MAN RANDOM Things That Make You Go Hmmm

13 Thoughts All Men Have When Peeing At The Urinal

1. Will I be able to go?

2. Is anybody else in here?

If yes, are they going to look at my dong?

If yes, are they going to laugh?

3. How long should I give myself before giving up on being able to go?

4. Has anybody noticed I’m just standing here holding my dong and nothing is coming out?

5. Is anybody else going, or are we all just standing here too embarrassed to walk away?

6. Why can’t I go?!

7. Will spitting in the urinal somehow make me start going?

8. Maybe staring at the wall really intensely will make me go?

9. Is my face turning red from trying to focus?

10. Does anybody notice my struggle?

11. Should I stand here a few more seconds to see if I can go?

12. Should I come back in a few minutes and just use the private stall?

13. Okay, I’m flushing – did that fool everybody into thinking I was able to go?


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