13 Things Everyone Should Put On Their Sex Bucket List



If your romantic life could use a boost, adding the following to a sex bucket list will Ignite the spark back into your relationship.

When you have that one person you love and can do almost anything with there is nothing you won’t do, including doing things to help your sex life evolve. There are many things you can put on a ‘sex bucket list’ that will help your sex lives more exciting, pleasurable, and infinitely amazing, while strengthening your relationship and increasing your intimacy. Having sex should never be routine or the same old same old, it should be something fun and worthy of exploring beyond limits and imagination. Living in our modern era we are luck enough to have all sorts of materials that can point us in the right direction–like magazines, videos, the internet– that help make it a breeze to find things to put on that sex bucket list of yours. So what are you waiting for? Open up your mind, indulge your sense of curiosity and set out on a sexual adventure – maybe you will even discover you’re into more kinkier stuff than you thought.

Try a New Position

Let us start with the obvious item should make your list of things to put on your sex bucket list that will enhance the intimacy with your partner. There is so many times missionary can be achieved before sex becomes a chore and an all-out bore that lacks fun, imagination and any ounce of energy. Want to have bomb sex and figure out what you and your partner like? Then trying a new position is definitely a must. You be able to find positions that allow for deeper penetration, long lasting sex, greater enjoyment, stronger intimacy, and many more things that will leave you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Try Some Role Play

Does your partner like to watch a certain movie, TV show, or play a certain video game? Do they look turned on when they talk about it? Then you have more hints than you know in order to bring their fantasy to life in a very sexy way. If he likes stars wars, then it is time to dress up as princess Leia and have him be your Han Solo so that he can rescue you from the evil clutches of Jaba the Hut – you don’t even need to watch the entire stars wars saga to know this scene is huge turn on.

Try Edging Together

Edging is underrated, but it can lead to mind blowing sex and deeper appreciation for communication. When edging, all you have to do is stop having sex whenever you are about to climax, calm yourself down, and start having sex again. Then repeat the process; the longer you do this for, the better because when you finally climax, it will be the one of the most intense orgasms of your life. You will learn to communicate more with your partner, and have sex that lasts longer. The added benefit of edging is that it actually helps guys who have premature ejaculatory problems last longer in bed by giving them more sexual stamina, which can also lead to more pleasure for both of you.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation (also known as non-penetrative sex) can be a very fun way to use your hands in order to please your partner sexually and switch things up in the sex department. Rather than a guy or girl locking themselves in bathroom and masturbating alone, you will help each by touching, rubbing, stroking or caressing each other’s private parts until you both orgasm. This shows growth in a relationship and allows for greater intimacy, as you will be able to see how your partner reacts to sexual pleaser more clearly. This is one bonding session that is also very exciting for both parties involved.


While three is a crowd – as the saying goes. Sometimes, the more people there are, the merrier. If your partner is open to it, then you have to make a threesome one of the things to put on your sex bucket to try at least once. You partner also has to be very comfortable with adding an extra person, because this will bring a lot of extra variables into the sex equation, and they need to be ready. The idea of seeing your partner with someone else can be scary and may arouse feelings of jealousy, so this has to be attempted when your relationship is secured enough and both of you know that this is just a fun little adventure.

Mastering the Female Orgasm

This one is especially for the fellas; it is no secret that your lady loves orgasms and that she can’t get enough of them. She wants multiple of them in one session, because while it is the ultimate payoff for letting you smash, it also just happens to be a mind blowing experience that rattles her senses every time. So it makes all the more sense to master how to pleaser her so that she gets there faster and many times. Take your time to explorer and experiment so you find out how to get her there before you orgasm. Get her heated up by increasing the foreplay and hitting all the right spots. Use anything at your disposal, such as your hands, fingers, or tongue on her nipples, vagina, or clitoris. Try different positions like the woman in top as well – remember that the one doing all the work is having the most fun.

Get Kinky

If you are more secure and mature in your relationship that being more open is not an issue, then why not add some kink into the mix and enjoy a little S&M (sadism and masochism). This is where you and your partner abuse each other – by whipping, for example – during sexual intercourse. You can throw in a little bondage and discipline in there to get the full experience of bondage discipline sadism and masochism (BDSM) – just don’t forget to use a safe word incase suffocation is involved. This can lead to all new levels sexual arousal and orgasms that can intensify the sexual experience.

Have a Sex Marathon

Common convention dictates that for sex to qualify as a marathon (a sex marathon), then it has to last for at least one hour per session. Can you and your partner share some intimacy and continually pleasure each other for a full hour? How about all night, with only short breaks for the man to charge his batteries – so to speak – and for both of you to drink some water? It might be worth finding out by adding this item to the list of things to put on your sex bucket list. Just be prepare to burn some calories just like you would in an actual marathon.

Using Sex Toys

There are many unisex toys you can bring into the bedroom that make for a great way to learn how your partner like it in bed. We can all agree that sex needs to be fun – especially if you are not doing strictly to reproduce. If that is so, then what can be more fun than toys? While toys are great for solo play, they are even more fun when playing with others. It can be an amusing activity on its own for you and your partner to venture out there and find a toy to please both of you during intercourse.

Using Food during Sex

If you are looking to add a little variety and creativity into your love making session, then why not bring food into the bedroom? This experience also has the potential to be nourishing, sensual, and more pleasurable than either of you can imagine. Some foods are aphrodisiacs on their own and incorporating them into your sex session can lead to more arousal and intense orgasms. Who knew that sex can be tasty as much as it is fun? And not to mentioning eating food off each other’s bodies can be very hot. So grab some strawberries, whip cream, and some melted chocolate and indulge in something truly carnal.

Sex with Other Couples

You’ve probably gone on a few double dates with a couple that you and partner seem to like very much by now. It’s the third date, and things seem to be going very well. So it might be time to invite them over to take the friendship to the next level as couples. This is a more intimate version of a foursome and adds greater variety into the mix, such as a social dimension, quantity, curiosity and more, to give you a break from conventional sex. Whatever the reason, make sure to vet the couple you decide to have sex with very carefully, just to be on the safe side, otherwise have a blast getting to know your friends more intimately.

Hire a Sex Photographer

Nothing says you want to capture the magic of your amazing sex sessions than hiring a professional photographer to come snap pictures while you get hot and heavy or down and dirty with your partner. A lot of couples are doing this and it is quickly become a growing trend. Plus, the photos make a nice keepsake for you both want to take an outsider’s perspective into your love making. Not only is this exciting and hot, it is also sweet, unforgettable, and very intimate. This makes it one of the most memorable things to put on your sex bucket list.

Sex in Public

This one should have been at the top of the list, but I thought it required a little build up because it can be quite a rush. The excitement of being caught and trying to get away with it makes the whole activity very hot and dangerous (which makes it hotter). To go at it with your partner in places that are forbidden and pose risk of arrest and/or public humiliation can breathe a whole new life into your sex life and bring whole lot energy and arousal. It is time to have sex on the beach (and I am not talking about the drink). If you are ever thinking of doing it in the park, then you should definitely make this one of the things to put on your sex bucket list.

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