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13 Times News Reporters Were Just Too Good For This Crap

This reporter handling himself like the prettiest girl at the bar.

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This reporter rolling out like the World Cup’s Superman.

It’s a bird! It’s plane! No! it’s a geek at a beer garden!

Who isn’t sick of Cowboy Batman’s bullshit?

One one more for cowboy Alfred.

She did not emerge from a war tank just to be attacked by bugs.

Seriously, who let these insurgents through?

This reporter siding with a student who got in trouble for wearing a banana costume

His microphone says “professional,” but costume says it was this or get fired.

This reporter who was sick of not having his own pen cup.

Either that or his hair is a magnet.

How are you going to get trolled from a trolley?

It’s just like that scene from “Thinner” when that gypsy made that guy thinner, but with a little kid on a trolley.

This woman who was probably reporting on the unsanitary conditions in this bathroom.

This is what happens when you use all the toilet paper to line the seat.

This guy who is either covering up or admitting that he jerks off with cocaine.

If only he could have just nodded along like the woman in the pink shirt.

This local reporter who is sick of this coach’s bullshit.

Get off your ass, STAT!

This reporter who was ready to settle her conflict of interest

Weed over news all day.

This guy who was forced to interview a tinted window

Unless that’s one of those Google cars that drives themselves, he probably missed that story.

And this poor dude. No one should have to have their ears sexually assaulted while broadcasting

What was that guy doing with that dildo anyway? Let’s try not to think about it.


13 Times News Reporters Were Just Too Good For This Crap

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