.

12. yummygummytummy — Wowww, evil but I love it.

I once told a group of high school kids that if they stopped coming to class I would pass them. These kids, about 5 of them, did nothing all year and made teaching this class impossible. They would play music and have conversations throughout the whole class period. Calls home, referrals to the dean, failing grades did nothing to change their behavior. It was about 2 weeks before they took me up on my offer and they missed the last 5 weeks of class. I still failed those fuckers.

13. RosaPalms — Sometimes the bad guys win.

Gave him the extra point to pass because otherwise he’d have been back in my class the next year.


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