13 Things That Piss Introverts Off The Most

Being an introvert has its pros and cons, just like anything else. But these 13 specific things are annoying as hell and must be stopped. Cut this shit out, extroverts.

1. maisiedaise — Like damn, alright I guess I’ll never talk agian.

On the occasion I do choose to talk/socialize, being met with something sarcastic like “she speaks!” or “oh look, maisiedaise decided to join us.”

2. arcant12 — Reboot time is the best time.

When people equate introvert to socially awkward.

I do just fine in social situations. I can handle myself, make small talk, and carry on a conversation. I do fine in interviews, and did fine dating (married now). All those things just exhaust me and it takes me a while to reboot and get back to normal.

3. imayregretthis — One man’s fun is another man’s nightmare.

“Ok everybody, now we’re going to have some fun!” That’s how I know to start looking for the door.

4. MuseHill — Meanwhile, Chitchat McGee get’s a promotion and it’s just not fair.

The whole concept of “networking” for your career. I’m good at what I do. I don ‘t want to have to play golf, go to happy hours, attend conferences, and go to lunch with people.

5. Arch27 — My name is Doug and how about no.

“Let’s go around the room and tell everyone your name and a little something about yourself.”

How about No.

6. Burnvictim42 — I know the answer is 47. I don’t need to tell you this out loud.

Class participation. I can learn just fine by listening to the discussion, thanks.

7. aheal2008 — Fuckin’ Janets.

Forced employee socialization. Company picnics, the holiday party, fundraising outings for things like make a wish (fuck you Janet just let me give you a donation and leave my goddamn Saturday alone)

8. JaneHSV — Some people are food snobs, I am a peace-and-quiet snob.

When people think I am a snob. I got this a lot when I was younger. I promise I am not snobby at all. I don’t think I am better than anyone. I’m just really quiet.

9. scratchy_mcballsy — What is wrong is constantly being asked what’s wrong.

People always asking “what’s wrong?”

That’s just how I always look, you dick.

10. wither_thyme — That part does suck.

That society seems to be made for extroverts

11. yeezybreezy23 — “You’re going to take a dump? ….can I come with you?”

When you’re at a social gathering and the only person you know goes to the restroom or leaves to talk with someone else.

12. juice2092 — Oh man, the nightmare.

Group projects

13. StayGoldenponyboy_ — Helloooo, I’m wearing these for a reason.

Wearing headphones and people wanting to talk with me

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