13 Underwater Pictures Of Man-Made Objects That Will Freak You Out

13 Underwater Pictures Of Man-Made Objects That Will Freak You Out

The fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects in water may sound strange, but it’s way more terrifying and way more prevelant than you might think. There’s even a name for it, deemed “submechanophobia” and it showcases anything from ghost ships to pipelines and oil rigs, chains, propellers and even sculptures.

So what’s so extistentially terrifying about things floating around in the water? Well for one, the thought of something man-made sunken to the bottom of the ocean gives one an uncanny sort of fear. We can’t survive on our own down there in the dark, cold water and seeing things we’ve created give us the sense the we ourselves are trapped down there, alone, under hundreds of feet of ocean (or lake or whatever).

Secondly, things like ship propellers, which can dwarf us in size, almost gives us the sensation that we’re being sucked into the water. A rusty old buoy chain catches your foot and snags you under the surface of the water, pulling you further and further down. The more you try to struggle the more entangled you become.

Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of nature versus manufactured that makes it all so eerie. Ships are supposed to be gently floating on the ocean, not rusting silently, covered in algae, at murky depths  we can’t reach without a submarine. Because it’s so out of place, because it doesn’t belong, because of it’s stillness, it repulses (yet fascinates) us on a very instinctual level.

Whatever it is, it makes our skin crawl so we’ll just stay here on dry land, thank you.

1. Like a ghost in the night.

via RyanSmith

2. Patiently waiting.


3. The hole goes all the way to Hell.

via gracklespackleattack

4. Animatronic from the set of “Jaws” could grind your bones into pieces.

via Mr_ging/Dolphin-Aesthetic

5. An oil rig is feels like an underwater death trap.

via Lord_Dreadlow

6. A 400-year-old church sits alone in a reservoir.

via SoaDMTGguy

7. The RMS Titanic sunk 106 years ago; she remains in the darkness.

via StannisTheMantis93

8. The bravest man there ever was.

via Winston_Sm

9. Wanna go for a ride?

via mrsuperduck

10. The drowning machine.

via BananaVenom

11. Woman of the Sea.

via sp3ctive

12. Diving to polish the propeller of an oil tanker.

via Sofomav

13. Subway to nowhere.

via Badm0t0rfinge


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