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13 Weird Things Your Body Does That No One Can Explain

13 Weird Things Your Body Does That No One Can Explain


The past century has seen a massive increase in scientific explanations for different phenomena. From Alfred Wegener’s 1912 theory of continental drift to the complete mapping of the human genome in 2003, scientists have – through their blood, sweat, tears, and feuds – provided plenty of insights into the nature of the universe, as well as why your body does weird stuff. One of the most dramatic scientific leaps has come in the area of medicine as doctors and researchers have begun to elucidate the most mysterious and complex processes of the human body. Thanks to these advances in modern medicine, doctors are not only able to offer explanations for strange things that the body does, but they are also able to provide better treatments to those in need.

However, despite the sheer amount of research done on and for humans, there is still a whole host of things that no one can explain about the body. These lasting enigmas largely revolve around the strange bodily functions that seem to either have no purpose or operate in a way that simply baffles scientists. Some of them are part of everyday life, while others are simply weird things that your body does without you ever even noticing. Whatever the case, the human body is a far more peculiar thing than you might ever have imagined.


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